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Top 5 Water Bottle Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Label Design

Bottle Design

Last updated on October 25th, 2022

Packaging design plays an important role in the success of your product. A catchy packaging design not only attracts a potential buyer but also influences his/her decision. To make your water bottle successful in this crowded market, you need to come up with a unique and interesting bottle design that nudge your prospects to give your product a big thumbs up.

There is a huge market for water bottles in the U.S. According to an estimate, around 167 water bottles are used per person annually in the U.S. The country’s annual spending on bottled water is around 11.8 billion.

Nearly 30 billion water bottles are sold annually in the country. This shows that there are immense new business opportunities existing in this industry and market. If you are a graphic designer, expect plenty of water bottle designing assignments, if you have the desired skills.

The label design of your bottle plays a vital role in the success of your product. Water bottles have long been a part of our lives helping us quench our thirst in a convenient way.

In fact, from school going children to adults in varied professions, people carry these bottles with them. These bottles are a handy means of carrying pure, drinkable water.

Sensing that water bottles are always in heavy demand, businesses aggressively market the products.

They lure customers with attractive and innovative water bottle label designs. However, it is widely seen that only those businesses who offer attractive yet useful bottle designs compete in the market.

Custom Design Your Water Bottles

If you are a graphic designer, take inspiration from these memorable bottle designs. But do not imitate them. Instead of using cliched design elements, try to come up with something new and memorable that stands out.

When designing a water bottle, consider two basic aspects. First, the shape of the bottle must be unique. In fact, the shape is the most dominating element of a water bottle design.

You can notice that each bottle mentioned below has a different shape. People love to keep a differently shaped bottle on their table. So, make sure that your bottle shape stands out from the others.

Secondly, your water bottle design must have some unique features. It makes the bottle useful. New features such as the use of charcoal and opening of a bottle cap, etc. give the customers’ their value for money. So, talk to your client and find out what new features have been added to the bottle.

Here Are Top 5 Water Bottle Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

01. Takeya Classic Glass Beverage Bottle

The label design inspiration behind the Takeya Classic Glass Beverage Bottle is the iconic American milk bottle. The Takeya bottle design is user-friendly as it has a no-slip grip to hold the bottle in a stable manner.

bottle design

Creative merchandise design such as this bottle design is unique and attractive. This bottle design comes with an attractive silicon jacket.

It also has an easy to carry loop as well as a tight twist cap. Frequent travelers, joggers, and athletes will find this bottle very useful when traveling, sightseeing or jogging.

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02. Black+Blum Eau Good Bottle

Charcoal has been a traditional material to filter water. Now due to competitive new product designs, even water bottles come with new features.

Black+ Blum water bottle has charcoal placed within it. The Japanese have been traditionally using binchotan active charcoal to purify water.

label design

The Black+Blum eau Good Bottle is a memorable design. The design makes it possible to place the water purifying material with ease in the bottle.

With such an impressive design, you can convert your startup into a promising brand. Moreover, these bottles come with an interesting label design that is packed with all relevant information about the product as well.

03. 321 Water Bottle

321 Water Bottle hails from Australia. There is a plunger inside the bottle and it resembles a coral reef. The impurities are absorbed by a carbon-filter tablet and it also eliminates bad odors and tastes. The clean design is cylindrical from outside but it has a different shape inside due to the plunger.

Water Bottle

04. Sol Light’s Light Cap 300

Sol Light’s Light Cap 300 is a simple but creative water bottle design. The bottle has a design to suit a solar-powered lid that releases eight hours of light when charged fully. The bottle design is slightly concave to make it easy for the users to clean it.

bottle design

This bottle design has a color scheme too. The cap is a red color and a matching red is in the letters also. The designer chose this color mainly to catch the customer’s’ eye quickly.


05. Contigo’s Autospout Sheffield Water Bottle

Contigo’s Autospout Sheffield Water Bottle design allows you to sip water without spilling it. This way, you can enjoy drinking cold water for 20 hours thanks mainly to its special bottle design.

The bottle is made of stainless steel and has a double wall and a vacuum insulation to maintain the temperature. This bottle design helps you drink water without spilling even when you are on a go.

So, this is our list of water bottle designs that we found inspirational. If you are planning to start a water bottle making plant, make sure that the bottle designs are unique and memorable.

Your business success will depend a lot on your ability to attract customers towards your bottle designs. Besides, having an attractive label design makes your product stand out on a shelf.

bottle label design

If you are a business owner looking for new water bottle design ideas, it is better to crowdsource your design project.

Crowdsourcing of design works is beneficial for business owners in many ways. Your cost of work is down to an affordable budget. You can have dozens of new design concepts in a short period of one to two weeks.

When thinking of crowdsourcing, you can depend on Designhill, which is a leading graphic design marketplace. You need to launch your water bottle design contest on this site. Soon, you will be flooded with unique design ideas from dozens of talented designers.

What is more beneficial is that your investment in the design project is entirely safe. This is because Designhill offers 100% Money Back Guarantee to its clients, in case you do not like the design entries.

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These are impressive and memorable water bottle designs that stand out from the crowd of other bottle designs. But these bottles have new features that make the items more useful for the customers. Even the shape of the bottle is different and unique. I am sure it has given you enough inspiration to come up with an interesting design for your water bottle.

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