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Why Every Photographer Needs A Graphic Design Partner

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

Photography is a booming business. But competition in this field proves to be too tough for many photographers. They end up closing their shops abruptly. As a result, in the U.S, number of photographers have sharply declined from 130,000 in 2002 to 61,000 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One of the major reasons for not all the photographers doing well is that they make the usual mistake of ignoring the importance of graphic design to promote their business.

Graphic designers create logos, website, catalogue, etc. visual identities that help photographers promote their business to their target customers. Partnering with a graphic designer, therefore, becomes essential for any photography business owner. Let’s take a deeper dive, how partnering up with a graphic designer can help boom your photography business.

Few things go together like Photography and creativity. If you are a professional photographer then you must be well aware of the importance of branding in your business. Just as people judge a book by its cover, the reputation of your photography business is judged by overall aesthetic and design.

How your photography is presented or packed is significant for enhancing the customer experience. As we know, Photography is an incredibly competitive industry and with so many professional photographers out there, competition has become fierce. You need to buck the trend in order to enjoy a larger share of the pie.

Focus on your brand identity and you can stand out from the herd. For this, a Creative collaboration with a Graphic Designer can do wonders for you. Not convinced?

Let’s discuss in detail how having a graphic design partner can help you realize your greatest potential. Being a creative professional yourself, I know it is tempting to design your own marketing collateral and other branding material but here you run the risk of appearing too unprofessional or amateurish to your target audience and I am sure you don’t want to take chances.

Having a graphic designer as a creative partner who has the expertise in building brand image can give you a huge leg up against the competition.

What A Graphic Designer Partner Can Do For The Branding Of Your Business?

Here Are Some Tips Why Every Photographer Needs A Graphic Design Partner

01. Company Logo

There is no doubt that a logo is of prime importance when it comes to branding, and photography is no different. Your logo is the face of your business and needs to be a designed reflection of your work and style.

Whether you are a classic wedding photographer, or an edgy fashion photographer, nature or wildlife photographer, or be it a lifestyle photographer, your company logo must represent your distinct style.

Company Logo

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

A tacky logo can do more harm than good to your branding, so avoid designing it yourself, let the experts design an exclusive logo for your business.

If your photography startup cannot afford to hire an expensive graphic designer, consider crowdsourcing platforms like Designhill as your graphic design partner.

At this marketplace, you have access to dozens of new graphic design ideas for your logo. Prices of creating a logo is low and within your small budget.

Looking For a Graphic Design?

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02. Business Cards

Your business cards are your calling cards for the future projects. You can distinguish yourself with a well-designed business card in a crowd of photographers. Whereas a regular business card having your contact details is of no to little value.

A great business card does more than just sharing your contact information, it sends out a message. Having a business card as per the latest industry trends speaks volumes about your work and personality.

business cards

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

So, having a graphic designer as a partner is a smart move as you will be requiring their services on a regular basis. This creative collaboration will save you from the hassle of hunting and hiring a graphic designer every time you have a design task.

03. Packaging

The way a photographer packages and presents his digital proofs and other work, be it photo albums, portraits, portfolio cards, reflects his brand immensely. This is the reason that great companies spend as much time and energy on the packaging design as they did with the original product.

For instance: Remember the latest luxury perfume you just bought yourself. Perfume companies make sure the packaging box compliments the bottle perfectly. Same is the case with the jewelers, they never fail to reinforce the value of the purchase through beautiful packaging.

Packaging design

Packaging design is not only about a polished presentation, it needs to be clearly labeled with your business details. They are no less than walking advertisements, so you need a professional graphic design partner in place who makes sure that your final packaging makes a good reflection of your brand.

04. Portfolio

For a photographer, portfolio is the most effective marketing tool in your arsenal. Your portfolio showcases your work, it is the collection of images that display your best work to your potential clients. This is what defines your capability as a photographer. So, make sure your portfolio is constantly updated with your latest work.

A good photographer carries a consistent Portfolio whereas a great photographer tailors his portfolio as per the target audience. Like if you want to do wedding photography then your portfolio must showcase portraits of bride and groom, still-life shots of wedding rings, bridal jewelry, flower decoration, invites etc.


Similarly, if you want to work for a fashion magazine, then your portfolio must include high-fashion portraits of models, fashion events, eye catching images of apparels and accessories.

To have a dynamic portfolio that leaves an everlasting impression, you need a professional graphic design partner who can do justice to your work and skills. And I bet you will love the credibility it brings to your photography business.


05. Flyers/ Brochures

On an average, a reader takes less than 5 seconds to glance at the cover of a brochure and make a decision whether or not to read it. So, just think if your brochure design, headline or graphics are not catchy enough to keep the recipients hooked then it may go straight to the bin.


A graphic designer as a creative partner can make your brochures, flyers like birthday flyers and other marketing materials appear more professional while keeping your brand message consistent.

06. Album Design

Even in the present digital age nothing can beat the tangible value of a printed photograph. Pictures you captured are priceless for your clients and when you present those pictures in a well-designed album, it enhances the experience of viewing the photographs.

Album Design

Even the most beautiful images can appear dull and boring if the album design is dated. A graphic designer with expertise in design can help you overcome this hurdle.

07. Website

Your website is the face of your business and is a way to inspire trust among your potential clients. Your website acts like your extended portfolio and must sum up your career journey as a photographer.

The site should include your work sample in the form of pictures and short clippings, your achievements, testimonials from your clients, your contact information, address from where you operate.

Website design

The quality of your website mirrors your creativity and skills as a photographer. So, create a website and get it running to double up your chances of success.

Nothing discourages a prospect more than an outdated website so don’t consider the website a one time task rather you need a graphic design expert who can continuously invest time and creativity to make your website look impressive.

08. Social Media

As a photographer if you still don’t have any social media footprints then you are missing out business opportunities. Being a photographer, presence on social media channels is a necessity and not an option. To break through the noise you need to come up with impressive designs for all your social media marketing on a regular basis.

Social media

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

If you have a graphic designer as a creative partner than coming up with fresh & innovative design ideas for all your social media platforms, Facebook cover design, LinkedIn cover design, Twitter header design, and all your social media posts will be as easy as pie.

09. Banners/ Signage

Banners and signage allow you to shout out your services to your audience in the most creative way. You need an eye-catchy banner and signage design that can highlight your services creatively.


A design expert with expertise in banner designs and a keen eye for detail can help you get the best response with the least time wasted.

10. Email Marketing

Sending a standard email to all your clientele is a thing of past. To capture the attention of your recipients among heaps of emails, first you need a great email design.

Email Marketing

An eye catching email design that is hard to resist can dramatically increase your CTR and CTOR rate. An expert graphic designer is well acquainted with industry trends can be your best bet here.

11. Note Cards

Note cards make an effective marketing tool, they are handy, inexpensive and can be quickly implemented. A personally addressed note card that is hand addressed causes an immediate reaction of the recipient.

Note Cards

You Can Use Some Awesomely Designed Note Card To Promote Your Services Such As:

  • Sending a notecard to say ‘Thank You’ after meeting a prospect can work in your favor.
  • You can send note cards to ideal clients after networking events, workshops, exhibitions or trade shows.
  • After a presentation, sending your audience members a note card with some exciting offer or discount coupon is a great marketing strategy.
  • Sending a note card filled with a special offer to acknowledge the anniversary, birthdays of your loyal customers is another great idea.
  • However, you need well-crafted, amazingly designed note cards to get noticed else it may end up in the bin.

12. Brand Boost

To give your photography business a much-needed brand boost graphic design services, having a creative graphic design partner can work like magic for you. All your branding materials need to be consistent and communicate the same message else you may end up looking vague and confused to your target audience.

Brand Boost

A creative partner ties together all your branding material from personalized note cards to packaging, social media design to portfolio, book cover design, brochures to email designs.

All the design tasks, when handled by a dedicated designer who understands your brand and knows your design needs completely, can improve the efficacy of your marketing material manifold.

13. Worth The Cost

The benefits you will get by having a graphic design partner will far outweigh the cost. If you are worried about spending a hefty amount for hiring a graphic designer don’t despair! Designhill has introduced a ‘monthly subscription plan’/ ‘personalized package’ that allows you to pick a talented designer for all your designing needs that too at a price that will not pinch your pocket.

graphic designer

A creative graphic designer with a fresh perspective and a trained set of eyes can do wonders for your photography business. Be creative!

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Photography businesses need graphic designers’ services to create impactful visuals such as logos and business cards. Such impressive visuals help a photography company market its services effectively. A graphic designer thus helps in building a trustworthy brand identity of a photographer’s business in a competitive market.

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