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Why & How To Build An Online Presence As A Graphic Designer?

by Designhill Tweet - in Webinar

Online Presence As A Graphic Designer

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023

Graphic designers generally keep themselves away from making their presence felt amongst their potential clients. But in the modern competitive world, there are already thousands of designers looking for work. It should prompt graphic designers who are starting new to creating their presence on social media and other online platforms. To answer such queries, Designhill conducted an online event with the graphic design expert, Lucas Almeida highlighting why building an online presence is so crucial for designers.

In the current coronavirus pandemic crisis, businesses and people have mostly shifted their activity to the Internet. They are today dependent on online platforms more than ever to get in touch with each other. Even businesses are formulating new strategies based on social media and other online means to reach out.

Hence, graphic designers are no exception. They must come up with unique strategies to enhance their online presence. That seems to be the sole way for them to catch their clients’ attention. The conventional way of physically approaching potential clients will not work at least in the present crisis.

Therefore, graphic designers must pay heed to make their presence felt online such as social media. However, many designers are still not much convinced about how crucial it is for them to take their skills to online platforms. So, Designhill, the leading creative marketplace, organized a webinar on 17th November 2020 on the topic: Why & How to build an online presence as a graphic designer.

The guest speaker was Lucas Almeida who covered a lot of aspects of building an online presence from a graphic designer’s angle. He showed why they need to create an online presence and how to do it. During the session, he discussed how to work for yourself without doing client work. The webinar was particularly helpful for those designers who wish to boost their revenue working online.

About Lucas Almeida

Lucas is a graphic designer having a rich experience of more than 11 years. He loves to share his experience and knowledge. His specialty is in packaging, branding, and web design. He also teaches how to build a strong online presence for B2C.

In this post, we have shared the complete video of the session as well as transcript in the form of Q/As where Lucas has shared how to build a strong online presence as a graphic designer.

Here Is The Video Of the Webinar With Lucas Almedia

Here Are Useful Tips To Create An Online Presence As A Graphic Designer

Lucas Almeida: Bill Gates some years ago, said, there will be two types of business in the next five years, those who have a presence on the internet and those who are out of business. I completely agree with this claim. If you are not on the internet right now, mainly with this COVID situation, you are not going to be present anywhere. Because it is the only place that you can be consistent right now, with your presence.

Designhill: Why have an online presence?

Lucas Almeida: This question replies to itself. In my case, I am Brazilian, but I live in Portugal, and I see that there are many differences between the two countries. Brazil is a huge country having 200 million people while Portugal only has 10 million people. Also, the political situation in countries is very different. In Portugal, it is more difficult to build your own business than it is in Brazil. Because in Brazil, everyone is more, they dedicate themselves more for business.

Your location matters

Lucas Almeida: Your location is a very good reason for you to have an online presence because you may be in a place where you are very limited. Because let’s suppose that I am talking about my own experience. I am from Portugal, where most people do not have their businesses. When you go to a shopping mall, for example, you are only going to see huge franchises like Zara, Apple stores, and international stores. You do not see local businesses too much here.

You may be a graphic designer that just got out of school. Or, you do not want to work for someone else inside of a company. Then, you may not have many people willing to invest in their businesses. This is not because they do not want to have a good design for their businesses. It is because they do not have the money to do so. For them, it is because it is difficult to increase the size of your business in a place like Portugal, for example. Therefore, it is impossible to be very big here in Portugal. So, the best way to build an online presence.

Business people don’t respect designs

Lucas Almeida: Also, business people do not respect design. I told you that Portugal is a very small country but Brazil is a very big country. Because of that, you can view the presence of designers there without being online in Brazil. It is much easier to do business there. Well, it is not that straightforward. In Brazil, most people are always looking for the cheapest and the most affordable ways to get the work done. Many times they do not care about the quality.

Many people who watch two or three videos on YouTube about how to use Photoshop in Illustrator, call themselves graphic designers. But this job involves much more than just learning the use of Photoshop in Illustrator. Because of that, people do not understand what design is in Brazil. You have a huge community with lots of entrepreneurs that are willing to invest. But they are willing to invest in low-budget designers in most cases.

They never accept that you are an experienced designer and you invested years of your life, studying graphic design. But you lose lots of physical and mental health and mental health dealing with the very difficult clients in Brazil. Therefore, there is a good reason for you to have a good online presence in Brazil, in Portugal, or pretty much in any other country.

Avoid regional economic fluctuations

Lucas Almeida: If you are in a big country, there is a good reason for you to have an online presence too. There, you do not have to rely on your regional economy fluctuation. This means that whenever your country goes through a crisis, your online presence can help you globally. Everyone has access to your page on Instagram, website, YouTube, and Facebook. If you have this you are not limited to your local for your country. In the present pandemic crisis, the businesses less affected by the corona situation are the ones that are most linked to the internet.

It was not because of the Coronavirus that I started my online presence. It was a coincidence that the coronavirus happened exactly when I was starting. I started studying social media two or three months before the current Coronavirus started showing up very emo almost everywhere. I started to research social media around November, December. We started the lockdowns around February more or less. Because of that, I felt that I had a boost on my Instagram. It was very easy to increase, the followers increased the business that I get from the online presence.

Limited local clients

Lucas Almeida: Also, if you do not have an online presence, you have limited local clients. For example, I am in a very small town in a very small country. If I wanted to go door by door, trying to get clients for a graphic design as the most common practice of graphic design is to go business to business. It is very hard to deal with this. When you are in a small country, like Portugal. It is even harder if you are in a small town, inside of a small country. My city has around 25,000 people and there are less than 100 stores here. Most of these stores are international stores. There is no way for me to ask them for graphic design work.

If you are a graphic designer, and if you invested your life, you do not want to charge 50 bucks for a logo. This is because of the experience you dedicate years of your life to learn how to do a good logo. You learned how to do a memorable logo that communicates. You want to receive the right money for it.

Physical contacts have their limits

Lucas Almeida: You have no limit when you are on the internet. When you are doing cold calls and visiting stores, you invest lots of time to get people to know you. If you call someone, you will probably call the person who you are talking to on the phone. But that person is not even the one who’s responsible for the design mark or the marketing area inside of that company. In most cases, they do not even know how to link you to the person responsible for that part. You are going to invest lots of time calling people, sending emails, and visiting stores. Also, the reach that you are going to have is very low.

For example, two years before I started my page, I started trying to do lots of cold calls and cold emails. But If I was visiting stores, I only could visit like 10 to 15 stores in a day. This is because I had to walk store from store to store. If I had to call I could call at least at the tops 40 companies in a day. I stay the entire day calling for companies and emails, the same thing. I just can have a limited reach every day.

But if I do a post on Instagram, I can show you some stats here from some posts that I have. I have one post that reached in two weeks. Let me see here. If you have the insight, I reached three. I do not know if it is going to focus but it is that I have a read of three,

Incredible social media reach

Lucas Almeida: Now, I have 381,000 reaches. How would it be possible for me to visit 300,000 stores or call 300,000 stores in only one week or two? The power of social media is incredibly higher than the actual physical action that you can do. This is because you are making people come to you. I only had like four to five clients simultaneously before the social media presence that I built. Now I have to reject some clients because I can’t do all the jobs that the clients want me to do right now.

Designhill: How to build your online presence?

Lucas Almeida: When determining how to build your online presence, here are the important point to note:

  1. Focus on your niche
  2. Build your brand identity
  3. Have your post strategy
  4. Do profile optimization
  5. Show up on stories
  6. Be consistent

01. Focus On Your Niche

Lucas Almeida: Now, we come to the how part of building an online presence. There are thousands of different places that you can focus on graphic design. There is typography, you can just focus on labeling boxes at UI UX packaging in general. You can focus your job on a specific area like cosmetics. Whenever you need to niche down. It is because people always go to search for the best specialist. They do not look for the one who knows a very broad field of knowledge. People want a person who can solve the problem.

This is the reason that I take packaging work from old clients as I do not want to lose the connection with them. I now focus on social media, because this is the thing that I do right now. I think I am better at social media, than I am good at packaging, for example. I feel that my main field right now is social media. It is the one thing that I love to do. So, I see social media, talk to people, make the post, reply to DMS, and connect to new people every single day.

You should like the niche so that it is always interesting to work on it. Otherwise, you are going probably to give up after one or two, or three months maybe. Previously, I didn’t enjoy so much working with packaging. This is mainly because I do not like to deal with b2b clients. Many of them do not respect graphic designers and fail to understand design works.

I had a page that has only 200 followers because I wasn’t able to keep a consistent posting. That was because I was not enjoying it. Now, I have 60,000 followers in around nine months as compared to 200 in the same duration. This was possible because of my interest and consistency.

02. Build Your Brand Identity

Lucas Almeida: Also, you must know that it is not in every situation where people are going to see your work. They are going to be able to see your face in your work. As you can see I just have a small face here. But most people didn’t look at these yet. Probably, they are looking at the big images. But I can’t just put my face in everywhere. Otherwise, I would take all day long just to take the photos.

You have to build your brand identity. To have that, you need to have your brand strategy. You have to choose how you want to communicate and for who you want to communicate. Also, think of local activities that are going to be more directly guided towards the sales part. For a graphic designer, your brand identity is how you translate the brand strategy into visuals. You need to have a very consistent design on your page.

Have the same visual elements

Lucas Almeida: If you can see all my posts, they were made by the same person, have the same shades, and filters in the images. So, every time they see these shades in the posts, they think of me. You should have an identity that you should always think of. Have something that identifies you. Something that you do all over every single place.

For example, I tried to make my face orange, as you can see here. Orange is the main color of my brain image. I take the gel off the light, and you are not seeing the orange anymore. I tried to make everything with the facts in my life and so on.

Even in this presentation, I tried to make a smooth transition that I do in every work for social media. It is something I do to tell stories. This is one of the things that I like even when it comes to doing even games, movies, conversations, to tell my stories. I am always telling stories to everybody when I am in the middle of a conversation. I try to make it like my thing here where I can try to tell a story along with the images that are in the background. This is my thing. You should develop those kinds of things for yourself too.

People do not need to see your face anywhere to know that this post belongs to you. The same thing happens to Coca-Cola, for example. You do not need to see the entire logo if you just see Google. If you just see a small part of the logo of Coca-Cola, you are just going to know that the logo is from Coca-Cola. That is because of the color in some parts of the shape. This is good branding. You just need a small portion of your image to show that you are the one responsible for that.

03. Have Your Post Strategy

Lucas Almeida: Post strategy is all about how long and how you are going to distribute all the information in your posts. You always have to think that social media are being guided by a company. They were created by companies. Instagram, for example, was created by the company Facebook. The main goal of Facebook is making money because they have thousands of employees that they have to pay every day. They have to be profitable to make the company launch new products to make more money. This is going like this every single time. The main goal of a company, as you may know, is to make money.

So, how do you beat the algorithms of every single platform to make content that gives them money? They make money because they show ads to all the viewers and all the users of the platform. If you make people see more ads, you are making Instagram happy. When you make Instagram happy, it will show your posts to more people.

Make people stay on your posts

Lucas Almeida: Make posts that people stay longer, it should be something interesting. It should be something that people revisit. The longer people stay on your content, the more Instagram is going to like you. This is because you are going to indirectly be giving them money. They probably are going to give you this money back in some way. This is the poll strategy that I use. I always try to create posts that people visit, revisit, and spend lots of time. But they should not be made to read lots of text there too. This is because you will bore people and so they will leave.

For example, I do Photoshop tutorials. When people are doing Photoshop tutorials, they have their phones in front of the computer during the tutorial. They spend lots of time with my post open in front of them. This makes people spend lots of time there.

Do not deviate from your niche

Lucas Almeida: Also, do not move outside of your niche because people follow you for a reason. If you are talking only about design, and then suddenly you post something about cooking. In that case, people won’t like that, because they didn’t follow you because of that. They do not want to see your selfies on the beach. After all, they didn’t follow you because of your selfies. They individually followed you because of your design. show the design. Also, in the post strategy, every time that you show something, you should make people look for your post.

Every time you make a post and people see it, they should think that you were talking about the same topic. Instagram has different posts. They have different ways to post, they have a single post, they have carousels. They also spend money to create these new features. Whenever you use new features, you use something that they spend money to make you can use.

Just be interesting

Lucas Almeida: You should always try to provide value as a designer. Many people do not like to teach on Instagram, but this is where I wanted to go. You do not need to teach on Instagram or on any platform to grow. You just need to find a way to be more interesting. I see lots of creators that are illustrators just show their work from different perspectives.

One of my friends makes illustrations and he shows all his process. He shows the sketch for the drawing and the different phases of the shading. In all the phases, he is posting these sketches. If you want to post your packaging work or your logo work, just think of a way to make it more interesting. Do not only show the logo. Whenever you show a logo mainly when it comes to design, it is very difficult to deal with on Instagram and other social media.

People do not like to see ads. They even pay YouTube Premium to not see ads and pay Spotify Premium to get rid of the ads. Let’s suppose that this name here was huge. This is a different presentation you are here already. But if I eat if this was a post on Instagram, I wouldn’t show my face here. Because this is a kind of a logo. This is a commercial thing. I tried to make my name very little at the bottom of the slides because people do not like to see ads when you show only logos.

What do you think when you see a logo on your feed? You think that is a corporate brand so it is a logo. That is there, you show everything to inspire people. But they are not going to understand that because they are scrolling so fast. They are only going to see a logo. So, they think that there is another logo, another ad. Then, they just scroll through it and ignore it completely.

This is why it is very difficult when you are a packaging designer and showing products. That is more like a niche than an actual product. There is no way that people are going just to like you. Because unconsciously, people are not thinking that they should follow you. They are going to think that everything is an ad.

Therefore, you have to find a way to show your packaging work, logo design, graphic design work in a way that it does not look like it is a net. This is what I mean when I say create a posting strategy. Try to create something that does not look like an ad. Instead, create a posting strategy that takes the advantage of everything that plays well with the algorithm.

04. Do Profile Optimization

Lucas Almeida: Profile optimization is all the ways all the things that you use in your profile. That makes people follow you because not all followers are going to be your customers. But followers are more likely to turn into customers in the future.Then people that do not know you and just come across your page randomly.

No one is going to follow you if they do not see the value in your posts if they are unable to see the value if they do not read your content. To read the content they need to scroll through your post. This is where the importance of catchy headlines is felt.

If they read your headlines and do not feel compelled to open your post. They are not going to even open your posts. No one is going to be impacted. They will not scroll through your posts if they do not feel impacted by your headline. No one’s going to be impacted by your headline if they do not like your design.

If they open your page, they are not going to automatically read and open your profile. They open your profile on Instagram to see images if they like what they are seeing in your design. They are going to read your impactful headlines. If you do not have a good design, they are not going to even get into your page.

If they do not visit your page, they are not going to like your design as they cannot see it. There are two ways you can grow on Instagram. You can pay for Instagram ads to have lots of reach. Or, you can make people see your posts, use the hashtags or go to the Explore page.

Post every single day and engage

Lucas Almeida: You can comment on other people’s posts and show yourself out there. To show yourself, use stories and make connections. Also, post every single day. I feel that growth in my page is the engagement. Whenever you engage with people, comment when you send meaningful DMS and show your face. When showing your face you tell the world that you exist.

If people do not see that you exist, they will not ever buy anything from you. This is because they do not know you exist. Someone can’t buy something from you. This was my first mistake. I created an Ebook. I tried to sell the ebooks. But I didn’t tell anyone about the Ebook. I just had the link on my bio and I hoped people clicked there for some reason and buy the ebook. But I didn’t talk about the book anywhere.

You need to be everywhere to show your products. You should show your face, and optimize your profile and bio. The first thing people are going to see is your images. They look at the design of your covers on your posts and read your bio. You should be very clear in your bio. Because if people just see a graphic designer they think graphic designers do lots of things. So, I would be like two hours talking about just profile optimization here. Show up in stories and build trust.

05. Show Yourself In Your Stories

Lucas Almeida: The other big mistake that I made when I was starting is that I was not recording myself in stories. I wasn’t doing anything interesting. In my stories, I was replying to some questions, showing some other people’s posts that I liked. But people do not like to see that in stories. What they like to see are our custom things just made especially for the story. Therefore, make sure that you show your face in your stories. This is because the stories sell the most on Instagram.

06. Be Consistent

Lucas Almeida: After you are already engaged with lots of people, be consistent. Post every day both with the same branding, with the same profile that is well optimized.

The first thing that I must say to you is that the first three months of your page are the hardest ones. It is very difficult to get your first 5000 followers. If you continue doing the same job, you will continue growing. A lot of content creators reach the 10 k to 20 k followers, and then they stop. They suddenly stop commenting on other people’s posts, they stop showing up on the stories. They just try to sell, sell in the post, and they suddenly stop growing, which is predictable.

Therefore, continue engaging people and bring your profile everywhere. If you are stopping, then start paying Instagram to show your face. Show yourself on Instagram Stories, which is the place where you do not have many views. But you have lots of sales and conversions.

Designhill: What strategy did you follow when you were starting new and the mistakes you made that others should avoid?

Lucas Almeida: When I started I was just scrolling on my stories. A person called Dean Walker made a three months challenge in what he said was, you have to be consistent for the first three months. You can’t fail a single day. I thought of posting every single day so that I engage all the free time that I have on weekends. After my work, every free minute that I have, I’ll be engaging with people. I’ll comment and try to make conversations with other creators. I’ll try to make the most out of my budget and invest my time there.

You have to always invest money or invest time to grow on social media. I stayed consistent for the first 90 days. I stayed consistent until now because there are eight months already. I never missed a day of posting since I started.

Comment on others posts

Lucas Almeida: Dedicate yourself to commenting on other people’s posts. You should reply to DMS to connect with new people. Do not forget that just commenting is not engagement. This is like what bots do. You should always try to make it meaningful and add something to the post. If people are talking about color, for example, express your opinion in the comments. Because the guy is going to find your comment useful and will pin it.

You should try to create big communications with other people and compare collaborations with other creators. But do not pay too much attention to the followers that other people have. Because the amount of followers does not mean how good or bad designers they are. It only means how good or bad they are with social media.

Create good vibes with followers

Lucas Almeida: You can create extremely good vibes first, for example, with people that have like 50 followers. If they are good in what they do. But do not forget to check before. The first thing that I have to tell you is to stay consistent. For instance, you have been posting for 40 days. On the 41st day, you forgot to post. Then, you start over again because you need to be consistent every day. You should post, engage, post engage every single day.

Not studying social media before posting was a mistake

Lucas Almeida: I also made some mistakes on my page. For instance, if you scroll, you will see a lot of product posts that do not convert. People do not care about these posts. This is because those are not good posts. Because they see that kind of work everywhere, they do not need another page to see more packaging or more logos. I didn’t find a good way to present my work. My biggest mistake was not to study social media before I started posting and it was a lot of waste of time.

Designhill: How do you deal with it when you do not know what to post next?

The goals are to engage people

Lucas Almeida: Whenever you engage with people, you consume other people’s content and see their posts. You find out their different points of view on most topics. In this way, you always get new ideas from other people’s content. That is not copying. Instead, you have new ideas because you are always thinking.

The main goal is not to just post a great post or a fire emoji or something like this. You should read the post to engage with the post. When you develop your point of view, face the post of someone else you are going to develop new ideas. The basic goal is to make a list of posts where you add more than one idea every single day. Because if you add more than one idea, you will have lots of extra ideas to post.

Create posts speedily

Lucas Almeida: Also, you have to find a technique that speeds up your process of post creation. Otherwise, you are just not going to be able to create posts every single day. I have one day of the week, normally it is Monday. On that day I created the post for nine days.

Build your post bank

Lucas Almeida: I create nine posts in only one day and do not worry about creating other posts for the rest of the week. Why nine posts if I only have seven days in a week? Because I create a post bank, where I have each week creating two extra posts. So, just in case some weeks I may not create posts. For instance, I can’t create posts this week and I do not have posts for the entire week.

But I already have more than 20 extra posts that I didn’t use before that I have on my post bank. You have to come up with strategies to speed up your process, and also to keep you safe from not posting that day.

Designhill: How do I get clients and how to go about finding them through social media?

Lucas Almeida: It is all about showing your work. The strategy that I have is to make maid-up projects. That is a fake project that we are not hired by a company for. But let’s suppose that I like Nike and their shoes, for example. I want to make their logo change or a website for them and apply your work for this specific brand that you like. Make a major project, you can also create a brand for yourself. Then, apply your area of design to the project that you just made.

You just make made-up things to show that you can do your work properly in showing carousels, live showing, and stories. Find different ways to show the work that you are doing. You do not need to get hired by someone to do something. If you are not hired, it means that you have time to invest in your major project. Use your free time to have right now to create major projects. You can show your qualifications and skills as a graphic designer.

Build followers

Lucas Almeida: When you are on social media pages, you do not have to worry to go after clients. Because if you have lots of followers, clients are going to come to you. They will want to hire you because they see, this guy had lots of followers. He is a respected person. Because otherwise his huge amount of people wouldn’t follow him. So, try to build your online presence and clients will come to you, instead of you going after them.

When you have a good online presence, the clients are going to go after you. A reason for that is clients are fed up with receiving messages asking for jobs. So, just try to make people go to you instead of you going after people.

Designhill: Should posts be limited to feed posts or should they include the stories already?

Lucas Almeida: I consider the stories to be something extra when they tell you to do a post about the feed post, or your profile posts. If you do the profile post, and you want to do stories, then stories are extras. This is because the stories do not have a massive reach. But they have a massive conversion rate. You should increase your followers to increase your audience and to have a good number of good reach.

Designhill: How can you post every day or create every single day for Instagram?

Lucas Almeida: It means that you do not have a good technique yet. You should develop a kind of template that is exclusive to you. Just try to get the tools. You can speed up your process. Because if someone else can do more than one post per day, you also can do it too. I am working on something right now to make you able to create posts in just 30 minutes with smooth transitions just like mine.

Designhill: Is it important to create a separate account just for my work, or is it to combine my field with my work field?

Lucas Almeida: You need to separate the things because unless you are already a very well-known person. You shouldn’t mix things because people follow you for a reason. They stop following you when you post something that has nothing to do with the reason they followed you. If I post only about design and start showing my face every day, I will lose my followers. This is because they do not care about my face, they do not follow me.

They follow me because I post about design and they want to learn more about design. Or, if you post your work they want to know more about what you do and how you do it. They do not want to see your face.

Prefer creating a new account

Lucas Almeida: If you turn your account from a personal account to a professional account, it may or may not be right. I always advise creating a new account. This is because the algorithm is not going to like it if your engagement rate is not very high. If you want to turn your personal account into a professional account, avoid posting your personal things there.

But, creating a new account is a good idea to start posting other things. This is because the algorithms will look at the proportion of your followers in comparison to the followers that liked your posts. If you have lots of friends out there into sports, and you are posting about designing your sports, friends are not going to like those posts. This is going to mess up your engagement rate and is going to mess up you with the algorithm. I advise people to create a new page to start their businesses.

Designhill: Should we follow the best times to post on social media posts or you can be relevant regardless of time?

Lucas Almeida: You should always follow the best time. But, when you find the best time to post a stick with this time. It is better to post late than to not post on this day. In the beginning. I didn’t have this strategy of creating every single post for the entire weekend. Sometimes I run late to the posts. But whenever I didn’t post at 3 pm, in my local time, the post had almost half of the reach. it is very important to find the perfect time to post.

Designhill: How can I post my designs and ideas while avoiding them being stolen?

Lucas Almeida: First of all, if you are worried about people copying your work, because of legal problems. If you post it first and this person follows you, you probably have proof that you posted that first. I do not think of this too much. Because most of the work that I do is for other companies. For example, if I post the packaging that I did, and if people copy, they are going to be sued by the company, which is my clients, not by me. I do not have to even worry about that.

But if you are creating your own things, there are ways to register everything that you do. But unless you feel that this project is going to give you some monetary outcome, there is no need to register everything that you do. This is because you are going to invest money in something that is not going to give you any return.

Designhill: What should we do with those friend prices? How to reject it politely?

Do not reduce your prices

Lucas Almeida: The price question is always the best one. What should we do with those friend prices and how do we reject potentially them? First of all, I think you shouldn’t reduce your prices unless you reduce your work. If you are doing, for example, our website, you can say, I am going to take away like 300 bucks from this set price, but I will have to take these features away, too.

So, you have to train your sales skills, which is very important for graphic designers too. You have to train your sales so that you can reply to the clients that want to lower your prices. It is very important to practice your sales skills. You have to learn to say no. I would not give discounts because I based price on value. So, train your sales skills to make you able to reply to the client who wants to lower your price.

To conclude, these are the basics you should not forget when building your credible online presence as a graphic designer. But you will take time to finally get your presence felt amongst your target clients and audience. All you need to do is to consistently put in the right effort and do not be impatient.

However, besides building your online presence, make sure that you explore other avenues of finding clients. Designhill offers you a platform where you access dozens of new clients every day if you are an interested graphic designer.

This marketplace has plenty of work posted by business owners who want you to create unique designs for them. You can win their contest prizes and get work regularly if you can impress them with your unique design ideas. So, get started with this marketplace as your way to build your presence amongst clients.

Wrapping Up

Graphic designers should gradually build a place for themselves on social media and other online platforms amongst clients. The designers should be posting their works consistently online to make their presence felt. Just focus on your design niche to pinpoint who should be your ideal client of design works. Tell clients your story with your face for recognition. Most importantly, be consistent in posting your content regularly.

Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Designhill is the most reliable and fastest-growing custom graphic design crowdsourcing marketplace that connects a thriving community of graphic designers from across the globe with clients looking to source high quality graphic designs such as logo designs, banner designs, packaging designs, merchandise designs, web designs and many other designing works at affordable prices. In just six months of going live, the startup has helped more than 1500 businesses source unique graphic designs and has paid out more than $70000 to its ever-growing community of 29,000+ graphic designers, logo designers, visual artists and illustrators from all over the world. Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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Need a Logo?
A powerful logo can give a company easy recognition. Create your unique business logo using our AI powered logo maker tool. Or, hire a designer to get your logo.
Best for when you want a logo in minutes. Our Artificial Intelligence powered logo maker creates dozens of unique designs in minutes. You can also edit colors, texts, icons and elements.
  • Uses power of AI & Machine Learning
  • Uses library of more than 10,000 fonts and 1M+ icons
  • No design experience required
  • Pricing starts at $20 but you pay only when you find a design you love.
Best for when you want to crowdsource ideas. Multiple designers submit entries for you to rate and review before you award a winner.
  • Fixed price packages starting from $199
  • Hand crafted designs from World-class designers
  • Dozens of concepts to pick from
  • Get 50+ designs in 7 days
  • 100% money back guarantee
Best for when you want to work with a single designer only. Explore the range of creative services offered by our highly talented designers.
  • Work with a single designer
  • Hand crafted designs from World-class designers
  • Options within all price ranges
  • Flexible turnaround time
  • Multiple revisions