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5 UX Design Tips For Creating A Great User-Friendly E-Commerce App

by Anubhuti Shrivastava Tweet - in Graphic Design

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023

With the help of modern UX design patterns for e-commerce websites, you get a golden opportunity to showcase your products and services in front of customers from across the world around the clock. These sites give your brand the required exposure and let you connect with a broader customer base.

Having an app for your online store is perhaps the simplest way to increase your sales, customer base, and give your brand a big boost. Nowadays, mobile applications are dominating the market, acquiring considerable clients and growing profits.

The chart below depicts the number of customers who opt for mobile apps for shopping. It shows the trend is steadily increasing, which further hard-pressing the need for mobile e-commerce.

According to a research conducted by Blue Corona, “46% of people say they would not purchase from a brand again if they had an interruptive mobile experience”. What does it mean? It’s clear that in the world where users spend most of their time on mobile devices, it’s essential for you to make your e-commerce portal mobile-friendly.

But what’s the key to successful e-commerce website design? Definitely, the answer is a seamless user experience design which is crafted cautiously to let customers dive deep into their shopping spree.

Do you think that developing such an experience is a five-finger exercise? No, it’s not because according to Baymard Institute’s calculations from 34 studies on e-commerce cart abandonment, 69.89 % of online shoppers discards their shopping carts.

A few of these users might be not interested in your products but what about those who are ready to buy but leaving the shopping cart just before completing the checkout process? The answer is poor UX.

However, to achieve this perfection in the contemporary competitive marketplace with several e-commerce solutions spinning around the market isn’t easy at all. Your e-commerce portal must be straightforward yet unique in its own way. Confused?Let’s solve this problem by understanding the worth of a good UX for an e-commerce site.

According to Peter Kriss, an ex-Senior Research Scientist at Medallia and the Director of Research for Vision Prize, the value of a good UX is much beyond what’s been generally thought. In his opinion, revenues also increase simultaneously with the evolution of the UX.

Understanding the value of a good UX is vital, but it’s equally important to cultivate the knack of designing such an experience. Confused again?

Let’s resolve this dilemma by exploring five essential app design tips that can make your e-commerce solution capable of offering a worthwhile buying experience to the customers.

Here Are The 5 UX Design Tips For Creating User-Friendly E-Commerce App

01. Streamline Signup & Checkout Processes For Customers

Providing users with simplified signup and checkout procedures is one of the most critical e-commerce website or app design elements. In its absence, customers won’t give a second thought to look for alternatives.

Streamline Signup & Checkout Processes For Customers

Therefore, it’s a good idea to incorporate a single column structure for signup/checkout because usually, a user will move his eyes from top to bottom.

Besides, you should simplify the entire onboarding experience for users by providing them with easy registration by asking only their name and email address. It’s not a good idea to shoot back to back questions to the customers at the beginning itself. Instead, gather details such as contact number, occupation, and address later on.

02. Don’t Overstuff Pages With Loads Of Product Information & CTA’s

You should describe the features of your products in a brief and understanding manner so that users don’t have to struggle through long paragraphs. Also, make the CTA’s as compelling and clear as you can.

Don’t Overstuff Pages With Loads Of Product Information & CTA’s

You can get your User Experience design agency to enhance the overall UX of your e-commerce app by improving the elements that grab customers’ attention and addressing the ones which are causing them pain.

Concisely organize the product information by dividing it into attractive heading, subheadings and bullet points.

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03. Cherry-Pick The Best Among Scrolling, Pagination, & Loading More Buttons

When designing an e-commerce app, it’s essential to determine the way in which product loads and appear in front of the users.

Cherry-Pick The Best Among Scrolling, Pagination, & Loading More Buttons

You can choose the best among the following three options:

• Nonstop Scrolling

In this technique, the content loads automatically as the user scrolls down the page with a static header having company logo. It can be a way to provide users with a seamless experience, but it’s good only for websites having an even content structure and not the ones with goal-oriented jobs.

• Pagination

Here, a user gets exposed to a small amount of information at one time so that it’s easier for him to focus on specific parts. Also, the users can get a glimpse of complete results so that they have an idea of how long the search is going to take.

• Loading More Buttons

Load more buttons is a preferred choice as it allows users to find out more product offerings and hence giving them a sense of control.

04. Embrace Horizontal Filtering

You might have seen e-commerce website with left-hand upright sidebar filtering. But nowadays horizontal filtering has gained popularity because first of all its mobile and tablet friendly which allows users to view filters when scrolling and utilize the full width of a page simultaneously.

Embrace Horizontal Filtering

Being flexible, this technique makes it easy to make the most of tablets, sliders, and paragraphs. Also, horizontal filtering makes it easier to incorporate bigger visuals with better and useful information on one page.

05. Facilitating A User-Centric Search

To become a successful entrepreneur, every e-commerce website design has to provide customers with seamless searching options. You should develop a user-centric search by incorporating image recognition so that customers can easily verify products before buying. Also, authentic images can inculcate confidence in customers, and they will feel much more excited to own that particular item.

Facilitating A User-Centric Search

Besides, you can implement voice search which has become an integral asset in accordance with app design rules. This feature helps to enhance the user experience by providing customers with speed, convenience, and comfort they are looking for.

Now after getting familiar with the tips for effective e-commerce mobile app design, let’s take a look at the process of how UXers work hard to achieve desirable results for your business and provide your customers with a pleasurable experience under your specific objectives.

• Extensive Research

First of all, when you contact a professional User Experience design agency, they appoint an experienced team of user experience design professionals to handle your project. You can meet them personally, interview and evaluate their potential by asking relevant questions.

In case you find the team appropriate, the next step is to discuss specific business requirements in detail. The understanding will give them an insight into your target audience. They do extensive research to discover their behaviors, how they interact with existing similar solutions, and what problems are they facing?

The research phase is integral because sometimes you might think that your idea is intuitive, but in reality, it may not work. Therefore, it’s essential to conduct actual user analysis so that to verify that your idea is going to work. This research can be executed in the form of user surveys, wireframes, prototypes, user journeys, personas, and testing.

• Refining The Idea On The Basis Of The Outcome Of Research

The second stage is the definition phase where UX professionals determine a precise idea on the basis of the results they got through the research. They create a clear brief and come up with a well-structured plan of building a seamless UX.

• Actual Designing

In this stage, UXers work on the ideas generated and build concepts on their basis. Also, they test these concepts and tweak them in accordance with the feedback. Basically, this is a trial and error approach which designers use to enhance the overall e-commerce app store experience.

How Can You Measure The Effectiveness Of The UX Strategy Which You Are Implementing?

It’s not just about building a seamless UX but what matters more is that to cross-check whether the UX strategy is working in the right directions. This can be done easily by measuring a few key metrics such as conversion rate, support cost per user, drop off rate, etc.

Measuring these metrics is crucial to tracking changes over time. Also, a change in these metrics alters some others that can’t be directly measured such as user satisfaction and delight.

If you want to build a career in UX web design, you need to think like your audience. You have to step into their shoes and find out what they want as a user. Once, you have decoded what users want, it becomes easier for you to render a seamless user experience.

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The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it’s mandatory for you to consider the above five tips when designing your e-commerce solution. Make sure to provide users with accurate information but in a visually appealing manner. It will let you grab their attention and establish your brand’s integrity. These tips can make your e-commerce portal much more efficient and capable of fulfilling specific requirements of the customers. Give a thought to working with a professional e-commerce development company and invest in building an efficient UX, otherwise be ready to lose revenue due to bad UX and poor usability.

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Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea and Benchpoint . She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.



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