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Last updated on July 3rd, 2018

Designing of logo is not an easy job even for professionals with high experience of the field. There is a lot of aspects to be covered by the designers in order to come anywhere near to creating an appealing and pleasing piece of work that also is capable of representing a company and its business.

we can offer some insight into designing of a logo by providing you with some vital tips.

logo design

First and foremost, simplicity is key to logo design. You can say this confidently after taking a good look at logos of global companies such as Nike, Apple, Samsung and many others. Majority of global logos use the least number of elements. So, they have one or two colors or fonts involved in the design. This saves these logos from being too complex.

Make it sure that your logo design is memorable and timeless. A memorable logo is the one that lingers on the memory of the viewers for a long time. Viewers should recall the business behind the logo design immediately. This power of being memorable helps a business retain the customers and build a loyal customer base. Timelessness is another tip that the design must consider.

logo design

When talking of designing a timeless logo, it implies that the creation should last at least 20 years. When there is a need to make some design changes, only few tweaks here and there are enough without changing the whole of the logo design. Clearly, escape from designing a trendy logo since trends are temporary and last only for few years.

Your logo design must be versatile. Since, your marketing team will be using the logo on all the media including website, TV ads, billboards, newspapers and many more, the size and shape of the logo must appear the same impressive when shrunk or overblown. The logo design should also be such that it is equally impressive in black and white since many marketing media requires printing of the design without colors.

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