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15 Unique Business Card Designs That Will Boost Your Creativity

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Cards Design

Business Card Designs

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

Businesses must consistently be in touch with their clients and customers. One of the key things to make contacts with a target audience is business cards. These cards have all the contact details of your company, which your clients keep with them. But creative business card designs can also leave a long-lasting good impression on your clients. Your clients take your business seriously if the card is a well-design piece of work.

Business cards have essential contact details. These details include company’s name, phone numbers, website address, fax numbers, and other social media contact information.

A client can quickly use the details to contact a company or service provider. Thus, businesses can keep in touch with their clients by providing them with the contact information on the cards.

However, a business card is useful in many ways, besides offering contact details to the audience. Wise marketers understand the significance of the cards in brand building.

Therefore, more and more small businesses wish for creative business card designs that stand out. They want to design the business cards especially as per their needs. This way, they can impress potential clients.

Millions of business cards are printed and used on daily basis. In the U.S, 27 million business cards are printed per day. This shows the importance of these cards for keeping in touch with customers and clients for consistent growth of businesses.

But what concerns the marketers more is that 8 billion cards are thrown out within a week. This means that 88% of the cards printed are thrown away.

These stats make it clear that your card must be unique that can stand out. Only such cards leave a positive impact on the clients, thus convincing them to keep them for a longer period.

So, what does an impressive business card look like? You should look for some key signs. A card stands out if its design is simple.

But the design should convey a brand message. The choice of colors and fonts makes a card look special. These elements help evoke the right feeling from the customers.

Here Are 15 Unique Business Card Designs That Will Boost Your Creativity

01. Raising Happy Chickens

This business card design is unique in its own way. The card has a half of the image of a chicken. The other half of the image is on the back side of the card. This unique design makes it stand out in the crowd.

business card design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The front side has the company’s logo only, while the back side has the contact information. The colors are carefully chosen. The red color is for attracting the attention while yellow is the color for energy and food.

02. Baldacci

Baldacci is in coffee roaster business. You can clearly tell the business due to the image of coffee seeds on the card. The front side of the card has just the company name, coffee seed image, and the information that it roasts coffee.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

White background gives the card a sophisticated look that is associated with the high-end habit of routinely making the beverage as part of the lifestyle. The other side gives the CEO’s name and contact details neatly.

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03. Honist

Honist Solutions is the business of providing systems engineering solutions, which is related to Information Technology. A sign of the cloud in the company’s logo design on the card hints at the company’s IT business. The blue color stands for intelligence and friendliness that is associated with the social media and IT related products.

logo design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

04. Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats is a home-based bakery. The image of an owl in the card is for fun and to attract the customers’ and clients’ attention immediately.

Sweet Treats

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

This card provides contact information on the front side, which is not the norm. The use of dark brown color stands for the company’s business of selling sweets.

05. Hampton Nautical

Hampton Nautical is in the retail business. The anchor symbol stands for the company’s strength and firmness of the business. This is one of the memorable business card designs that displays the logo cleanly.

business card

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Dark blue and white present a contrast for clear visibility of the company’s logo in the card design on the back side. The contact details are listed neatly.

06. HR & P

HR & P is a payroll and HR outsourcing company. The company’s name in white dominates the card design. Shining dark blue color in the background gives the card a sophisticated look and creates a good impression on the viewers. The contact information in this card is available on both the sides.

graphic designs

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

07. Leap

Leap is a business consultancy company. Its card has light blue color on the front side and white on the back. The contact information on the backside is given in a neat design. It is a memorable design due to the use of colors and typefaces.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

08. Brian Windle

This is the business card design of a plastic surgeon. The front side of the card is a simple design. It has one blue color that reflects the surgeon’s expertise and sophistication. The back side is in contrast white and gives contact details. The card is an example of a minimalistic design style.

Brian Windle

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

09. The White House Bakery

The White House Bakery designed its business cards in black and dark yellow. Black is the color of power and authenticity. The bakery owner wants to give a brand message that its bakery products are genuine and high in quality.

White House Bakery

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

10. Metier

Metier is a business and consulting firm. On the front side, the card has just a brilliantly shining multicolor logo and the company name. The card also tells about the company’s consulting business. On the other side, the business logo goes to a corner while the contact details are prominently displayed in a unique style.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The white color gives contrasting effective and a viewing pleasure. You can take help of business card maker tools to generate several creative design ideas that convey your brand message.

11. Summit Staff

Summit Staff is in the business of helping companies hire experienced people. Its card has the company’s logo which is in a triangular shape and becomes part of the card design. Blue, green, and white is the color scheme of the card.

Summit Staff

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The front side is dominated by light blue and some amount of white and red. The back side has white in background and contact details. When designing your card, make sure that its colors match with your social media page and other marketing materials for brand consistency.

12. Premier

Premier is in the construction business. An alluring graphic design has been used with a shape of the road as the chief attractive feature that tells about the company’s business.

graphic designer

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The graphic designer has used powerful black color for the background on the front side of the card. Black is a color to show the authority of a brand in its market.

13. Central Garbage Collection

The Central Garbage Collection business card is a powerful design. Its choice of colors is strategic as black reflects the company’s desire to dominate in its field of business.

Garbage Collection

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Green is the color of nature and it stands here for an environment-friendly way to dispose of garbage. The backside is in white, which is the color of cleanliness.

14. Tap Credit

Tap Credit is in the business of technology / finance business. To show the brand’s professionalism, the designer used a single light green color. On the back side, the background color is white and it displays the contact details in a formal style.

Tap Credit

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

15. Color Zone

Color Zone runs salons and deals in cosmetics and beauty products. Its business card design is powerfully created in black. Both, the front and black sides of the cards are in black.

Business Card Color

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

A hint of red is for eye-catching. The salon’s name is in the formal typeface, but the letter Z is created in a style to draw the viewers’ attention.

These business card designs motivate us due to their uniqueness and creative use of design elements. The designers created these cards on a memorable concept. The cards have a unique use of typeface and images.

If you need a remarkable business card that helps in building your brand identity, then you can opt for a crowdsourcing way of work. Designhill is a leading marketplace that offers affordable design solutions to businesses.

The marketplace offers you graphic design services of professional and talented amateur designers. They come out with unique design concepts.

Once you launch your design contest, you will get dozens of new design entries. You can pick one winning card design for your business at a very competitive price.

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These are remarkable business card designs that inspire us for their unique use of design elements. You must have noticed that most of these cards are font-based. But they use fonts in their own unique and creative way. The use of colour has the purpose to convey a brand message to the clients.

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