Which Website Design is Best Suited to Your Business?


If you are a business owner, you must create a website for your targeted customers and general people to convert them into buyers. But when creating a website, you have many option to choose from and this is where sometimes business owners falter. They should pick up a right website design that suits to their web business and users. Here are some popular website design types that you should be knowing about so that you can make a right selection for long lasting relationship with your customers.

You should be selecting a website design that is perfect for the scale of your business and the services you offer. There are six major design options – Static design, advance static design, basic brochure design, content management system design, dynamic website and e-commerce website. Here is a little description of these sites so that you can have a preliminary information on the sites.

a) Static Design: This type of web design has static pages having some basic information for the users. So, you can opt for such a design to provide some basic relevant details bout your company, business, products or services. These are usually very small sites.

b) Advanced Static Design: This type of website is suited to the medium-sized businesses. While there are static pages with relevant business information but the designers incorporate more feature for better user experience. These features include Flash content, plugin for social networking, images etc.

c) E-commerce Websites: If you want to design a website to sell products and make sales online involving several financial transactions and payment transfers, then e-commerce website design is your requirement.

d) Dynamic Website: Dynamic website design is ideal when you intend to structure a complex website involving several features and purposes. Such websites are characterized by display of complex information, numerous pages and complex functionality.

e) Basic Brochure Design: This type of website design is perfect for small businesses that wish to cut cost of creating an online site. They can use the site as a fitting advertising platform for their smaller business. This design is not only less costly and affordable but is also useful for displaying of basic information and features of your business.

f) Content Management System (CMS): A CMS website design allows you to have more control over the content of your website. This implies that you can easily add, delete and edit the content on your web pages on your own without taking help from professional designers. You can also change functionality and appearance of your website.

So, compare these options carefully and select the type of website design that suits to your business requirements and users.

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By Charles Darwin

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