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12 Ultimate Marketing Ideas For Accountants

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Marketing Ideas


Last updated on November 23rd, 2021

You have an accounting firm looking to spread its wing and bring more clients under you. Nothing new!! Everyone is striving to do the same and you are currently one among the others.

But, you can not be just one among many to increase your client base. To get new customers you must make people realise that you are different from other accountants and offer service that is more professional and economical.

Now how do you help people know about your firm and your services. Marketing, of course. Now, most of the accounting firm rarely had a separate budget for marketing in the past. But, the trend is changing with increasing competition in this sector.

Not only big firms, but also small firms are maintaining a separate budget for marketing. So, how do you ensure that your marketing efforts are in right direction and is a value for money.

Accounting Business

Here Are 12 Ultimate Marketing Ideas For Accountants

1. Creating Brand Identity-

For your accounting firm to become a brand that is recognisable and trusted, its must that you create a brand identity for yourself.

Logo, business card, brochure, etc. are a part of your brand identity that can help your clients to remember you and as a mean to contact you in future.

You can use crowdsourcing sites like Designhill to create a brand identity for your firm that helps you to stand tall among your competitors.


2. Mark Your Target Audience And Advertise Accordingly-

Whichever marketing medium you might be using, identifying your target audience is must. Find out the demographic of your target audience, their interests, places they frequently visit, etc. and then market your service keeping these aspects in mind.

The important thing is that people must know about your firm to avail your services and your marketing effort should be such that your firm’s name is on people’s lip’.


Your advertising budget plays a major role in selecting the type of advertisement you use, frequency of advertisement, etc. Make sure that you properly research and plan about the medium you would be using, the budget required and the target audience you would be reaching.

We would suggest not to go for a long-term commitment in the initial days with any advertising medium. Do the advertisement for few days and see people’s response. If your cost of acquisition per customer is high then try using other medium so that you do not disrupt your budget.

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3. Email Marketing-

a. Tips And Tricks Mail-

You can send your email subscribers weekly or biweekly email. Make sure that the content of your mail is relevant to your target audience to create engagement. Share with them ideas on how to grow their business, set budget, manage expenses, etc.

email marketing

b. Reminder Mail-

Whether the email contact is your client or not, it is always beneficial to send them mail reminder about the key deadlines during the accounting period. Also do set an automatic reminders for your clients for their next audit.

c. Occassion Mail-

Sending your client mail on their birthday’s, business anniversary, etc. can help maintain a personal touch with them. Make sure that you have all the information noted down so that you can set an automatic mail for such occasions.

4. Get Referral-

Your present clients can be your biggest marketer. Maintain a healthy relationship with your clients and request them to refer you to anyone they know wanting to avail accounting services. Do not hesitate to ask your clients to refer you to others.

If your present client refers you to someone he knows, then automatically there is a trust on your firm in the mind of your future client. Remember words of mouth are most effective and go a long way in marketing.

client services

5. Be On Social Media-

Most of your clients are on social media and therefore you must be on it too. With several social media options available choose wisely which social media you want to be.

The best way to know which social media you need to be is research where your customers mostly are and start connecting with them there.

While you create your social media profile make sure that the cover photos of your social media accounts are catchy and represents your organisation. Post regularly on the social media sites you have chosen to represent your company.

Here are few social media sites which you can join-

a. LinkedIn-

Biggest social networking site for professionals. It’s a must for any professional to be on LinkedIn if they are sincere towards building and growing their business.

Our tip for a successful LinkedIn account is- connect with your clients, join accounting groups and post regularly about tips on accounting and your company’s achievements.

b. Facebook-

The biggest social networking site on the planet and a place where your client has the most probability to be present. The thing to keep in mind while maintaining a Facebook page is- keep posting regularly, engage your audience and reach your target audience by promoting your page.

social media

c. Twitter-

Tweet tips and blogs, reply to people’s accounting related questions and chances are you might get a valuable client for your business.

6. Have A Website-

In this digital age, where people search everything on internet its must to have an online presence. For your website to stand apart from competitors its must that its design and content is unique and is easily navigable by your visitors.

To get a design that is unique to your site, you can take help from crowdsourcing design site like Designhill, and get your website designed by professional designers at a cost set by you.


For the content of your website, we would recommend you to sit with a content writer and explain him the content you want for your site. Give him an outline of the content and a proper description of term related to accounting.

7. Use SEO-

You have made a website, Great!! But how does your user find your website among millions of other such websites. Here is when SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes into play.

Using SEO you can target your audience and when these audience search terms related to your niche, they would find your website and might contact you for the service you provide. Do make sure that your website is SEO compatible.

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8. Blogging-

There are multiple benefits of blogging, such as-

a. You can make posts related to accounting, tips for your visitor, etc. which would attract visitor searching for such articles. You can then share these articles on various website, social media website, etc. to create more buzz about your blog.

b. Create blogs related to your company’s achievements, special occasion, etc. so that people might get to know more about your company.

c. Websites with large content are ranked higher on Google, thus your blog can also help you to increase your search ranking.


Apart from blogging on your site, do guest blogging on other website related to your field. This would definitely increase traffic to your website. Also you may invite guest blogger to your site and when they write on your blog they would definitely share it with their audience which in turn would increase your website traffic.

9. Professional Networking-

Apart from having a presence on professional networking site like LinkedIn, look for other networking sites specifically for accountants. Also join accounting groups that might be functional in your locality.

Take part in the local networking events. Chances are you might meet your prospective client during a random discussion. Golden tip is to always carry lots of business card when you attend such events.

business card

10. Be In Touch With Your Past Client-

Being in touch with your past client can prove to be a good choice. The reason might be any for your client to move on, but you must make sure that you should continue to have a healthy relation with your past client.

Even when clients have availed your product/service never forget to give them brochure .

Chances are that they would avail other services if they are happy with the first one they had taken.

Send them mails about new trends in accounting, your company’s recent achievements, and personalised mail on their birthdays, company’s year completion, etc. Might be your client decides to get back to you or else may recommend you to few people.

11. Offer Free Tool-

There is nothing better than offering free tools to your prospective customers that can ease their day to day task relating to accounting. Such easy to use free tools serve as a great way for marketing if the person using it is impressed by its capability.

While making such tools keep in mind that the end users are not accountants, so make it as simple as possible. Take help of a technical person, if needed.


12. Get PR-

If you have a good budget for advertisement, then give your firm more visibility by advertising in local newspaper or tv channels. A good publicity can give your business the kickstart it so direly needs.

Try to give interviews on radio, newspaper, etc. which would develop trust among your prospective clients. If you are good at writing, then you should try to write blogs for newspaper editorials, magazines, etc. on topics related to accounting.


So, these are the 12 tips we would like to share that you can follow to increase the client base for your accounting firm. The important thing to remember is that all the tips might not be suitable for your accounting firm as of now.

Thus, you need to research about which strategies suits your business currently and should focus on the strategies which you think would work for you.

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How many of these strategies are you currently using for your business? What difficulties did you faced while implementing those strategies? Share your views.

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