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How do I create a presentation?

To create a white label presentation please select ‘White Label Presentation’ as you launch your contest.

After you successfully launch your contest and start receiving design entries, log in to ‘My Account’ and click on the contest for which you’d like to create a presentation. 

Step1: Click the ‘Presentation’ tab to create a presentation for the chosen contest. 

This page shows all the designs. 

1. Select Designs

Select the design entries you wish to include in your presentation and click on them. 

As you select, the design will appear in the list at the top of the page.

In case, you wish to remove a design from selection, you can simply click on the design appearing on the selected design list.

You can add maximum of 10 designs per presentation. When you’ve finished selecting designs for your White Label presentation, click Continue.

Step 2: Create Presentation 

The Next Step is to create the presentation with the selected designs. On this page: 

1. Add and upload your a custom image, logo or banner to represent you or your brand on all your white-labelled presentations.

2. Add a ‘Title’ and a brief ‘Description’ for your presentation. Choose a ‘Password’ for your presentation to safeguard it against unauthorized access.  

3. You can also rearrange the selected designs in the presentation and add a brief description or comment to each design. 

Once done, click to ‘Continue’, ‘Preview’ or ‘Save’ your presentation.  

Click Continue to share your presentation.

Step 3: Share Presentation

After clicking ‘Continue’, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll find the link to your presentation. Click the Copy link button to copy the link to paste it into an email or share it on social media sites.

You can create one or many presentations at any time during your contest. However, you can’t edit a presentation once you’ve created it.

Go back to the Presentation tab on your contest page and click on the View results button to check the results/feedback of your presentation. Your viewers will be able to give each design a star rating, and comment. 

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