Why Interactive Content Is So Important For Small Businesses?

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Small Business - 2 min read

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Last updated on March 7th, 2016

Interactive content has changed the way small businesses design new strategies to attract more customers. In fact, interactive content has become an important pillar of content marketing success for small businesses. Now, almost every small business is trying its hand in producing effective content that yields enough power and substance to effectively connect with the people and allow them to interact with the data and information contained within the content.

A host of studies, researches and surveys clearly indicate the growing significance of interactive content for small businesses. As per a recent survey a whopping 93% marketers rate interactive content as very effective in educating the buyers. And 56% digital marketeers found interactive content ‘moderately effective’ in converting visitors into buyers, while 14% found it ‘very effective’ when it comes to converting visitors into buyers.

So no matter how much time, effort and money you spend in sourcing a professional website design, blog and social media pages, you wouldn’t be able to capture target audience’s interest right from the get-go without offering them dynamic content that they can interact with.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more exciting facts that will make you understand why interactive content is so important for small businesses.

  • It was revealed that 88% marketers found interactive content as effective in standing out in the market amid competitors.
  • 93% of the interactive group of marketers were satisfied with the performance while educating people about a business and its products or services.
  • As far as conversions [lead or sales] are concerned, 70% of the interactive group reported that they were satisfied with the results.
  • Sharing of interactive content is the main aim for the marketers. The survey reveals that 38% of them found the content was shared frequently or very frequently.

So, what do these stats reveal? These stats reveal that interactive content is perhaps the best way to improve your small business’ bottom-line in 2015. Interactive content is the new king and it is here to stay for a long time. In fact, it’s now more than a trend. Small businesses are now using games, calculators, white papers and B2B oriented quizzes to illustrate their purpose behind presenting content to the people or target audience particularly.

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