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What Benefits Do Online Wine Label Design Contests Offer?

by John Kash Tweet - in Label Design

Wine Label Design

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

It is impossible to avoid the importance of label design in making or breaking a purchase. A well-crafted wine label that reflects your brand can help you draw attention of your target audience. If your wine label design is unique and memorable, it will continue to bring customers to your business. To make sure you get an impressive label for your wine bottle, the best option is to launch an online label design contest and get dozens of design concepts. You can pick a wine label design that best reflects your brand.

Wine selling is a huge business but there is a tough competition also that your new wine shop needs to compete with. It takes lot of time and efforts, before customers develop faith in a new wine label.

They generally rely on old wine brands that are already tested and proven for high quality. So, if you wish to grab a market size, pay attention to creating unique marketing strategies.

One of the first thing in doing a wine business is to design a custom wine label in a planned way. Wine label design plays a crucial role in driving potential customers’ attention. A well- crafted label can even turn a buyer into a loyal customer due to the impression the label design leaves.

However, wine labeling is not just about its attractive design. First and foremost purpose of the label is to provide all the information that a winemaker is legally bound to deliver.

You have to give the details that the U.S Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has made mandatory. So, a wine label designer has to keep all such information in mind when designing the label.

Considering the importance of a label design in selling a wine brand, the manufacturers come out with trendy labels that compete well with other labels. With the fast growth of the U.S market, marketers are seeing the labels as essential tools in building a brand personality.

A majority of wine manufacturers now believe in incorporating a variety of design elements in label designs. Such labels have creative wine names, unique illustration and graphics, and even unconventional and trendy label materials, QR codes, modern artwork and more.

So, as there are a variety of label designs being already in the market, creating a unique label that catches the attention is difficult today. You need many new design ideas to compare before you select the one that speaks for your brand.

Now that you may be thinking in terms of hiring a graphic designer to design your own wine label, here is what you should be doing. You have two option to explore. You can either hire an individual professional designer or crowdsource your design work.

If your wine brand is newly launched, your small budget will be an impediment in hiring an expensive label designer. Moreover, an individual designer is often difficult to work with. The designer may take many months before delivering you the label design.

You may have only two to three label concept to choose from. And, you have to pay to the designer even if you are not satisfied with the design. These are some of the reasons that many business owners do not hire a graphic designer.

Instead, they prefer crowdsourcing sites. There are many crowdsourcing sites for graphic design work. These sites operate in a simple way. All you need to do is to launch your label design contest and select your pricing package.

That is all you are required to start the design contest. There is no hiring of a particular designer in this case. Many designers will be attracted to your contest and try to win it. You ultimately get one winning design that you can use for your wine bottle label.

Crowdsourcing is now seen by small and medium business owners as a viable option to explore new design ideas. They are using this medium to create a logo, and, in fact, a whole gamut of graphic design items such as brochures, business cards, stationery, packaging and other designs.

Here Are Some Benefits that Online Wine Label Design Contests Offer

01. Easy Access To Many Designers

One of the advantages of wine label design contests is that you have access to dozens of designers. It would be difficult to have many talented designers working on your graphic design project at the same time.

You have to hire a team of graphic designers as part of your company and pay them regularly, which may not be viable.

wine label design

But with crowdsourcing site like Designhill, which is a leading graphic designing platform, dozens of wine label designers are accessible. They are lured by your design challenge and want to create something unique and attractive.

02. Dozens Of New Design Concepts

When you hire a particular graphic designer service, you get only two to three design concept. After all, an individual professional cannot offer you dozens of new concepts.

You have to accept one design out of two to three design offers. But after you launch your wine label design contest, at least a dozen label designers will be working to win your contest.

graphic designer

If your prize money is bigger, more talented designers will be attracted to your contest. This way, within a week or so, your email inbox has a wide range of label design concepts.

There is a variety in these designs as the designers come from different cultural and skill backgrounds. They compete to win your contest. So, there is a high possibility that each design concept you get is different from the others.

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03. Affordable Designs

You will have to fork out a lot of money to one designer that you specially hire to design your own wine label. Mostly, only the established businesses can afford graphic design services of the professionals who work from their studios.

Affordable Designs

But when you launch your wine label design contest, you pay only for that one winning design of your choice. Rest of the dozens of design submissions are not a burden on your wallet.

When you get your design through the contest, you pay only to the winning designer. That is the case also with your brochure design contest or any other design contest if you need more design material for business.

04. Designs As Per Your Requirements

Another reason why your wine business should opt for wine label design contest is that it meets your design requirements. You will have the design as per your design brief.

label design

Make sure that you write your brief with your specific design needs of the company, The designer will give read your brief to find out your requirement of colors, typeface, images, slogans etc. This way, you have your label design that is specially tailor-made to your requirements.

05. Easy Feedback To The Designers

Crowdsourcing sites like Designhill allow you to work closely with the graphic designers. After you have launched your wine label design contest, you can offer your feedback to all of them using the site’s chat features.

wine label design

So, offering your feedback to the designers who need your guidance is much easier. On the other hand, when hiring an individual designer, you may not be able to engage with him so closely.

06. Get Recommendations

When you get so many unique design concepts, it sometimes becomes a little difficult to decide which one design will better suit your business.

Designhill lets you use its platform to get recommendations from your peers. You can post those many designs on your social media page and get the recommendations from people.

Get Recommendations

07. Build Your Brand Identity

A major advantage of wine label design projects is that it helps you build your brand identity of your business and company. You get a competitive label design that is memorable. Such a design will steadily build up your brand identity.

Brand Identity

08. Save Your Precious Time

After you launch your label design contest, you can devote your time to your other business activities. The designers will be working their best to give you creative label designs.

All you need to do is to give them your feedback and guide them in making a design as per your requirements. Other than that, there is no wasting of time on your end.

 label design

So, these are the key benefits of getting your best wine label design from your design contest. Crowdsourcing site Designhill has even more benefits in store for you. This site is considered one of the cheapest when it comes to reducing your costs for creating your label design.

The pricing is entirely within the reach of your small budget of the company. This site offers you dozens of new and unique features that help you get the maximum out of your design contest.

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Your wine label design contest has many advantages in terms of cost reductions, access to number of design concepts, easy feedback, new design ideas and so on. As compared to expensive fees of high-end professional designers who work individually, you get a unique design at affordable price through the contest. You can also save your time that you can devote to other promotional activities.

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