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Why You Need To Change Your Social Media Content Strategy?

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Social Media

Social Media Content Strategy

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

No brands can survive the fierce competition that they have to face from established and new companies without having an excellent online presence. Social media channels are the most visited by a modern audience to search for information and buy products or services. However, even users of various social channels have changed a lot with the changes happening in life. This has resulted in marketers altering their strategies to promote content on social channels.

Content marketing is not that easy as it used to be once a few decades ago. Nowadays, one of the most significant problems the marketers face in taking the content to people is attention span.

Various surveys have pointed out the fact that people’s capability to focus on at one object or place or point for a long time is decreasing quickly. It is now reduced to a few seconds.

So, how do you cope up with the problem of your audience not focusing for a considerable period? In that case, your content is most likely to be missed by your users more often if they do not find it exciting and engaging right away.

However, the issue here is that the attention time is fast decreasing. Once it was 12 seconds, and now it has plummeted to 8 seconds. That is a significant challenge for social media marketers.

This means that your great social media page design may not work well in the absence of an effective content strategy.

However, branding is still an essential factor when it comes to compelling people to make buying decisions. According to research by sprout social, 77% of the consumers are most likely to purchase from the brands that have significant social media following.

Grabbing The Attention And Engagement

To grab the attention of users immediately in a few seconds and to increase following on social media, it is essential to create engaging content.

But the question is, are you doing enough to engage your audience with your content using social media? Have you ever thought about the importance of quality of content and if it is the right content? How do you know that your content has engaged your target audience?

To get the right answers to such questions, Designhill, a prominent marketplace, recently conducted a webinar. The topic of the webinar was –‘How to Create Engaging Content and Grow Your Brand Using Social Media’. Michael Janda was the guest speaker. He has been a creative director, designer, and former founder of the creative agency, ‘Riser.’

He also has penned an award-winning book “Burn your portfolio”. He has worked with clients like Disney, Google, Warner Bros., Fox, National Geographic, and many more. His work, book, and agency have received awards and recognition from Inc. 5000, FWA, and Awwwards.

During the webinar, Michael covered all the critical issues that marketers face while creating and marketing content on social media. He particularly helped the marketers to know how to start well on social media.

Check Out The Webinar Video

The webinar was a big success as the audience in large number participated and learned tips on how to leverage social media for growing a brand.

The audience also learned about the difference between a linear and non-linear narrative when creating a social media content strategy. They also were shown the way to plan the long-form and short-form content for social media.

Here Are The Excerpts From The Webinar

01. Reduced Attention Time

I was working in a Fox studio in 2000. At that time, the attention span for a person was 12 seconds. Now fast forward to 2018, when we have smartphones in the pocket and look at social media every day, the average person looks at his cell phone 150 times a day.

Reduced Attention Time

The average span time has gone down from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. So, this is the 33% decrease in the attention time of the users. So, things have changed dramatically since the cell phone became such a prominent part of our lives.

What is interesting about this according to a study, the average attention time of a goldfish is 9 seconds. Consider this when making your social media content plan.

02. Effects On Marketing

So, the declining attention span of humans is a big issue. It changes the way we market our products or services. The declining attention span of human being has this effect on marketing.

They don’t have time to consume all the content. Therefore, overwhelming content gets skipped entirely.

Effects On Marketing

This is why things like TikTalk are popular today. Now, delivery matters. How fast you can deliver your content matters a lot.

Also, another thing that matters is that you should hook the users into your content in those first 8 seconds so that they can stick around for a little more time.

03. New Marketing Strategy

Until 10 years ago, people were trained to read books, which have a beginning, middle, and end. In marketing, it is known as a linear narrative. It is a sequential process.

This is how stories were told, but things have changed now. Marketers are responsible for telling a brand story.

But the brand does not have a beginning, middle, and an end. So, your attractive Facebook cover design is not sufficient to drive customers. An effective new marketing plan should also be in place.

New marketing strategy

So, we need to act differently in telling our brand story. The brand story in 2018-2019 is different. Somebody comes and get a little snippet of your content on Facebook.

Then, he / she bounces over to Instagram, then to your website, and then watches your content on YouTube and so on. The user journey spirals through many social media. You can see that this user path is no liner at all.

Anyone who knows about marketing also knows about the marketing funnel. At the top of the funnel is the awareness for your products or services. Then, you generate interest. After that, the potential customers start considering.

Then, they show their intention toward the product. They also then value the product and in the end, they purchase. This is the traditional marketing funnel, and it is a linear process.

But marketing has changed now. This is because of the change in the way we consume and process content.

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04. How Has Marketing Changed From The Last Funnel?

The change has also come because of the method that Google has developed. This methodology is called micro-moments. These moments occur when people ‘reflexively turn to a device.

So, when you stand in a line or sit down, the first thing you do is to pull out your phone.

How Has Marketing Changed From The Last Funnel?

One many such moments when we are bored, we think of looking at our phone. These are the micro-moments that Google was trying to capture. An old-fashioned social media strategy template may not be useful anymore.

05. Micro-Moments

Google broke down these micro-moments into four different categories:

i. The ‘I want to know’ moments. This is when somebody is exploring and researching, but the user is not necessarily on a purchasing mode.

ii. The ‘I want to go’ moments. It’s the moment when someone is looking for a local business or is considering buying a product at a nearby store. So, they jump to a phone and search for the shop and want to go there.

Micro Moments

iii. The ‘I want to do’ moments. This is the moment when someone is trying to help to complete a task.

iv. The ‘I want to buy’ moments. These are when someone has decided to purchase and need help on how to buy.

06. How To Catch Attention In Those First 8 Seconds?

I make sure that the first slide has imagery on it as part of your content strategy. It has a compelling headline that will make people click and see that content.

Coming to videos, many videos on my Instagram, you will notice that I do a quick little intro by either pulling some sound bite out of the later portion of the video, then run my logo sizzle.

The whole point of that is to create a hook at the start. So, put your valuable message at the beginning.

How To Catch Attention In Those First 8 Seconds

You have to hook people right at the start of your images, videos, or any other content on social media.

This is contrary to the linear approach, such as reading a book where the climax comes in the end as people are already committed to reading or viewing a movie in the theatre. So when posting on social media start with the climax and then show the longer form.

So, somebody may start on Facebook to know about a particular brand and then from there the user goes to the brand’s website to buy more.

Therefore you can break down content in the above mentioned four categories, know, go, do, and buy moments. Considering that, marketers redefine their narrative of a brand story. We do that by understanding when people are consuming content.

07. When Do People Consume Content?

Now, we know from different surveys that 88% of people use a cell phone while they drive. They stop at the red light and pick up a phone to search for information. The surveys have also revealed that 82% use cell phones while they are waiting.

They are waiting in line, for food in a restaurant, waiting for a movie to start, and waiting for your spouse to meet, etc. Then, 75% of people use a cellphone in the restroom. But 95% of people consume content before going to bed.

When do people consume content?

Let us break these four categories of when people consume content into time constraints. This will help you to know what you should be doing to your content strategy for social media.

So, I assume that while driving, people are going to give you a 1-30 seconds window for content consumption. They stop at the red light, and they pick their phone.

Here, you have 8 seconds to catch their attention. While waiting for a person or in a line, you have 1-3 minutes window, using the restroom you have 4-7 minutes, and while before the bed, the period is more than 15 minutes.

These stats must also be considered by your freelance graphic designer when creating your pages on social channels.

08. Is There Any Way To Get More Followers Without Paying?

Yes, absolutely. I have not paid for any followers on my social channels. There is not one robot follower that I purchase. It is all organic and real growth from real people. I am just providing valuable content and letting the people share it.

Is There Any Way To Get More Followers Without Paying?

09. How To Build Followers From Scratch

The best way is to keep on branding. You should go on posting even if you do not have followers and engagement. At the start, just ignore creating followers and instead focus on the value of your content.

Remember that followers are built one person at a time and not thousands of them at once.

How to build followers from scratch

The followers grow exponentially. The more people are following you, the more circulation you get of your content. Then, it grows more quickly. It is like an investment strategy.

You start investing when you are in your 20s, and then it grows much bigger by the time you enter in your old age.

So, these were the key tips Michael Janda gave to business owners during the webinar session. There were many other aspects of social media content strategy that he covered in the webinar. We will be talking about that in the next blogs.

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To Wrap Up

Designhill organized a webinar on the use of social media to promote your content and business. Michael Janda was of the view that as there is a change in the way people use social media, there is a need to change your content strategy on these channels. The reduced attention span should compel you to create content for micro-moments. So, the need of the hour is to catch people’s attention in less than 8 seconds and create your content accordingly.

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I'm a blogger and designer and I work as a creative head for Designhill. I write on topics concerning design, ecommerce, startups, digital marketing, interactive content. My creative work has earned me several laurels over the years. Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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