If you are looking for an irresistible way to seize the attention of your target audience, you should look for someone who already has their ear and trust.

In short, you need to build a content marketing strategy that consists of promoting your products, services, or brands by collaborating or partnering with an authentic influencer.

The power of influencer-generated content lies in the relationships that brands build with their influencers. In 2021, brands now focusing on building authenticity because it helps them to develop emotional relationships with their target audience. And, influencers can help in building brand authenticity; and as such, they understand authenticity better than most.

In this session learn about how to connect with the right influencers with the most engaged audience alignment and creates authentic content.

What will be covered in this session?

·       What Makes Influencer-generated Content Authentic?

·       How to create authentic influencer-generated content at scale?

·       Learn how to use authentic influencer-generated content in your marketing mix to make great repurposed content?

·       Trends: Video content will remain king in 2021

·       Tips on creating a value-driven content

·       Key Takeaway on selecting and forming the partnerships with influencers: long-term or short-term – when and how to use both

·       Guidelines to create the best on-brand User Generated Content (without stifling creativity)

·       Case studies What successful brands are doing to drive revenue from influencer marketing

·       And Much more…

Title : Best Practices To Create High-Performing Content With Authentic Influencers in 2021 | Designhill
Duration : 1H 19M 38S

Important topics covered in this session

Guest Speakers

Amy Choi

Amy Choi
Head of Brand Partnerships, ShopStyle

A savvy digital marketer, Amy has extensive experience in digital and partnership marketing, conceptualizing innovative integrated marketing campaigns that drive buzz and build brand equity.

author video
Title : Amy Choi | Best Practices to Create High-Performing Content with Authentic Influencers in 2021
Duration : 22S
Camila Hernandez

Camila Hernandez
Public Relations | Social Media Strategist, IMAGE SKincare

She is a trilingual communications professional with integrated marketing communications experience. The best way to stand out in the market today is to give people the experience they want with an innovative and unique product. No two audiences are alike, nor should they be. ?So let's dive deep with a three-step process: we'll listen to the audience, analyze the findings, and create a robust experiential campaign that will resonate with your business and communications goals. ?

author video
Title : Camila Hernandez | Best Practices To Create High-Performing Content with Authentic Influencers
Duration : 26S
Fay Chapple

Fay Chapple
Master Speaker Trainer | Author,, The Chapple Group

Award Winning Global Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Master Speaker Trainer. Fay has been been helping multinational corporations and global entrepreneurs create, launch and expand their brands on a global scale for over 30 years.

Fay works with Ceo's, Executive teams, and key business personnel helping them streamline their ideas and visions and make them a reality. Launching new brands, reinvigorating existing brands, Strategy and Product Development, Global Expansion, Communications, Leadership, Change Management, and Innovation are Fay's key areas of expertise.

Joe Cox

Joe Cox
Founder & Creator, The Pop-Marketer

Maybe the oldest living Millennial, He was born in analog, raised in digital & found a career in the internet. He schooled in branding by Red Bull North America & Coca-Cola. He also spent the last 15 years on the agency side bringing new ideas to life for brands like Hershey, Square-Enix & Anheuser- Busch by helping them partner, draft off & even hack themselves into popular culture.

Now He is building a community of Pop-Marketers, talking with the thinkers and makers of popular culture in the Pop-Marketing Podcast to teach others how to tap into the zeitgeist to super charge their ideas & unlock the creativity hidden within the media we love.

Valerie Morris

Valerie Morris
Designer - Owner, Tintero Creative

Valerie Morris is a digital marketing strategist, speaker, author, and consultant, helping busy experts share their brand message and expertise with the world with the power of authority-building content. She helps them position them as the leaders in the field with the power of digital marketing, social media, and strategic content. She also teaches others how to do the same to with smart systems for strategic marketing success.

author video
Title : Valerie Morris | Best Practices to Create High-Performing Content with Authentic Influencers in 2021
Duration : 36S

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