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The logo customization process. Dos and Donts!

The customization process

Our designers complete your customizations in 24 hours or your money back

As part of the logo purchasing process you tell us what customizations you would like to the logo and our designers then complete them for you. Once completed, we email you the revised logo for you to review and accept, or if it’s not quite right you can request further changes to it.

What you can request

•   The business name to be incorporated

•   A tag line your business has

•   Any simple text based changes (bolding, line breaks, capitalization etc)

•   Basic colour changes

•   A different font (if it's free or part of the Adobe Font Folio family)


What you can’t request

•   Layout/structural changes to the logo itself

•   Different formats and variations to use in different situations

•   A variety of options for you to review

•   Vague ideas (e.g. a cursive font)



What if a revision is not quite right?  You can request further changes to it and the process repeats until you accept a revised version.

Logo variations & adaptations? While you can request multiple revisions to get the customization right, you’re ultimately only buying a single customized logo design. If you want different variations of that logo for use in different situations (e.g. website, document, presentation or sky written sign), then that is up to you to organize outside of this customization process.

Auto-accepting of customizations? After a designer uploads a revised logo, the buyer has a period of 48 hours to review it. If after 48 hours the buyer has not accepted the revision or requested further changes then Designhill automatically accepts the revision.

What do I get? Every logo revision is uploaded in 2 industry standard file formats - a JPEG and an EPS.

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