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Why Every Bakery Business Needs A Graphic Design Partner

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Graphic Designers

Bakery Business

Last updated on September 16th, 2021

Take a glance at some sweet Cakey Facts:
i. Until middle ages, cake meant only a flat round of bread that is baked hard on both the sides.
ii. The term cupcake originated in the late 19th century, because they were baked in cups and made from ingredients measured by cupful.
iii. The world record for cupcake eating is 72 cupcakes in 6 minutes. It was set in the year 2012, by Patrick Bertoletti.

Bakery and branding goes hand in hand. If you are running a bakery business to make it a sweet success, you need to focus on your branding. With the growing no. of bakeries, competition has become fierce and you need to stand out from the herd to rise above your competition. Here, a creative collaboration with a graphic designer can pave the way of success for you. Not sure?

Get A Graphic Design Partner

Having a graphic design partner that has creativity and expertise in building brand image can work like magic for you. A graphic designer can create visual identity for your bakery business.

From creating a memorable bakery logo to a professional website design, an attractive social media design to a catchy banner and billboard design, a designer can tie together all your branding material and help you realize your biggest potential.

Let’s know in detail how having a Graphic Design Partner can lift your bakery business:

Here Are 7 Points Why Every Bakery Business Needs A Graphic Design Partner

01. A Yummy Logo Design

An eye catchy yet professional logo design is essential to create a brand identity of your bakery business. All your branding efforts go in vein, if your business does not has a detailed and intricate bakery logo that entices people to try your goodies.

The success of your bakery logo depends upon how well it conveys the intended message and how well it connects with your target audience.

bakery logo design

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A well-defined logo is important to tie together all your branding items from website to social media to signage, and packaging. Whether you are looking for a vintage bakery logo or a contemporary cake logo design, you will need an expert graphic designer for this.

Through crowdsourcing sites like Designhill you can find a graphic design partner for your bakery business that understands all your designing needs.

Looking For a Bakery Logo Design?

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02. A Delicious Website

No matter how good or delicious your cakes and other bakery products are unless you market it well, chances of succeeding it is meager. To give your bakery business maximum exposure, you need to establish an online presence.

A professional yet catchy website design that helps you in attracting cake clientele while showcasing your baking skills.

Bakery Website

Your Website Should Include These Pages:

  • i. About Us Page –

    To give your website viewers knowledge about your background, education, and career journey.

  • ii. Menu Page –

    To delight and tantalize your potential clients, add some jaw dropping pictures of cup cakes, decorated cakes, cheesecakes, cream rolls, and some fresh baked cookies & breads that highlights what you offer.

  • iii. Contact Info –

    To give an easy access to your website viewers to reach you.

  • iv. Social Media Links –

    Don’t forget to link your website with your social media accounts.

  • v. Blog –

    Blogging is an effective way to keep your prospects engaged. You can cover informative yet interesting topics in your blog such as some cake decoration tips, DIY baking tutorials, easy baking hacks etc. Besides, it is also a good way to keep them updated about special seasonal flavors, latest cake designs etc.

03. Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are perfect for creating buzz around your bakery business. You can use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to your advantage. However, a professional yet attractive social media design is important to gain brand visibility.

Social Media

  • a. YouTube –

    Videos are a hit with the people, you can make short DIY tutorial videos, How to videos, related to cake baking, cup cake decoration or cookie decoration etc.

  • b. Twitter –

    Share interesting tweets in the form of bakery facts, baking hacks, some health facts etc. Let people know that you are just not into selling stuff rather also sharing relevant health related information.

  • c. Pinterest –

    Pinterest is all about pinning beautiful images and is a right platform for promoting your bakery products. You can regularly pin images of your baked goods and expand your fan base.

  • d. Instagram –

    Who does not likes a news feed full of delicious desserts? Pictures are the best way to tell people what you are offering. And for pictures, Instagram is the best platform to share images of your baked goodies and when done rightly you can get an amazing response.

For Example – Stylesweetca, a blog about baking goodies, managed to garner 101k followers on the Instagram by regularly sharing stylized photo of their baked babies including layered cakes, delicate and intricate cup cakes, yummilicious cookies and more.

  • e. Facebook-

    Create a Facebook page and regularly share creative content to keep the audience engaged. Picture says it all, regularly posting pictures of your baked beauties can keep people hooked. You can also launch various Facebook Campaigns to invite participation and grow your fan base. Free Giveaways, fun contests, giving rewards to users are some proven ways to keep your followers intact.

04. Sponsoring Events

To give your bakery business more exposure and visibility, you can sponsor some local events be it music events or cultural events in your area. It is a good way to locally circulate the name of your bakery in a quick way.

This is known as ‘feel good’ marketing and is a effective way to spread the word out about your bakery business. Besides, when you host any local events, you can simply broadcast it live on your YouTube channel or Instagram stories to keep your followers aware and intact.

Sponsoring Events

You can also giveaway small gift baskets or discount coupons or samples in the event to show your baking skills. Besides, don’t forget to distribute a catchy flyer giving all details of your bakery business with pictures that can further help you in establishing a brand recognition. But make sure your flyer design is eye grabbing else it will go straight to the bin.

Bakery logo

05. Get Your Bakery Listed-

Getting your bakery business listed on sites like Zomato, Foodpanda and Swiggy can help you increase your success rate. These sites already enjoy tens of thousands of followers and can give your bakery business a fairly good exposure. From a small eatery joint around the street to a luxury dinning restaurant in the center of town, you can find all of them listed on Zomato. When a user finds your bakery listed on such sites that already enjoy credibility then they don’t need much convincing to try your baked goodies.

Bakery Listed

You can add complete details of your business from menu to location and pricing details. In addition, don’t forget to delight the viewers with some lip smacking pictures of your baked goods, breads, cookies and cakes to let them exactly know what they can expect at your bakery.

06. Advertising

Effective advertising does more than let prospects know that your bakery exists. It helps you in establishing brand recognition for your bakery business.


Here Are Some Advertising Ideas That Can Give Your Business A Good Kick Start

  • i. Billboards –

    Billboards are everywhere and still enjoy a powerful branding impact. Six seconds has been regarded as the industry average for reading a billboard. So, you can use around 6 words for getting your message across.

    As people will be reading your billboards on the go, so you need to have well-designed billboard that grabs the attention of the audience. Select billboards based on traffic, location, size and visibility for the maximum response.

  • ii. Banners –

    To display about your bakery business, services or products via nicely designed banners is an easy and effective way to attract new prospects. You can use these banners for promoting festive offers, events and new flavors of cakes, cookies or breads you added.

    A well-designed banner is a good way to catch the attention of your audience.

  • iii. Ads In Newspapers & Local Magazine –

    Advertising in your local magazine or newspaper about your bakery shop or bakery business is a traditional yet powerful way to make people aware about your brand and offerings. Make sure your ad looks catchy and colorful enough to catch the eyes of viewers.

For all these designing needs, having a graphic design partner is your best option. Having a dedicated graphic designer is always better as it he/she can understand your designing needs in the best way and can give you the best bang for your buck.

07. Mobile App Design-

Here are some statistics uncovered:

  • 60% of local searches on mobile convert into buying customers.
  • Starbucks ( a world famous coffee company or coffee chain), the company is also known to lead trends in food and beverage industry claims that it has managed to conduct 16% of their monetary transactions through the app alone.

Mobile applications are increasingly becoming popular as majority of people in today’s world are on the move and they prefer using mobile devices for everything be it shopping, doing reservations, or table booking for dinning. No matter what your business is, a mobile app can help you not only attract your potential customers but also retain them.

mobile app design

If your bakery business is available online and you have an app that your users can download to their devices, your bakery business is really going to make an incredible impression.

Many times customers prefer to order bakery products online especially in case of a small get together at home or any festive celebrations. But make sure you have an attractive mobile app design with a user-friendly interface.

Here, a graphic design partner that understands your company and brand can design a great mobile app for your business that is convenient to use.

  • Brand Boost –

    To give your bakery business a much needed boost, you need to make your branding game strong. You will need a memorable logo design for your bakery business to have an impact on viewers.

    For all your branding activities be it flyer, billboards, banner, social media, to your packaging, you will need a stellar design that helps you in establishing a brand recognition for your bakery business.

Branding is not a one time task rather a continuous process. Thus, having a graphic designer partner for all your designing needs is necessary, as having a dedicated designer who understands your company will make sure that your brand message comes out clearly and strongly without any confusion.

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Final Thoughts

Besides, having a graphic designer as a partner, is the most cost effective option as well. Hiring a new graphic designer every time you have a design requirement can blow your budget and also interfere with the efficacy of your branding whereas having a dedicated designer can give you best bang for your buck. Designhill, has a community of talented graphic designers where you can pick any designer of your choice for one-to-one projects that too at a reasonable price.

Get Your Bakery Logo Design

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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