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What Type Of Brochure Design Can Give Your Business Brand Visibility

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Brochure Design

Brochure Design

Last updated on January 23rd, 2023

An effective marketing strategy to take a business to masses is to increase its brand visibility. Target market and customers like to get a message through visuals. Keeping that in mind, it would be prudent to treat your brochure design as a potent tool to enhance the visibility of your business. But the brochure should be an appealing and creative piece of work.

Brochures are one of the first materials that clients come in touch with when you introduce your business to them. Often, whenever people want to have some basic information about a brand, they first seek its brochure. This is because brochure gives vital details about products or services for a quick preview.

The design of your brochures should be in perfect brochure sizes otherwise it will not attract your target customers. Brochure is a convenient piece of paper that comes folded in two to three layers.  So, people can take it with them to read it later.

Another great idea says HFB Advertising that leaving a brochure behind is a marketing tactic that works for you 24/7 after the meeting.

Over the years, brochures have evolved a lot in line with the business promotion needs. Brochures are successful tools to promote business online and offline. There is a world of opportunities that you can explore using face-to-face offline brochures types. In fact, there are many types of brochures prevailing today in the world of business.

Here Are Some Of The Major Brochure Design Types That You Should Be Exploring

01. Leave-Behind Brochures

A leave-behind brochure is the one that businesses owners leave behind after having a meeting with clients or customers. In the meeting, most of the business professionals have already told their clients about the benefits of their products or services. After that, when clients or customers pick your brochure that you leave behind, they generally want to place an order.


02. Response Brochures

After your customers have seen your tv advertisements or other ads, many of them enquire about your business. They want to know more about your products.

Response Brochures

Response brochures provide them the much-needed information by graphic design services . These types of brochures are designed to convert the interested people into loyal customers.

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03. Handouts

When people ask for detail about your products, you would like them to have your brochure. Instead of directing them to your website when they have free time, you can simply distributes some handouts.


These handout brochures give your potential customers the much-required information about your products. But your handout brochure design will play a crucial role in engaging your customers and compelling them to buy your products.

04. Point Of Sale Brochures

These type of brochures are also known as ‘point of purchase brochure. When your potential customers visit a trade-show or a store, they should get access to these brochures. Generally, these brochures are placed at a place in a store where people frequent the most. The brochures are placed at a convenient height.

Sale Brochures

But you need to pay attention to cover design of these brochures so that they work for your business well. A clear and enticing headline will entice customers to pick your brochure and read the content inside.

05. Direct Mail Brochures

Direct mail brochures are the ones that are sent along with letters to clients or potential customers. These brochures offer information about your company to generate some interest in products or services you provide.

Mail Brochures

Such brochures are made available to clients before they find your business online. Mainly, when the brochures are sent to the prospects from direct mail, they are more likely to become your loyal customers.

06. Sales Support Brochures

Sales support brochures are actually meant for the employees so that they can pick them up in stores. These brochures guide sales people on different issues such as how to make a sales pitch.

Support Brochures

Keeping that in mind, these types of brochures have larger pictures of products. There are larger headlines. Mostly, these brochures are meant for the occasion when salespersons are having a conversation with customers.

07. Why Printed Brochures Are Still Relevant

Brochures continue to be useful for online and offline marketing campaigns. People want a printed literature that can show the usefulness of a company’s products. When produced online, brochures help build a credible online presence of your business.

Here Are Some Reasons For People Using Brochures:-

(a) Convenience

Even in this age of online search, many clients and customers prefer having brochure. They find flicking through a brochure much convenient than to search for information online. You can go through a brochure when you are in some relaxing mood at your home or office.

(b) Versatility Of The Design

The designers can experiment with brochure designs in many ways. They can create brochures that smell and have a sense of touch. The are also able to design brochures in a variety of shapes and colors. Such versatility of the design is usually not found in flyer design and other design materials.

(c) Better Print Marketing Medium

Another reason for brochures being relevant for business promotion is that they are printed material. Printed media is still preferred over online marketing. This is because people can soak up the information and message from an engaging brochure design much faster than reading a digital text. So, people never get bored when going through the brochure pages.

Marketing Medium

(d) Give A Personal Touch

Clients and customers can have a sense of touch when they flick through a brochure. A well-designed brochure made with the help of a brochure template can touch clients at a personal level. A survey had revealed that 79% of customers respond instantly to the brochures they receive from direct-mail as compared to only 45% responding to an email.

So, the benefits of physical brochures are many to promote your brand. If brochures are designed using a brochure maker with planning and purpose, they can keep you ahead of your competitors. Many organizations have sidelined the use of printed brochures.

But those few companies embracing printed brochures as part of their printed literature and traditional advertisement, they get the benefits. They have a better brand visibility after combining both online and offline marketing strategies.

08. Brochure Design In The Digital Era

Remember that brochures are not just for providing them to clients during a face-to-face meet. There is a widespread use of brochures for online marketing too.

So, brochure design has evolved today to suit the needs for modern digital age. There is no doubt that online marketing is essential in the modern age to increase brand visibility.

Digital Era

After all, everyone acknowledges the importance of a brochure in making a company visible in its niche market. Similarly, your social media page can generate a great amount of awareness about your business.

Your website and other graphic designs help you take your products or services to people in a grand manner. Brochure design created for online marketing also are a great help in boosting your brand visibility.

09. Difference Between Digital And Printed Brochure Design

Both printed brochures and digital brochures are helpful in building your brand identity and visibility. Both types of brochures are a great help in building a reputation of a brand.

These materials make sure that you make a lasting impression on your target customers and market. From this point of view, it can be said that printed and digital brochures are useful in creating a good brand image.

The main purpose of printed brochure design is to engage your potential customers and clients with the content. You can interact with the viewers using high-quality images.

Brochure Design

A strategic formating of such brochures can further engage customers. A printed brochure is useful when you want customers to flick through your brochure pages.

Both digital and print brochure designs make good use of layout. A purpose here is to compel the customers to take a certain desirable action. It is the question of making an impact on your target audience.

When using online brochures, you can explore dynamic imagery and even videos. This helps a lot in catching the attention of people. When using offline or printed brochures, you can experiment and explore textures and shapes.

10. How To Create An Ideal Brochure Design

A brochure can do wonders for your brand visibility. But it’s design must be impressive. Only unique and memorable brochure designs help in creating more sales opportunities. Such brochures are able to lend you a great support in your marketing efforts.

Ideal Brochure Design

11. Find Out What The Reader Has In Mind

Brochures are all about providing relevant information about products of a company. But make sure to find out what really the readers are looking for when they need information regarding your company and products. Once you are aware of your customer’s information needs, you will design brochures accordingly.

graphic designer

Start by thinking about the questions your customers possibly have in mind. You can get some of these questions from your FAQ page on your website. Pay attention to the questions that arise out of worries about your products or services.

People want to make a safe and secure purchasing. So, create brochure designs that have text and images resolve some worries of your customers. This is important especially if your business is new.

12. Motivate Your Customers

To increase visibility of your brand amongst target customers, create your brochures in such a way that it motivates them to read more. Just as a book cover design is crucial to increase the sales of a book cover design of brochure is important to keep motivation level of customers higher.

book cover design

13. Describe Your Product Or Service

Design your brochures in such a way that there is always a wide scope for more details regarding your product or service. This way, you tell the customers that these details are important to know. As you draw attention to products, it helps customers in understanding your brand a bit closely.

brand identity

14. Use High-Quality Images

People have a good impression of products and business, if a brochure design has high-quality images in it. Do not take the images lightly. Many brochures have ordinary quality of images, which creates a negative impression.

High-Quality Images

15. Keep The Design Simple

Your customers will appreciate if your brochure design is simple so that they can understand your brand message quickly. They should be reading the material without straining their eyes. Do not use technical jargon and complex design. Leave a lot of empty space so that your product images and text can stand out.

brochure design

16. Use Fewer Fonts

It is advisable to use one font for the headers and another for the body text. But avoid using multiple fonts as it will remove focus of your readers from your brand message. Do not go overboard when you are trying something new in the name of design.

Fewer Fonts

17. Do Not Forget Your Brand

When designing your brochure, make sure that it has your brand colors, brand fonts, and most importantly, your logo. Your customers should be able to identify with your brand immediately when they pick your brochure. This can happen only when they find your logo and website colors and fonts used in brochure as well. This helps in brand consistency and brand visibility.

Brand Identity

18. Create Enticing Cover

Brochures are picked up from shelves in stores. So, the upper part of the cover of brochures is visible to the potential customers. If this portion of brochure cover is attractive and uniquely designed, it may compel them to pick your brochure. So, make sure that the cover design has all those features that customers find unique and attractive.

book cover design

19. Write Forceful Content

You can engage your customers with your text if the content about your product or service is compelling enough. Describe your products and company in forceful words that create an image in the minds of customers. Use a variety of content such as charts, description, graphs, images etc. Blend these different types of content well to ensure a visual pleasure for the readers.


20. Put A Good Call-To-Action In Place

The final purpose of all the text and images you insert in your brochure design is to make the reader or customer to take a call-to-action. That is in fact the main aim of all the marketing materials.

graphic designer

So, when they reach to the end of your brochure, encourage them to pick up phone and enquire more from your company. So, give your phone number at the end of the brochure text. Give your email address also if you want them to send you queries via email.

So,these are the key points you should consider when creating your brochure design for brand visibility. You can crowdsource the brochure work to Designhill, which is a leading graphic design platform.

Your design contest at this site will have many graphic designers woking to create an engaging brochure design for your brand visibility. The site lets you have your brochure design in a risk-free way as the site has 100% Money Back Guarantee policy.

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Brochure designs are categorized as print and digital brochures. Both have their own advantages in enhancing your brand visibility. But your brochure should be a unique design that can convert people into loyal customers. It should incorporate images and text strategically to make brochure a visually pleasing experience.

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