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Valentine’s Week’s Special – 7 Beautiful T-Shirt Design To Impress Your Valentine

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Last updated on April 2nd, 2019

T-shirts are casual wear that people from all age groups love to have in their wardrobe. But this evergreen staple has now turned into an effective marketing tool. You can find plenty of beautiful t-shirt design of your choice for every occasion such a Valentine’s Day. The online and offline markets are loaded with amazing t-shirts to express the spirit of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

T-shirts are one of the most sought after clothing. Both the youth and the elders like to wear t-shirts to look comfortable, modern and fresh. This casual outfit is versatile clothing that people of all ages wear only at home but a workplace as well. Keeping that in mind, t-shirts are now available in a wide range of designs, styles, and color shades. Just visit any shop, and you have a stunning color combination to choose from when buying these apparels.

Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most awaited occasion when people want to wear an amazing variety of t-shirts. They use these clothing to express their love for the person or people they love. The day is not just about the expression of love for your beloved (girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse). You can convey your affection and love for anyone in your family or friends’ circle.

This has prompted designers to come out with more varieties of t-shirts for the day. All styles such as V-neck, half and full sleeves and others come with a variety of designs. This gives you more choices. These shirts make a great gift around the day.

Designing and selling t-shirts for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or just as everyday casual wear is a huge business. In the U.S, the online original design t-shirt sales industry was of $ 441 m, which is a growth of 9.5% from the previous year. Both online and offline t-shirts and singlets business in the country is expected to touch $ 22,403m mark in 2019. These stats show a huge growth potential for a new t-shirt design business. But the success of your business depends on the quality of designs.

When designing your t-shirts for Valentine’s Day, make sure that the symbols of heart and cupid arrow find the place. These two symbols convey the message of love and romance instantly. You can use these two elements in your own creative way to give the design a new look. The red color is another universal color used to express love and passion. So, do not forget to use the color in your own way.

Here Are The Beautiful T-Shirt Design To Impress Your Valentine

01. The Red Lips

Valentine’s Day is about giving expression to your love for the one special person in your life. It is a day for romance and love. This custom t-shirt design is simple, but beautifully conveys the feelings in the right way because of the image of a big set of lips on it.

This picture overwhelms the entire t-shirt. The red color is the color of passion and love. So, the lips together with red color makes a quick impact of love and romance on viewers.

Once legendary graphic designer Lindon Leader said, “I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.” We can say that this t-shirt design is a great example of simplicity and clarity. It engages viewers with these two essential qualities of a design.

02. First Valentine’s Day

The first Valentine’s Day is always special. But it is usually reserved for children. It is only people from different cultures that they are introduced to the day in their adulthood. So, if you are a parent, you would like to dress your child in a t-shirt depicting the spirit of the day’s celebration. Such t-shirts have adorable pictures.

This t-shirt simply announces the first Valentine’s Day experienced by a child. The red color catches eyes immediately. The heart symbol and cupid arrow, and powerful black color give this shirt a unique look. You can also design your own t-shirt if the idea is simple.

03. The Love Thief

Some Valentine’s Day beautiful t-shirt designs have fun elements. These are the most attractive casual wears. This shirt has a mask as the main element designed at the bottom.

The heart symbols and bold handwritten typography makes the shirt stand out. Such simple text-based designs with no complex images are ideal for t-shirt printing concerning lower costs and simplicity.

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You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
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04. Faded Shirt

If you have an old t-shirt, it will create its own charm if turned into a valentine’s day t-shirt design. Just look at this heart design. The designer used an old, worn out, and faded t-shirt and turned it into an attracted piece of clothing. Anyone can proudly wear this design.

The designer made some sharp cuts on the shirt to create a heart shape with the red background. You should experiment when you design a shirt like this to draw the attention of viewers.

05. Sparkle Heart Tee

This beautiful t-shirt graphic design idea may look simple, but it stands out. There is just a big red sparkle heart on the shirt, but it catches our eyes due to the sparkling effect it produces. This design does not need support from any text or other elements. It’s a simple design, and you can create it on your own.

Such as design is the evidence that a designer can leave a desirable impact on viewers without using many elements. When used strategically, just one element is enough to make the desired impact.

06. Teacher Shirt

If you are a teacher, then this t-shirt is for you. The wording on the shirt announces your love for your students that are part of your life. This is a text-based design. You can create your own t-shirt with such simple use of text. It depends on its impact on the use of typeface. There is a variety of typefaces used here along with heart shapes to make it attractive.

This t-shirt design is an excellent example of how you can create an environment of festivities with text only. Very tine heart shapes become part of the background and add to building the festive mood.

07. Love Bites

This is yet another excellent t-shirt design for little boys. The shirt has an image of an open mouth shark, which illustrates the ‘Love Bites.’ With this t-shirt, the boy in this picture looks like a model.

Don’t forget to put your logo design on t-shirts to be used for commercial purposes. Remember that the logo is the main aim behind the marketing campaign. People will see and recall the logo as your identity of a business.

These are the t-shirt designs we found attractive and unique for this Valentine’s Day. All of them are unique in their own way. You may have your own list of favorite designs. But these t-shirts give you an idea of how the apparel should look for the day.

If you want to create a t-shirt design for yourself or commercial use, Designhill can help. This is a marketplace with hundreds of gifted designers from across the world. You need to launch a design contest, and dozens of designers will work on your brief with unique design ideas. The site is your resource for affordable design solutions.

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A beautiful t-shirt design for the occasion of Valentine’s Day expresses your love, romance, and passion for your dear ones. These t-shirts depict the environment of love during associated with this special day. The designers used conventional heart and arrow symbol as well as some handwritten lettering styles to convey the spirit and festivities.

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