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What Is UX Design & How Can You Become A UX Designer?

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Graphic Design

UX Design

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023

Just a decade ago, no one was talking about User Experience, and there was hardly a company with a UX designer. After a decade, UX is a buzzword, and there is hardly a company with its value without a UX designer. Now, the user experience is integral to designing a physical and virtual product. So, no surprise that more and more people are taking up UX design as a fruitful career option and doing great in this field.

Today, UX design is an exciting field of work for creative designers who wake up with a new creative idea and want to implement it in various ways. Those who wish to combine ideas and creativity with craft to solve users’ real problems find this field of work refreshing.

UX Design – A Fast-Growing Field

UX design field of work is proliferating with each passing year. According to the job site Glassdoor, at present, over 20,000 positions in UX design are open in the USA alone. Adobe also did a survey that revealed that 87% of the hiring managers said they were hiring UX designers on a priority basis. Another site, Intechnic, has come up with the stats that 73% more companies plan to do UX testing in the next 12 months.

UX is becoming even more important, with most businesses shifting their operations from offline to online. They had a recent experience with the COVID -19 pandemic when customers became home-based. That experience has reemphasized the importance of UX design.

In the eCommerce industry, brands try their best to anticipate what products consumers need and when they need them. For that, they use advanced personalization methods using UX design.

What is UX Design?

User experience [UX] design is all about how a user will interact with digital touchpoints such as an app. So, the designer will first assess the user’s requirements from a design and then create it to meet those needs. This means such a creative or innovative design is user-oriented.

When thinking about what UX is, we can say that User Experience design is the one that creates products in such a way that the products become relevant and meaningful to the users. The design is not just about making the software easier for the users but also about creating related experiences. Such other experiences include marketing campaigns, packaging, and after-sales support. UX design addresses the pain points of users and provides solutions.

What is the job of a UX designer?

So, a UX designer gets feedback from the potential user of an app and will research how to make the app more user-friendly. Then, the design will go through extensive beta testing.

While still in the research phase of the design, a UX designer will get answers to some questions, such as which menu bar will suit best to the users. Will they buy an item quickly, or will they go through many steps? Will they be spending more time on a page?

A UX designer directs all the design efforts to create digital products that users can interact with easily. For example, a simplified sign-up process in just a few steps on a single screen results from thoughtful UX design.

So, as a UX designer, your job is to have insights into your target users’ needs, problems, and motivations. Then on that knowledge, you will create experiences and flows that address and solve users’ problems.

Here Is How You Can Start Building A Successful Career As A UX Designer

Learn The Basics of UX Design

First, ensure that you have learned UX design fundamentals and possess technical skills. The designer should also learn research and strategy-making skills such as wireframes, prototyping, responsive design, etc. You should also learn soft skills such as communication, project management, and collaboration.

You can join some UX design Bootcamp that will cover all the topics such as research, strategy, prototype, usability testing, user interface design, etc. Such a program gives you new skills to use in your industry-ready portfolio.

An aspiring UX designer has to learn a wide range of subjects. These include design fundamentals, user research strategy, design research and strategy, user interaction design, and responsive design.

User experience design fundamentals include learning about sprint methods, developing solutions, and identifying problem spaces. You will also learn about how to create wireframes and prototypes. That also ultimately helps create logos using a logo maker.

User research strategy is about learning how to plan your research to know precisely about users’ behavior and what motivates them. You will also learn to implement those findings into your project and product designs.

Similarly, the user interface design course will teach you about the nuances of typography, color, images, illustrations, and many other design elements. In addition, you will learn about the tools that help create professional interfaces.

The responsive design course will teach you how to create low and high-fidelity websites and apps. You’ll also learn how to use grids and breakpoints to make your design project responsive for various screen sizes.

While gaining knowledge, you would also like to find out the latest trends and tips, such as logo design tips in the design field. So, you should be willing to participate in seminars, workshops, and industry conferences to keep up with the new and emerging trends in UX design.

Know How To Use Design Tools

The second step is practical knowledge of how different design wireframing tools work. So, learn how Illustrator, InVison Studio, Asure, Adobe XD, Figma, and Marvel. You should also learn Photoshop.

Also, look for advanced prototyping tools such as Flinto, ProtoPie, Principle, and Framer. With skillful use of these tools, even you can create your logo design perfectly with some experience.

Using such software, you can pick your colors, typography, and other elements to design a logo.

Also, if you are worried about how much a logo costs? Then, know that logo maker software is free to use. You will pay only when you want to download your logo design.

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Practice Your New Skills On Your Project

After you learn the basic UX design skills, it is now time to put them into practice. It would be good if you could test those skills on your project. You can then put that work in your UX design portfolio.

Since you are the leader of your project, it’s an opportunity to apply and test the skills from start to finish at every step. So, use the skills and refine them while wireframing, creating information architecture, prototyping, and user testing. While working on your project, you will also learn soft skills such as communicating with your team members.

Build Your UX Design Portfolio

After learning and practicing design skills, get all those works assembled in a UX design portfolio. But make sure that the portfolio has a variety of your work and not just the same types. Another approach to building the portfolio could be to target a particular company where you want to work in the coming days.

In that case, research the company’s background and hone your portfolio’s objectives accordingly. Then, you should pick roughly five of your works relevant to that company’s UX design requirements. So, when you apply for the job, the company can visit your portfolio to find those works.

But ensure that every piece of design work included in your portfolio should be telling a story. It should be telling the visitors your design and creativity process that you went through.

Look For Relevant UX Design Jobs

Now that you have the skills and portfolio, you can confidently look around for UX design jobs. Here, note that you should allow yourself more than one or two types of jobs and skills. UX design is a vast field where UX designers can work since basic work is almost the same.

So, do not become choosy. Instead, apply for most of the jobs simultaneously, see which company is interested in hiring you, and negotiate accordingly.

Some Of The UX Designer Jobs You Will Come Across Include:

  • UX Designer
  • Usability Tester
  • Interaction Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • User ResearcherInformation Architect
  • Experience Designer
  • UX Strategist
  • UX Architect
  • Information Architect
  • UX Engineer
  • UX Developer
  • UX Product Manager
  • UX Analyst
  • Graphic Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Product Designer

So, these are the key steps you need to take to start your successful career in the UX design field. You need to have patience and learn each skill and be a master of it to be one of the most sought-after designers to resolve users’ problems regarding products.

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Wrapping Up

UX design is about creating a physical or virtual product design that solves users’ specific problems. A UX designer possesses several design skills and soft skills, such as communicating with the team and clients. To start a career in this field, you must first have the right set of design skills and then create a portfolio of design works. You can then easily find a lucrative job with some experience.

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