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5 Untold Benefits Of Email Signature In Sales Prospecting

by Dhruv Patel Tweet - in Email Design

Untold Benefits Of Email Signature In Sales Prospecting

Last updated on June 22nd, 2023

While email stays the most efficient communication mode for sales professionals, signatures are always known to prove authenticity and show professionalism. With the change in time, the email signature is now also used for other goals like driving conversions and building relationships. Earlier, the email signature was just the name and designation but now, the email signature holds your name, company details, contact details, social details, CTA, and sometimes promotional banners. If this change is utilized correctly by the sales reps, they can use the email signature as a powerful tool to achieve their targets seamlessly. In this post, we’ve shared 5 untold benefits of using a well-designed email signature in sales prospecting. Have a look!

Business Professionals use email signatures to provide their contact details to the recipient. With time, the email signature has changed its role and now it helps the sender achieve their goals.

While discussing sales professionals, email is one of the popular communication modes for them. On average, a sales rep sends 36.2 emails in a day. These are the prospecting and nurturing emails sent to potential customers.

The sales reps need to maintain proper email etiquette and professionalism for building top-notch emails for their prospects. Email Signature plays a significant role in helping the sales reps in adding value to the emails, maintain professionalism, and build good relationships.

The benefits of email signature usually go unseen by various sales teams, which later on reduces the credibility of the email. We will add all the untold benefits of email signature for the sales reps that will help you in better nurturing and efficient closures.

Benefits Of Email Signature In Sales Prospecting

Sales representatives can use their email signature to grab multiple benefits. It can be related to achieving end goals, building relationships, or creating a brand persona in the prospect’s mind. You need to provide the right information in your email signature to help your prospects move towards your goal.

01. Boosts Response Rate

Your professional email signature must contain your name, designation, and contact details. This makes your email authentic, and authentic emails have higher chances of getting a response.

Getting a maximized response rate is one of the sub-goals for sales reps. They clean their emails to send mass email campaigns and expect replies from their prospects. If you can add some extra information or an alternative hook that can act as a CTA, your response rate can increase.

Try offering a discount or add a relevant fact in your email signature. You can also add some offers with links and due dates just as you do when sending abandoned cart emails. These elements in the email signature tempt your prospect to take necessary action or reply to your email.

Sales Assistant
[Source: Ranky]
The above example is a simple professional email signature that contains all the required details. She shares her complete contact details if anyone wishes to reach her and social account to verify her authenticity.

She provided a hook for the prospect by adding a SALE tag in the email’s footer with a discount notice. This will help her grab the attention of her prospects and get a response.

02. Increases Brand Awareness

Email Signature is one of the easiest processes to make your brand reach your prospect. Although users add a website and logo in the email signature for authentication and promotional purposes, you can add more elements to increase brand awareness.

You can add your company banner, top YouTube video links, or any upcoming event by your company.

Adding these elements might not help you sell the product, but will help you build relationships with your prospects. It will also create an identical persona about your brand, and whenever they require your solution, they will reach out to you.

Sales Representative Signature
[Source: mailsignatures]
As you can see in the above example, the sales rep has provided his company website and YouTube video links. This will attract users to have a look at the company’s resources.

The sender has also added the company’s social links, which will boost brand awareness. To achieve his goal, he has also added the online shopping link and a meeting link.

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03. Contributes Heavily To Email Personalization

Email personalization is a key feature of sales prospecting emails to boost the email response rate. Sales reps frequently send outreach emails using cold email software or the effective use of a cold email template to get their emails personalized. It makes the email relatable and welcoming to the prospect.

But a personalized outreach campaign is incomplete without an appealing email signature.

A good email signature helps you create bonding between you and your prospect. You should add additional links in your email signature, making it more relatable and helping them achieve the goal.

To increase the power of personalization in your emails, add links to recent case studies or articles relevant to your prospect.

You can also target your prospect’s pain point and add resources accordingly. This can help you in gaining attention from your prospect and promoting your resources.

Email Outreach Signature

[Source: SalesHandy]
The above email signature helps its recipient with email personalization. It contains all the required fields and shares an extra banner describing the pain points of the sales prospecting. Even if the prospect doesn’t read the email and comes to the signature part, he will click on the banner if it’s relevant. Using these strategies in email signature has helped various sales reps in achieving their goal.

04. Provides Quick Access To Your Contact Details

The prospects should reach out to the sales reps anytime they require to build a solid sales funnel and keep it lubricated all the time. To ensure the same, the sales reps need to provide their contact details in the email signature.

An email signature is always the center of attraction for the prospecting. If they need any help, they scroll down to the signature and take the necessary action.

For helping your prospect in having a seamless communication with you, add all your relevant contact information in the signature. Add your email address and phone number (if required).

Also, add your social connection links to your signature. Many prospects like connecting with the sales reps over social media. So make sure they don’t drop out.

Sales Manager

[Source: Newoldstamp]

In the above example, the sales rep has added a clean signature with all his contact information. He has shared 2 contact numbers and email addresses for the prospect’s needs.

He has also added his Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn account to provide a better communication experience to his prospects. As the email signature’s endnote, he has added a meeting scheduling link, which will help his prospect directly connect with him in a single click.

05. Makes Your Email Authentic

Last but not the least benefit of an email signature is—it makes your email authentic. It assures your prospects that the email is from a trusted source and is safe for them.

The email can be declared as authentic only when you add real information in the email signature. 75% of professionals add their real data in their email signature and found it to be beneficial.

To make sure your email looks authentic enough, add your real name, company details, and social links. It is also recommended to send your emails from your business domain.

You should also add your company’s achievements or success stories in your signature banner. These details can be used by your prospects to verify your authenticity. Once verified, they will gain trust in you, which will help you in achieving your goal.

Sales Prospecting Signature

[Source: HubSpot]

The above example shows how the sales rep used all his organizational achievements to authenticate his email. He has also added a link to customer testimonials, which makes his email legit.

A prospect receiving this email will get curious to check the company website and know more about it. Ultimately this makes his email an authentic one, and the prospect will be keen to respond.

After learning about the benefits of email signatures, you must know how to build one. Many sales reps simply write down their email signature on plain text. But, it might look untidy and not so appealing.

Also, it is challenging to maintain proper formatting and readability. So, to stay away from these tedious tasks, it’s recommended using an email signature generator. In the next section, we will help you design an appealing email signature in just a few clicks.

How to design an email signature?

Now, you must be wondering how to design your own email signature. Designhill can help you build an amazing signature for your emails.

It is used by various business professionals and has received fantastic feedback. Also, It provides thousands of templates to choose from and design it according to your choice.

Follow the detailed step by step instructions to start designing your email signature in just 60 seconds:

  • Click on Designhill Free Email Signature Generator and scroll down to get your signature form.
  • Pen down the details you want in your email signature. You can also add your headshot, social links, company banners, CTAs, and other elements to attract your prospect.
  • As you add your details, you can check your actual email signature on the right-hand side.

Signature Preview

  • Next, you can choose your favorite signature design from the templates below.
  • Once you are ready, click on Create Signature. You will get a pop-up window to review your signature and use it.

Signature Editor
The email signature designed by Designhill is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and Thunderbird Mailing Services. You can choose your email service provider and get your email signature at ease.

Conclusion (Make Most Out of Your Email Signature)

Email signatures play a crucial part in making your email look appealing and authentic. It also takes a major role in increasing your brand awareness. Considering the above factors, it is recommended for every sales professional to create an email signature before sending your next email.

Create Your Email Signature Online

Dhruv Patel is the co-founder of SalesHandy, a Sales engagement platform. He is a marketer, people person, SaaS enthusiast, hustler and a growth hacker. Dhruv’s passionate about identifying customer needs to then deliver on them, measuring success, and continually optimizing based on requirements. You can follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. Twitter

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