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3 Ways To Align Your Designs To Your Target Group

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Last updated on November 25th, 2019

While creating designs or other artworks, what bothers – is to identify clients’ needs. After all, they are individuals with unique personalities. As a designer or artist, you can’t randomly create your piece of art and then expect them to come to your shop and buy. You need to align your designs with your customer’s specific needs.

Many designers and artists wish to be their own boss by selling artistic work from an online shop. But, a majority of them do not explore the complete earning potential of their shops. They are the ones who shortly stop uploading their work as they are discouraged by the lack of interest shown by clients and meager sales.

A design, illustration or hand lettering is an exciting work that most people want to have a look at. Many of them show their interest in buying art as well. They have many choices to make in today’s digital world where dozens of new and established online shops display unique artistic designs. This means that your online shop has a tough competition when it comes to attracting the buyers’ attention. After they come to your shop, the quality of the artwork will be responsible to convert visitors into buyers.

Way To Build Your Brand Identity

As the owner of an online art shop, you must ensure that prospective buyers have a great perception of your creativity. That is how you can gradually project yourself as a brand. Know that once they relate to what you create, it helps in winning their trust. Such buyers also become your loyal customers.

Therefore, when you wish to project yourself as a brand, know that the first step to take is to align your designs to your customers. They generally like to buy artworks that they can relate to. When they find a piece of art expressing their concerns and emotions, they want to own it. That is the key to selling art pieces to customers. As an artist or designer, you should keep the target buyer (prospective client) in mind while creating the work.

So, what are the main considerations when targeting your customers? A customer comes from a variety of backgrounds such as economic, educational, social, cultural, etc. But creating an art piece that relates to all of these backgrounds is not something that every artist attempts. For example, a person who is well educated may not be financially well-off. Therefore, you should categorize your customers to target them.

Let us broadly discuss the scenario. Let’s assume that you have registered with PrintShop which is an online selling portal that provides various categories to upload your artworks. Like, you can choose a relevant category and upload t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel for Men, Women, Kids & Babies, Accessories, Posters, and Home & Living. Make sure that you post artworks that target customers in each of the categories.

So, all you need to do is to align your designs or other artworks to the people based on where they live, what they do, and what are their hobbies.

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Here Are The 3 Ways To Align Your Designs To The Target Group

01. Know Where They Live

Everybody belongs to a certain geographical area by birth or by living there for decades. That place is more than a geographical location. Instead, it comes with many regionalities. For instance, when we talk of a place or area, we associate that with a particular food or culture.

Therefore, when you create a piece of art, keep in mind the location of the target buyers for better audience reach. You should do some research to know the interests, customs, traditions, regional cuisines, and even dialects and sports teams of the target area.

Align Your Designs

But, you do not have to create something that has a whole gamut of elements from that geographic location. That will only make the artwork complicated to put off the customer. Rather than doing that, just pick one or two elements of that area per piece to align your designs. Even when you design a logo for a local company, normally the regional backgrounds of target customers determine the choice of design elements.

After you have researched people’s habits or what excites them, evoke those feelings and emotions by incorporating the right elements of colors, typefaces, illustrations, lettering, etc in your artwork. In this way, you can create any number of art pieces for a targeted location to sell your art.

02. Target A Profession

Another trick to attract customers to your shop and make them buy is to target their profession. We spend a major part of our day and life with what we do to earn a living. Many of us are emotionally attached to it as well.

But what possibly you can show in your art pieces related to the profession so that people can connect to it. By targeting various jobs, you can have many new creative ideas.

Target A Profession

When targeting your customers based on their profession, try to find out the key issues of that job. Such a piece of art will immediately draw their attention. So, make sure that it illustrates some of their problems related to a job. How about incorporating some tools related to the profession? People can quickly identify the job by glancing at those tools. So, for example, illustration of a book will catch the attention of teachers and students.

When you align your designs, you can also think of including the elements that showcase the talent and skill required to perform a job efficiently. Also, think of using some specific terminology of that profession in the design or art. So, if your art targets people from the IT industry, you can include some computer codes as part of the design or illustration.

As a professional graphic designer or artist, you should do a little research about what particular things symbolize a profession you wish to target is generally enough. You can then find out those key relatable elements that you need to incorporate in your art pieces to make them saleable.

03. Find Out How They Like To Pass Time

Most of us have some hobbies as we like to do something repeatedly to pass the time. These are the activities that we like to pursue willingly. So, we are interested in doing those activities. This means that we are somewhat emotionally charged when we are busy with our hobbies in life.

How They Like To Pass Time

Can you target people based on their hobbies in your artwork? If you can then it may be a good way to sell those art pieces. Note that often people are not experts in the activities that they follow; sometimes they follow for the sake of killing their time. They just love to do that but could not make that activity as their profession. So, make sure that your design has a light environment related to a hobby for the target group. All you need to do is to give a hint of the pastime activity.

Consider Their Place Of Living

To depict a hobby to align your designers with the artwork, consider illustrating or designing a place that your target customers frequent. For example, you can show some trekking place to target people who love trekking. If you want to target people with fishing as a hobby, then show some fishing equipment or place for fishing. You can also think of illustrating things that represent a hobby so that customers can immediately identify and you can enhance your market reach.

So, these are the key three things that artists should consider while creating artworks. In this way, they can target a specific set of customers, who can then relate with those art pieces.

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This site takes care of every aspect of the marketing and selling of the products you uploaded on your online shop portal. Just log in to your shop on PrintShop and start uploading your work. Leave everything else to the site. So, right from marketing, promoting to shipping your artworks to the customers is the responsibility of the site. All you are left with is to focus on creating the art pieces for the target customers.

Wrapping Up

The selling of artworks from an online shop is not as easy as you think since customers have plenty of choices to make today. But with the right approach, you can still attract and compel them to buy your unique art pieces. All you need to do is to create something that is not only interesting and engaging but it targets a specific set of customers as well. Consider where they live, what they do to earn their living, and what are their hobbies to align your designs, illustration, or any other piece of art with them. This way, customers can relate to your creative works.

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