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5 Website Design Mistakes You Must Avoid For Customer Retention

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Website Design

website design

Last updated on December 18th, 2019

Website design can make or break your business online. A poorly conceived design of web pages will drive away your customers to your competitors’ websites. Whereas, a well thought- out design can help you build a solid customer base. Most of your customers search and shop for products or services online. So, user-friendly web pages matter a lot to retain customers.

Putting a website for a business is not about creating a bunch of web pages for the sake of it. There are a number of benefits of having a creative website design for business. We all know how e-commerce sites are specially designed to do business. But even a simple website gives a lot of information to its end users especially about their products and services. Do not forget that a web design is the domain of a business and company.

Websites carry many advantages for your business. One of the significance is that you can share your company’s information with your users through website. You can put everything about your company on your website pages. So, your audience can easily know what products or services you deliver. Your website also helps you organize and plan your information for your target audience.

Unfortunately, many small businesses do not pay attention to creating impressive and user-friendly website designs. They end up paying a heavy price by losing their customers to competitors. They make the usual website design mistakes that many others make. But they can avoid such errors.

Website design mistakes can prove to be costly for your business in the end. Know that visitors of your website must stay on the site for a longer time. They read your compelling content and make purchasing or the desired action you want them to take. But if the design has some basic faults, it will discourage your visitors and users from further exploring your site.

Remember that a website is not merely a tool to put some content for users or information about your business. More than that, your website is your way to make a good first impression and communicate your brand message.

Here Are 5 Website Design Mistakes You Must Avoid For Customer Retention

01. Designing A Website In Non-Customizable Template

To create a website design, you can either choose customizable template or non-customizable templates. Many designers choose non-customizable design, which should be avoided.

Website Design

Instead, customizable templates are a better choice. This is because these templates allows clients to make improvements when they want. But if the clients receive the design in non-customizable template, their access to the functionality of the website is restricted. This also restricts them from any creative changes in the design at will.

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02. Ignoring SEO Rules

SEO tactics help in making a website visible on the search results on the web. The search engine optimization rules are important to follow in creating a website. A well optimized site will show up on the top search results so that potential customers can access the site instantly and click it.

SEO Rules

When designing a website, ignoring the SEO tricks and rules means the site will be falling behind in the search rankings. It will be buried deeper in the search result pages. It would be good if the designer takes help of the SEO experts to incorporate the optimization tools in website design.

03. Use Of Multiple Fonts

Use of multiple fonts can send confusing signals to the visitors. Multiple fonts will make the site look non-serious and unprofessional. There may already be some visuals on the page. Adding multiple fonts will create more confusion for the readers.

Multiple Fonts

So, prefer using not more than two fonts. If you have to use more fonts, make sure that you mix and match them wisely. This way you can easily maintain consistency of design in your web pages. Here is how you can combine typefaces to catch your reader’s’ attention. Following is a bad use of fonts.


04. Making Navigation Too Complicated

Nothing will irritate your website visitors, if they click on a link only to find an irrelevant content. Or, they have to click on more than one button to reach to the desired content or page. You need to be creative and imaginative in designing the navigational buttons.

Navigation Too

Rather than adding more links and click-to-open features on each button, prefer keeping the navigation as simple as you can. Your links from the home page must take your visitors only to the most relevant and important pages to your site. The navigational links must also be at the right place on the web pages.

05. Adding Cliched And Poor Quality Images

Generic stock images will put off your potential customers from exploring your website further. Poor image quality also is a big hindrance in converting the visitors into loyal consumers of your products or services. The visitors or users of your site get a bad first impression of your business.

Instead, the designer should use unique high quality images. For example, if you sell certain products, then hire a photographer and have the product images clicked from different angles. If you run a travel business, click some eye-catching images and add them to your site catch your consumers’ attention.

Poor Quality Images

These are basic tips to creating a website design from the users’ point of view. But many designers do not notice that they have made these mistakes. So, even after our website is already in use, find out if it carries such basic faults and do the necessary corrections. Here is one such stock image for example.

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While coming up with website design ideas, avoid some of the common mistakes. These mistakes include creating the site in non-customizable templates,ignoring SEO rules, and use of multiple fonts. Make sure that your navigation design is not complicated. Avoid use of clichéd and poor quality images. Check your site for these errors and make the corrections.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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