Why Branding Strategy Is Crucial To Your Business Growth

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You might be having a great business idea but it will go in vain if it is not backed up with a unique business plan. Your organization may also boast of a great logo design but it will deliver the results only when backed by a sound brand strategy. Clever marketers know that without having a perfectly carved out branding strategy, even a great logo design is not going to help much in achieving your business targets.

Remember that although a great logo is necessary to do business in a competitive market, still the logo alone cannot represent your business values, employees, consumers, and your culture and business story.

Your company’s logo does not legitimize your business. This means that while your business logo is an important component of your company, still it itself will not propel your business growth.

Here Are The 4 Crucial Tips For Business Branding Strategy

01. How To Define Your Brand

So, how should you define a brand? Simon Sinek, an influencer and a visionary, has coined the phrase ‘’start with why’’ when trying to describe a brand. For instance, you can ask why you want to built your business. If the answer is the clichéd one such as that you want to make money, your business is unlikely to drive people to your business.

So, get the perfect answers to the ‘why’ question. In other words, you need to find a greater cause for starting your business. If the cause is inspirational, it will drive your employees to work for your organization.

Most importantly, when you communicate and share the cause with your potential consumers, they will be loyal to your business. It is true that the ‘’millennials want to work at organizations that focus on purpose, not just profit’’.

You must have some genuine reason for starting a business. Then your customers will get behind your business. Also, once you have the cause, make it your guiding principle.

02. Why Branding Is Important

Why do customers continue to purchase products or services from the same company again? Surely, a logo is not a good enough reason for a customer to buy a company’s products or services repeatedly. In other words, despite being an essential visual representation of a company, a logo alone is not responsible for driving customer loyalty.

So, what drives customers to a business? Apart from the fact that consumers get their first impression of a business by seeing its logo, there are several other reasons for people becoming loyal to a company’s business.

For instance, your target consumers have trust in your business and services. They find your company’s values and other qualities convincing and true. After you have put a brand in place, your logo then becomes an easily recognizable mark for your consumers.

Later on, the company’s logo becomes a unique symbol of your business and it represents your brand in the market and in the minds of the consumers.

03. How To Find Out Your Cause Of Business

A way to know the cause or vision is to write it down in precise words or create some drawings and pictures that speak for your business. This small exercise will give you some idea of what your business should stand for.

Furthermore, ask questions like why you need to start a business, what motivates you and how you define your business success. This exercise will help in understanding the essence of your organization and business, which will be at the heart of the branding.

Once you have answered your ‘’why’ questions precisely and got a valid statement to start with, there are other questions to be asked.

Some Of These Questions Are:

  1. Who are the set of people whom you would like to identify as your target audience?
  2. How would you profile the target audience?
  3. What problems of your target customers does your business solve?
  4. What will be the tone of your company when it speaks to your consumers?
  5. How should your consumers should feel and experience when dealing with your company?

When asking the questions, make the answer shorter. A short and precise answer will let you have a clear aim and guidance. A lengthy answer may create confusion if it has many aspects of your business included. The short and precise answers will deliver your brand values that you can share with your employees and consumers alike.

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04. Your Logo And Branding

If you first do not ask these questions and have satisfactory precise answers, you can still go ahead and create a logo. However, such a logo cannot be called a brand.

If your intention is to create a brand and not just an ordinary business, then, before creating a logo, define your organization and its business. Without first taking this step, your logo and corporate image will not be of much value to your business.

Your logo design will create a memorable impression on the audience only when you know your brand message and target audience clearly. The logo design should preferably be crafted in line with your brand strategy. Such a logo will directly talk to your audience.

Do not forget that your brand must appeal to your employees also. Remember that your company’s employees become your brand ambassadors, if the brand appeals to them.

Many business owners think their organization is doing well and they have a good client base to rely on for future business growth. But the problem is that the logo is an ordinary design which the consumers have started recognizing. Can such a business create a brand retrospectively?

Even when your organization has an old logo, you can build or rebuild your brand. All you need to do is to ask these set of questions. Start by asking the ‘why’ questions and get a precise answer. Then answer the other questions regarding your target audience, usefulness of your business and so on.

You already have an experience of running your business. Use that for speaking directly to your existing clients and employees. Although for some companies adapting to the change at a later stage is a bit difficult task, but this is the way to create a genuine brand.

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To conclude, a well thought of branding strategy is essential to catapult your business to higher levels and in the midst of your target audience.

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