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Why Should Entrepreneurs Use Custom T-Shirts For Startup Business Marketing?

by Designhill Tweet - in Merchandise design

Entrepreneurs Use Custom T-Shirts For Startup Business Marketing

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

Businesses have to come up with unique marketing plans constantly to stay ahead of competitors. But, they should also evaluate the efficiency of the strategies and retain the ones that yield the results within their small budget. Therefore, startups are fast adopting custom t-shirts as an affordable but result-oriented means of marketing for startup businesses having a small budget. In this post, we’ve shared why entrepreneurs should use a custom t-shirt as a marketing strategy for the startup business. Have a look.

Now that you are a proud owner of a startup with dreams of making it big one day, with the right marketing strategies and hard work, you will surely achieve your business goals. However, the biggest impediment comes under the path of small business is a small budget.

You have only a restricted amount of money that you must invest carefully. It may be that creating a logo and website is your top priority at this time. Because these are surely essential visual identities of your startup.

However, do not ignore the power of t-shirt marketing as you will quickly benefit from it in so many ways. The demand for custom t-shirts is increasing manifold each day.

According to a survey, the global demand for custom t-shirt printing is 1.60 billion dollars in 2019, which is estimated to skyrocket in 2025 to a value of 3.1 billion dollars.

It gives us an indication of how t-shirt marketing can be your potent weapon in reaching out to your potential mass audience of the startup.

Key Reasons For Exploring Custom T-Shirts As An Effective Startup Marketing Tool

01. Marketing Within Your Small Budget

Startups usually run on a limited budget. So, entrepreneurs look for ways to save money. They want to invest strategically to gain more from spending a little cash. T-shirt marketing fits well in this strategy of most startups.

The cost of creating a design and its printing on t-shirts is generally low, and most startups can afford it. The overall cost of t-shirt campaigning is, in fact, low as compared to TV ads, newspaper ads, digital ads, etc.

Marketing Within Your Small Budget

In terms of the durability of the ads also, t-shirts are much ahead. While TV, newspapers, etc. ads have to be reprinted or broadcasted again, t-shirts are with the wearers for many months.

So, each time a person wears your t-shirt, your brand gets exposure amid the target audience with the same one time cost of creating the design and printing on the shirt.

02. Make People Your Brand Ambassadors

When you make people your custom t-shirts, you are, in this way, turning them into your brand ambassadors. Wherever they go, they take your company logo, slogan, colors, and other elements on their back and chest. They are the carriers of your brand campaign.

So, give your t-shirts to people for free and even pay them for wearing the stuff. In this way, when they simply walk around in a trade fair or any other event, thousands of pairs of eyes are looking at your brand.

03. Quick Brand Recognition

Startups desperately look for tactics to get noticed in their niche markets. But, that is not an easy task as it requires a lot of effort from the marketing team.

It also requires patience, as the results take time to come. However, with the use of custom t-shirts for campaigning, a startup’s journey to brand recognition becomes much easier.

Quick Brand Recognition

T-shirts with a startup’s logo and brand message become visible to thousands of people on a daily basis.

This amounts to millions of people seeing the logo over a period of a few months. Such a massive crowd becoming familiar with a logo and other brand elements such as fonts and colors is a surefire way to get quick recognition in a market.

04. Attract The Best Talent

Sometimes finding out talented professionals becomes a lot difficult for startups. This is because most experienced workers want to join an established company for many benefits.

They hesitate to apply for a job with a newly opened company because of uncertainties, low salaries, and fewer perks.

Attract The Best Talent

However, t-shirt marketing campaigns are helpful in driving the attention of talented people toward a prospective job in a startup.

When people see a company’s logo on t-shirts, they have their job vacancies in mind and apply when the opportunity strikes. In this way, many talented people can join your startup for its rapid growth.

05. Build A Cooperative Workplace

Another reason to opt for t-shirt marketing is that it helps in building an amicable work environment in your company.

Build A Cooperative Workplace

When your employees and team members present themselves at work in the same t-shirts as your company, they build a team spirit. It goes a long way in making the workplace much more cooperative to the members.

06. Make Everybody Feel Important

One of the great things that are happening to the workplace is that they are formal and friendly. The modern companies do not worry about how they should look. So, the CEO does not anymore necessarily come to the office wearing Armani suits and sits behind a mahogany desk.

Make Everybody Feel Important

By having each member of your company wear your company t-shirts, you create the spirit of equality in the workplace. In this way, everyone feels important for the company.

Now that you are aware of the key benefits of t-shirt marketing for your startup pay attention to the how-to side of it.

Here Are Some Crucial Tips About How To Use Custom T-Shirts For Marketing Your Business

01. Use Big Elements

Your tshirt design should be visible to people from a good distance in public places. This is precisely the reason for calling t-shirts as walking advertisements. Thousands of people see those designs at the same time from far away. Therefore, make sure that your design elements are big.

For instance, use big typography. Choose large scale fonts to drive the attention quickly. If you use icons or images, print them in big size as well. Your company logo and name, website address, and even phone number should be larger enough to be read from a distance.

02. Give T-shirts To Employees

How about distributing your custom t-shirts to your staff members? That is a key strategy most companies adopt to stand out. You might have seen construction workers wearing such t-shirts. Food industry workers also are seen with staff t-shirts.

Clients can approach an employee who is wearing your professional staff shirt that has your brand logo. Your employees will feel proud of wearing a shirt for their company, which is the source of their livelihood.

But, make sure that you invest in the t-shirts that fit well and give confidence to your employees. Know every employee’s size in advance to buy shirts accordingly. Pay attention to the fabric and print quality of the shirt as well.

03. Distribute T-shirts As Promotional Items

T-shirts also make a great promotional item when it comes to driving people’s attention to a business. Just give away t-shirts free to people on the sidelines of an event or just for no reason. But, give high-quality soft funny t shirts so that they go on wearing them for months.

With your company logo and other elements printed on the shirts, those people will be promoting your business for free. This is a surefire way to get your startup name in the market. Ultimately, this marketing turns out to be a great help in building recognition for your brand.

04. Make It Cohesive With Your Overall Marketing

Make sure that the design of your custom t-shirt is in line with the rest of your marketing campaign. This means that the shirt design must have the same logo, voice, tagline, font, and colors already used elsewhere in your marketing materials.

A reason for keeping the same elements is that it helps in winning the confidence of your customers. They immediately know that the t-shirt promotion campaign is of your company. It also helps in creating a brand identity and recognition.

So, these are the key tips for entrepreneurs when they wish to use custom t-shirts as a means of marketing. But make sure that the print quality of the shirt is excellent. Online such a shirt will people keep wearing for a long time to promote your brand.

When it comes to sourcing your custom t-shirts and printing them for your startup promotion, you can confidently choose PrintShop. This is a print on demand platform owned by Designhill, the leading creative marketplace.

At this POD site, you can pick an attractive t-shirt design that can be customized as per your startup requirements. Then, place an order with the platform to print your choice of design on your t-shirt with the fabric, and print quality ensured.

Wrapping Up

Startups need to take up a cost-effective but result-oriented marketing campaign to build recognition in a target market. Custom t-shirt marketing is an ideal means of brand promotion, given their limited budgetary resources. T-shirts are excellent for taking a new brand to the masses at a low cost. People wearing these shirts become walking advertisements for a business.

Create Your Own Custom T-shirt

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