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Facebook Small Business Page: How to Get More Likes & Shares?

by Nitesh Kumar Tweet - in Small Business

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

You will be surprised to know that there are around 40 million small business pages on Facebook and over 41% of American small businesses use Facebook.

With these stats in hand, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that your small business’ Facebook page has enough potential to attract sales and take your business off-the-ground.

However, to ensure that your Facebook small business page is able to summon attention and interest from your target audience, you would need to post like smart marketers.

Remember, the main aim to post great content on your Facebook small business page is to compel your target audience to like and share your page.

But since the Internet is filled to the brim with social media pages trying to capture users’ attention, it’s vital to ensure a creative yet professional Facebook page design to capture your target audience’s interest right from the get-go.

Let’s now delve a little deeper:

What to post on your Facebook small business page to yield maximum bangs for your bucks.

1. Ensure a Link Post – According to, posts with relevant built-in Facebook link format receive twice as many clicks as against links directly typed into a photo or timeline update.

So, when you’re faced with a choice on sharing your Facebook content as an image or as a link, it makes sense to prefer link format. In addition, posts that include full-length URL bring three times more engagement as compared to posts using URL shorteners such as Rebrandly.

2. Keep it Simple & Short – Remember, simple is beautiful. So, ensure shorter posts on your Facebook small business page.

In addition, there are more chances of getting likes and shares, and more clicks and comments, if your Facebook content is shorter, crispier and to-the-point. Ideally, you must ensure not more than 80 characters in your Facebook posts.

A recent study carried out by Buddy Media reveals that the fact that posts of 80 characters or less receive 27% more engagement.

3. Post When There’s Low Competition – Yet another strategy to attract more visitors to like your Facebook posts is to publish them when not many are posting. This way, your updates are likely to catch the undivided attention of people.

So, do not ignore Saturdays and Sundays for posting your content and ensure that the content appears to the readers after work hours in the evening. Adweek cites that posts on Thursdays see the most engagement across industries.

4. Make Your Post Newsworthy – Ensure that your posts feature elements of news in it so that users find it trendy, exciting and worth sharing. To do that, write on trending topics to maintain users’ interest.

Explore Facebook’s trending section to see what’s the latest trend in your industry and what are the current topics that users are interested in are and are talking about.

5. Publish Consistently – Your Facebook small business page must be filled with content on daily basis. It would be better to publish at least once in a day. But write your posts with a passion so that when users look at your posts, it’s their experience, their voice, their taste they see.

That’s the kind of posts you need, one that attracts interest, one compelling enough that your audience won’t stand a chance of getting away, at least not right that instant, or anytime soon.

These tips will help only when everything on your small business Facebook page — from colors to image and from words to the overall voice in the design—speaks to your target market and resonates with them in the best way.

Have we missed out anything? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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