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7 Ways To Find A Freelance Graphic Designer

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Graphic Designers

Freelance Graphic Designer

Last updated on January 19th, 2023

Your decision to hire a freelance graphic designer to design graphic content for your business is worth appreciation. By choosing to hire a freelance graphic designer, you are simultaneously taking two right decisions – having impressive graphics for your business, and getting it designed by a high-quality professional!

In today’s economic world, marketing and advertisements have taken a significant position in any business. So, having a professionally-designed graphics for the businesses has become inevitable and freelancers are mostly a better choice as compared to any marketing and designing agency. Freelancers are highly skilled professionals, and they are in most of the cases the more affordable choice.

You can get second thoughts after deciding to hire a freelancer because the market is saturated with them and you don’t know where to find the best one for you. It is evident that the availability of freelance designers in such a vast number makes the process of choosing one very difficult. But this large number also gives you variety of choices, and if you know your expectations, then you can easily sort out the best for you.

Here Are 7 Most Comfortable Ways Of Finding A Freelance Graphic Designer For Your Business

01. Heading Towards Crowdsourcing Websites

This one is the easiest way to find a freelance graphic designer for the graphic design services you need. There are various websites with a crowd of professionals who are part of the site but are not bound to a traditional working group.

These websites are the best place as they provide you with a variety of talent from all over the world at one single location. You don’t need to check their resume or take their interview personally for choosing the one who is best suited for your project.

Some crowdsourcing sites follow the system of bidding while others work on a competitive basis. You can go for the bidding style, if your primary focus is the budget. But, if you are more interested in a graphic that fulfils your requirement then the system of competition is more logical.

Crowdsourcing Websites

Different sites have their own distinct rules and style of working. All of them focus on easing the whole process of recruitment. As for example, Designhill asks you to create a contest according to your need and take away the one that fits into your expectation.

If you are not satisfied with any of the designers, you get your prize money refunded. The crowdsourcing websites have made the process easier not only for the recruiter but also ensure a regular flow of work for the freelancers.

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02. Posting Your Ads On Online Job Boards Or Job Search Engine

Newspapers’ classified section or employment journals are now becoming things of olden days. Today whenever a professional, especially a freelancer, is in search of a project, he or she searches it online.

There are various job boards and job search engines where you can post your advertisement and get applications from potential designers willing to work for your company on the budget advertised by you.

Many consider job-boards and crowdsourcing websites as one and the same thing, but the two are different in their effective approach.

 Job Search Engine

Job boards give you a space for putting your requirements after charging a nominal membership charge from you. The professionals registered on these job boards may be paid or a free member, who are updated about any new ad posted.

The members on the job board show their interest in your project, and you need to choose among them after seeing their experience, profile rating, etc. Some of the job boards allow the user to apply for the job at their site itself, while the others direct the interested users to the recruiter’s website.

03. Offer Employment Through Your Business Website

Even if the online job board does not redirect freelance graphic designers interested in your business to your website, the candidate applying will surely visit your site. Freelancers are individual contractors, and so they are always in search of projects suited for them. Be it any source, if a freelancer gets to know you are in need of a graphic designer, he is sure to visit your site.

It is imperative to put an advertisement for recruitment on your business site so that no visits of any potential designers to your website get wasted. If a designer visits your website and likes your business vision and mission, he/she should be able to extend their hands to collaborate with you as a designer for your graphics.

Business Website

Not putting a notice on your website while you are in search of a freelancer is same as shouting to the whole world that you need help and saying you don’t need any help to the person who is actually approaching you. So, before going out and shouting out your requirements, put those on your website first.


04. Using Your Personal Contacts With Other Professionals

If you are into a business, you must be in contact with one or the other professionals. And, each professional knows someone else in the market. You should ask every trusted person around you in the business, that you need to hire a freelance graphic designer and if they can recommend someone.

You have to share a lot of things about your business and its goal with the graphic designer so that he becomes someone whom you can trust. Only technical skills do not make a graphic designer the best one for your company; you two should be comfortable working together.

Personal Contacts

Using personal contacts makes the whole procedure of hiring slightly short and the relationship reliable too. When someone whom you trust has faith in any particular person, that person becomes more reliable for you.

05. Announcing Your Requirement On Facebook

If you are a business person with the right strategies, you must know that Facebook is not only a place for staying connected to your distant relatives and old friends. Facebook is a sort of all-purpose social media networking site that is used for personal as well as professional purposes.

Students as well as professionals have their group, companies and celebrities have their pages; almost everybody uses this site for some unique purpose. You too may be using it for promoting your business, and if you don’t, then you should start it doing ASAP.

social media

Announce your requirement, expectation and budget on Facebook and the message will travel more than you expect. There are many groups of professionals where such advertisements are shared.

If you know any such group, you can post your ad there. And, if you don’t know, then someone else will surely do this for you. People on social media websites are very generous in sharing content.

06. Creating Advertisement On Pinterest

When you are heading towards Social Media for giving a call to graphic designers, you should not forget the name of Pinterest. This social site has an inclination towards businesses, and it mostly uses visuals, making it a perfect place for freelance designers to flock.

It is one of the favorite hanging places online for designers because they get numerous inspirations for designing their graphics. The branding competition between businesses also makes Pinterest an interesting place for designers as they see it a competition between graphics rather than business.

If you are interested in inviting graphic designers you have to share your invitation on Pinterest because you’ll find almost all graphic designers there only. Your social presence will give the designer an idea of your business and its strategy so that he can choose whether he wants to work for your business or not. You must know that money is not the only thing that attracts a professional towards business.

Advertisement On Pinterest

07. Attracting Professionals Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the online Mecca of professionals. Do I really need to explain why you should be posting your hiring advertisement on LinkedIn? This is a social platform that is built exclusively for professional relationships. No one goes there for making friends or creating any casual relations.

This is a site where professionals are exclusively for the purpose of building their online portfolio. After visiting a person’s LinkedIn profile, you don’t need to ask him for his resume or sample of works etc. You can take a tour to the interested candidate’s profile and know everything about his career without even asking a single question.


Here you can read testimonials given by past employers or clients of the freelancer and even cross check with the person who has written the testimonial. Here you can post your advertisement and redirect the applicants to your website or give them the option of applying directly from the site. You can have a direct chat with the designer who shows interest in your project.

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You can use these ways individually but using all or some of them together will give you more varied options to choose from. Whatever method you choose, don’t forget to post the advertisement on your business website. Take your good time to choose the one person that suits your business requirement. Once you have finalized, trust your decision as well as the graphic designer you have chosen. Co-operate with him and give him the proper freedom to work in his own way because artists do wonders when they are not bound or pressurized.

Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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