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What is Designhill Presentation Tool?

Designhill Presentation tool is useful resource that helps contest holders collect, curate and format submitted design entries into a presentation format to share it with their peers, colleagues, friends, family and even clients using a private link.

Designhill Presentation Tool is ideal for Design Studios, Brand Consultants, Ad Agencies, Digital Marketers, Businesses, etc. who are launching contests on the behalf of their clients, or companies. 

You can brand your presentation with your company name and logo to ensure privacy. This way, you can rest assured that your clients will never know that you’ve sourced the designs from Designhill. 

You can ask your clients or contacts to provide feedback and rate each design in the presentation. Then, you can pass on the received feedback to the participating designers in your contest and point in the right direction.

Please Note: You can create multiple presentations with submitted design entries. However, you can add only 10 designs per presentation. 

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