How to learn and memorize coding

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Last updated on November 24th, 2017

Learning and memorizing code for website designing is not easy especially when you are starting new in this field. Though many online tools are there to your help, your own extra efforts are going to be useful in the end. Here are some tips to learn these hard-to-remember codes.

Get your interpretation right

You have a good grasp of CSS, HTML, or JavaScript concepts and the techniques, but putting them to practice becomes difficult. This is because the tutorials and videos lessons cannot be taken at their face value as interpretations vary. So, get your interpretation of the code right

Be active learner

Passive learning is not enough to learn the code. You need to be an active learner after you watch those videos and tutorials. Make mistakes, runt into difficulty and identify and correct the problem. Start building a one page website, small website component or get involved in a project to put the learning into practice.

Online Coding Tools

Online code editors such as CodePen, JSFiddle and Workspaces help designers in experimenting with code and implementing a concept you learnt. To put the codes into memory, code at different times of the day.

Developer tools

Use Chrome DevTools to inspect the code and also for viewing another website’s CSS and HTML. Then changing it around so that you can build something different as part of your learning process.

Share Your Knowledge

Make sure that you share your knowledge with experts or fellow learners of code and the designers. More sharing will teach you some crucial aspects of coding.

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