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Website Design Trends To Watch For In 2024

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Website Design

Website Design Trends

Last updated on December 27th, 2023

Most consumers search and shop products or services online. Websites have, therefore, become an integral part of doing business and outcompeting the rivals in a market. However, millions of websites are already on the web. So, to drive consumers and impress them, your website design must be impressive, unique, memorable, and easy to navigate.

Startups and small businesses especially depend on websites to enhance their reach of products or services in their niche markets. According to studies, 57.7% of small and medium-sized business owners want to invest in an improved website. With increasing use of smartphones, businesses need website more than ever before to reach customers.

However, simply putting a website on the web is not going to serve the purpose. It must be a user-friendly site for your consumers. One of the problems many websites face is high loading time. Even if a site taking a second more to load may be outcompeted by rival business websites. So, to create a website that loads instantly is one of the big challenges for web designers.

Besides ensuring quick loading time of web pages, websites should be trendy designs too. Web pages created with a contemporary look and useful features for modern day consumers will drive more traffic. So, web designers must keep an eye on the emerging design trends.

Check Out The Website Design Trends In 2024

01. Responsive Design To Continue

Responsive website design has been the trend for last few years and there is no reason that it will fade away soon. The businesses wish to make a greater presence on all type of computer devices and cell phones. Responsive design is here to stay because more and more people are using cell phones, tablets, and other portable devices to make online search and shopping.

Responsive Design

Though the experts are still debating over the implementation of responsive web design, no one has opposed the trend. The fact is that increasing numbers of websites are opting to be responsive to small screens of mobile devices. Some experts see this as a new norm instead of a trend.

02. Flat Design Gains Momentum Further

Flat design has proved its utility for past two years and there is no reason for the designers abandoning it in the next year. The fact is that concept of flat design is gaining further momentum. Flat design trend is not restricted to websites.

In fact, most of the graphic design items such as logos and brochure design follow this trend. Though there is talk about Google’s Material Design, it is more or less the flat design.

brochure design

Google says that its Material Design is the metaphor. A material metaphor is the unifying theory of rationalized space and a system of motion.

Our material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink, yet open to imagination and magic.’’

Material Design also uses layering, animation and subtle gradients to get the advantages of flat design.

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03. Use Of Impressive Typography

Typefaces can be categorized as expensive and cheap. Expensive typefaces were so far the privilege of chosen few who have the financial power to buy them. Cheap fonts were generally in the circulation. But the difference is not just of the cost.

The quality also was guided by the cost. Now, expensive web type-kits have impressive fonts and typefaces. These otherwise costly typefaces are are now available at cheap costs. This augers well for the use of high quality fonts in website design. The trend of using new typefaces is gradually picking up.

Graphic designers

This means that more designers can incorporate high quality typefaces in websites without worrying about the costs. Graphic designers have wholeheartedly adopted new typefaces in creating a website and other designs such as logo designs, business cards etc.

04. Scrolling Continues

Scrolling of web pages, instead of old-fashioned clicking, was a trend that caught up quickly and the designers took it up as an easy way to navigate. Clicking on many links to visit many pages was very irritating. Now, unless there is a good replacement for scrolling, this trend is going to continue.

Scrolling Continues

05. Large Background Images

The trend of using larger background images on websites has been catching attention for quite some time. Large background images create impression and impact on the viewers. Oversized images can draw the attention immediately. There is usually some text incorporated into the images.

Background Images

So, a big image helps draw the attention of viewers to the text that carries a business message. Plus, videos played at the top of the websites are another trend that is likely to continue. Website designers are already using large images in creating blog designs to drive attention.

Website design

06. Microinteractions

Microinteractions are very small tools or products of interactions within a web page. One of the examples is the email sign-up box when it pops up on a website page. The box pops up for few seconds and fades away and then it appears again and goes away.


This type of website inspiration gives a new playful personality to the web pages. These microinteractions usually a type of call to action that asks the user to sign in. Web designers are creating landing page design that has microinteractions with the users. More WordPress themes and plugin developers are likely to enrich the trend.

07. Compelling Storytelling

Web designers are exploring people’s tendency to listen to stories. They are incorporating the elements of storytelling in website design. They are turning fonts, colors and micro interactive page elements as narrative tools to express a brand message. These tools are being used in a simple but creative way to spell out what a business stands for.

website design

So, these are the trends web designers are following. The future of these trends depends on how far the graphic designers want to push them. This means that the usefulness of the trends will be the key to their survival in the coming months. It may be that the designers can give an altogether new direction to the web design.

It would be interesting to watch the new web designs emerging upon the scene. Is your company also looking for a unique website design to promote its business? If so, then a better option for your small company could be to crowdsource the design work.

You can crowdsource your web design requirements to Designhill, which is a prominent marketplace. This marketplace helps business owners meet their graphic design needs at a low cost. You need to launch a website design contest on Designhill. Dozens of web designers will respond to the contest with their unique design concepts.

In a week or so, you have many memorable and uniquely created design concepts for your website. You can then pick a website design that you think suits best to your company’s brand values and personality.

But make sure that you give your design brief to the designers along with the contest. Tell about your specific design needs such as images or any other elements. The designers will depend on the brief to create a website especially for your business and customers. You get 100% Money Back Guarantee from this site if you are not satisfied with the design entries you get.

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Website design must be based on a unique concept that can define your business and its target customers. But a website must also keep pace with the new design trends that are useful. Such trends include responsive design, flat design, scrolling, storytelling, and others and can easily give you edge over your competition.

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