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Top 3 Vital Aspects Of A Creative Bottle Label Design

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Label Design

Bottle Label Design

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Merely selling something in a bottle is not sufficient to compete in your niche market. Consumers first see the bottle label to know about the content inside. The label matters a lot to them. But there are many competitors in your field of business. So, your bottle label design should be creative and memorable. Such a label will attract consumers attention and convey your brand message as well.

Labeling of bottles should not be done just for the sake of it. In many industries, you have to follow some rules and regulations set by the authorities for bottle labeling. For example, there is Alcohol and Tax Bureau that sets the rules for putting facts on alcohol bottle labels.

This means that your label design will have to consider such legal issues and guidelines. This is because consumers first read a label to find out what is inside. Your label design should be accommodating all those facts that need to be legally printed on the label.

Every bottle label design is different. This is because every company wants to build a distinctive identity in the market. The main aim behind giving a new look to a bottle label is that it should be instantly visible to customers in a shopping rake.

A label design should catch customer’s eye right away when customer stands in front of a rake in a shopping mall. Therefore, a label should stand out in terms of its design theme, concept, choice of colors, use of typeface and images etc.

Why you need creative bottle label design?

Most of us are attracted to interesting and exciting label design when it comes to buying mineral waters, wines or soft drinks. That means the design and packaging of bottles has a major say in making a drinks selection.

Even the fondest lovers of popular drinks like coke and ice vodka love to see something interesting on their attractive bottles. So, make your bottle label design unique and exciting. It has all the potential of transforming your brand.

In this blog, you will come to know about 3 effective aspects of creative bottle label design that enhance the brand value of your company.

Here Are Top 3 Vital Aspects Of A Creative Bottle Label Design

01. Consistent Theme

If you wish to make your brand easily recognizable, acceptable and creative, then maintain consistency of your theme across all label design elements.

Even if an individual is looking at different variants of your products, your brand should be recognizable from the kind of label it bears.

bottle label design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Themes are an excellent way of achieving brand recognition. The process of creating your bottle labels in line with a particular theme is not at all difficult. Below is an example.

You can notice that the theme of bottle label design is a classic era style. All the elements are in the same theme. Note that the design borrows the theme from the company’s core design materials such as logo design.

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02. Excellent Graphics

Graphics is perhaps the most crucial element of your label design, as it increases the overall appeal of your products (bottles) manifold.

label design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

You can incorporate realistic photos and image illustrations of the ingredients of your products. The graphics work well also when the products you serve are flavored or organic ones.

03. Color Clarity

Make sure that your bottle label design has right colors that speak for your brand. But you must pick the label colors carefully and incorporate them in a clean way. The colors should highlight the characteristic value of your beverage. See the below example of a bottle label design of Kinetic Labs, there are only two colors used by the graphic designer.

Color Clarity

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The colors are red and sky blue, which are the company’s brand colors. The consumers can instantly identify the brand as there is clarity in incorporating the colors in the design.

These are the three key aspects of bottle label design to consider. Are you also looking for an exciting label design for your company’s new business? You may be thinking of hiring graphic design services of a professional. But that may carry some disadvantages.

First, you will get only two to three design concepts from the designer. This will limit your choice of design concepts. Even if you do not like those concepts, you have probably no other alternative than to accept as you paid the fees. Then, you never know when the designer will deliver the project. It may be delayed for many months as well.

To escape from such likely disadvantages, a better idea is to crowdsource. You can crowdsource your bottle label design work to Designhill. This leading graphic design platform has hundreds of label designers from across the world.

All you are required to do is to launch your bottle label design contest on this platform. Write down your design brief by specifying your design needs.

You will get dozens of unique label designs from as many designers. Then, pick the label that suits best to your brand. You get the design at affordable prices.

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Bottle label design must make a good first impression on the customers besides giving the necessary details of content inside of the bottle. The design theme should be consistent and in line with other graphic design items of the company. Use of graphics is advisable for depicting a company’s brand message clearly. Choice of colors should also be such that it stands for the values the brand wish to express.

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