Ultimate Giveaway: $229 Logo Design Contest at Designhill

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Last updated on October 26th, 2018

Maybe you’re at the helm of a startup and are looking for a great logo design to carve a unique identity for your new business. After all, better logos can translate to higher consumer interest and sales which is necessary for a startup’s success.

The next logical step, for you, is to hire a reputable design firm to help with your young business’ logo design needs. But what if you typically don’t have the kind of bulging budgets to say shell out more than $1000 for a professional logo.

The scope of the project, while important, doesn’t really help you figure out where to go to get the job done at prices that are affordable. This is where Designhill comes to your rescue. The company is all set to giveaway a $229 voucher for you to run a logo design contest at its interactive custom design crowdsourcing platform.

This free giveaway will help you run your own logo design contest and give you access to 27000+ skilled logo designers and artists from all across the globe through graphic design crowdsourcing looking to give your business the best face they possibly can.

Before, we proceed any further, let’s find out a little more about Designhill.

About Designhill

Designhill Giveaway

Designhill is the most reliable and fastest-growing custom graphic design crowdsourcing marketplace that connects a thriving community of graphic designers from across the globe with clients and design studios looking to source high quality graphic designs at affordable prices.

Designhill puts you in touch with a talented pool of 27000+ graphic artists, logo designers, illustrators and a whole network of visual artists from all over the world through crowdsourcing – helping you reach beyond boundaries and source high-quality, unique and creative logo designs in no time and at affordable prices.

Designhill allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing their design needs. It eliminates any fear of issues such as risk, copyright infringements, and affordability while providing a secure and reliable service that in most cases provides business owners the luxury of choosing from 100+ designs within 3 days. This popular marketplace has made it possible for businesses especially start-ups to optimize creativity, increase their design options, reduce cost and create a buzz for their brand, all at the same time.

Giveaway 229

Ultimate Giveaway

Designhill have come out with an Ultimate Giveaway to celebrate the spirit of businesses. The winner of this Giveaway will receive a $229 voucher to run his/her own logo design contest at Designhill and take advantage of the 27000+ registered graphic designers, 100+ average concept submissions per contest and much, much more.


  1. 1 entry per person
  2. Furnish a valid email address and other contact details.
  3. You may enter the Giveaway from anywhere in the world.

How to Enter

To enter Designhill’s Ultimate Giveaway and ensure your chances of winning the draw for $229 logo design contest voucher. You’ll need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Follow us on Twitter:@Designhilldh
  2. Tweet this: “Entered to win a $229 Logo Design Coupon #dhgiveaway on @Designhilldh ” [Tweet “Entered to win a $229 Logo Design Coupon #dhgiveaway on @Designhilldh “]
  3. Leave a email address through Twitter Direct Message on @Designhilldh. Ensure valid email and contact details. We will be contacting you soon via email

That’s all there is to it. Follow Designhill on Twitter, Tweet now and Leave a comment to stand a chance to win the logo design contest voucher of $229. The contest ends on the 24th Feb 2016. The winner will be announced on Monday 29nd February 2016.


The countdown timer has just run out.
After the exhausting effort of counting all the entries and calculating all the tweets for us, the time has arrived to announce the winner of our Ultimate Giveaway.
If your name is listed below, today just happens to be your lucky day!

Giveaway Winner
Prize: $229 Logo Design Contest at Designhill
Winner:Puneet Sharma
Twitter Handle – @puneetsmail
Profile – Founder at Bugclipper -In-app bug reporting and user feedback for mobile apps

Congratulations to our winner! You will be receiving an email shortly regarding your prize. If you don’t hear from us within the next 24 hours, please shoot us an email at support@designhill.com.

To everyone who missed out this time, we have more giveaways in the pipeline, so please stay tuned!

A huge THANK YOU, to everyone who participated.

Get Your Logo Design

Designhill is the most reliable and fastest-growing custom graphic design crowdsourcing marketplace that connects a thriving community of graphic designers from across the globe with clients looking to source high quality graphic designs such as logo designs, banner designs, packaging designs, merchandise designs, web designs and many other designing works at affordable prices. In just six months of going live, the startup has helped more than 1500 businesses source unique graphic designs and has paid out more than $70000 to its ever-growing community of 29,000+ graphic designers, logo designers, visual artists and illustrators from all over the world. Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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