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Last updated on February 11th, 2019

White space or negative space is one of the most elegance elements that the logo designers use in order to express some hidden message. Use of white space is also a difficult job to accomplish since it demands high professional skills which come with experience and perfect understanding a client’s business. But first know what is white space.

White space is the space that is within or outside of a main design. There is always a main figure in a logo which is instantly visible to the eyes. This main figure or drawing is surely something that depicts a client’s business. But the designers create the main figure in such way that there comes up some space for another figure which the viewers note a little later on seeing the logo for a bit longer time.

An excellent example of use of white space in logo design is Guild Food Writers’ logo. This logo has a pen nib as the main figure which symbolizes the writer. But the design is such that there is a split in the pen nib and this split is designed in the shape of a spoon. So, there is a spoon hidden in the pen nib. The spoon in white space indicates that the writers write on food.

Another famous instance of white space in a logo is the logo of FedEx, or Federal Express company which is a courier service company. There is an arrow hidden between the letters E and X. This arrow is carved out by designing these two letters specially for the purpose. So, use of white space within these letters beautifully creates and arrow which the viewers notice a bit latter. The arrow shows progress and forward looking approach of the company.

There are in fact many examples of elegant logo design that made an excellent use of white space to express the client’s message to the customers. Ask your designer if it is possible to create one such logo for your company to impress your targeted customers.

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