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7 Ways Custom Printed Clothes Can Help You Promote Your Business

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Custom Printed Clothes

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

When it comes to promoting a business, it’s all about marketing your brand in the right direction. Tailor-made merch is an incredible way to make your business stand out in the cut-throat competitive market. You can even showcase your multiple products and services on custom printed clothes by featuring specific artworks. They can engage your target audience with your brand.

If tailored-made printed tees are worn in crowded surroundings such as stadiums, public events, or college campuses, they will work as an excellent billboard and build word of mouth for your brand. And getting such custom apparel is not a big task nowadays due to the emergence of many online marketplaces such as PrintShop by Designhill. These platforms are an amazing place where one can find reliable and affordable printed clothes that helps businesses create a buzz for your brands.

Still, looking around how custom clothing can help promote your business?

Here Are Few Quick Ways That You Must Include In Your Marketing Strategy

01. Mobile Advertisements

Custom clothing is no less than a walking promotion that grabs enormous visibility to your brand. It is the most affordable way for promoting your business that delivers an optical link among your business and your audience.

Custom Clothing Advertisements

When you see somebody wearing a t-shirt having your company’s logo and name on t-shirt, it means your brand is famous and effortlessly mingles through the community. This is a cool way to promote your business without putting in much effort.

02. Uttermost Interest

In the era when social media and electronic media have emerged as the most potent advertisement destinations, eye-catching custom clothes still create immense curiosity.

eye-catching custom clothes

Unlike other traditional modes such as flyers and billboards, people are more fascinated to look at the t-shirt their friends/ family or the person who is sitting next to them is wearing.

Someone wearing a funny tshirt with your brand’s name or logo acts as a catalyst to initiate the conversation and inspire people to have a word about your product or service.

03. Giveaways or Freebies

Free Stuff? Yes, everyone loves that. Giving away free promotional clothing is a quick way to reach a broad audience base in a shorter period.

Giveaways or Freebies

All you have to do is check local calendars to select the right event, location, and audience you want to cater to and organize a contest just for giveaway/freebies. Get ready with a pile of free customized t-shirts before the event and circulate them.

04. Launch A Contest

If you want to create a new logo from scratch or revamp an existing one, the best way to do it is to look for an AI powered logo maker tool or organize a t-shirt design contest, especially when your business is running on a shoestring budget.

Encourage your target audience to participate. Offer a reward related to your brands, such as a discount coupon/free product or service. Use the contest to involve local media or PR to spread the word.

Launch A Contest

Make a shout out on your website and social media platforms about the contest. And once you select a winner, declare your new logo and get that printed on t-shirts and hand them out.

Do a PR on the event and post on your social media platforms and website with the news to get the paramount mileage out of the contest.

05. Sponsor An Event

When your business becomes a sponsor of an event where your target audience is likely to get about your efforts, custom t-shirts with your brand’s logo will act as a great thing to create brand awareness.

custom t-shirts

For example, if you sponsor a local charity event, like a marathon, to raise funds for an NGO, distribute custom clothes such as embroidered shirts with your name and logo to the crew, runners, and other collaborators involved in the effort as a gesture of thanks and encouragement. This helps you to get word of mouth every time they wear shirts.

06. Dress Your Staff/Crew

If you are into a business where your crew or employees have to interact with a large number of audiences at an event, provide your team with custom caps, t-shirts, and other clothes with your company’s logo, name, and tagline on the front and back. These types of small efforts will surely improve your overall marketing efforts.

Dress Your Staff/Crew

07. Create Trust Validations

Nothing can beat the word of mouth advertising as it is the most effective and convincing form of promotion. People rely more on recommendations from their friends, family, and public icons than anything else.

Create Trust Validations

Making prominent public figures to promote your brand is a little expensive advertisement mode, but it works. If an icon you follow or a celebrity you like can wear your branded and printed merch, it is an immediate promotion of your brand and spreads word of mouth to their followers.


These are a few proven ways custom printed clothes, such as tees, caps, hoodies, etc., can help you promote your business. Tailor-made clothing is proved to be an inexpensive marketing tool as it can quickly be publicized. The right brand message printed on your custom clothing makes it easy for you to inspire passers-by to know more about your product or service and possibly convert it into your long-term or loyal customer.

Create Your Own Custom Design

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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