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How do I get started?

Customer- To get started you need to launch a design contest. Select the Launch a Contest link to start your contest all you need is to complete four steps to launch a contest:

1. Select the the category of design you want.
2. Complete the required design brief and mention the details of the design required.
3. Choose the contest package that suits you the best.
4. Register your business / personal details with Designhill.
5. Pay the contest fee and we are done!
You only need a few minutes to complete these steps and you are ready to get the designs.

Designer - To join the Designhill team and start working on design contests, you simply have to:

1. Sign up as a designer and verify your email address. There is no fee for subscription nor any hidden charges. 
2. Provide us your personal details.
3. Take a look at the open contests on our site and start participating in the ones you want to work on.
4. Once you find a contest you are interested in, then simply visit the contest page, check the design brief of the contest and create the designs to submit at 
Submit Your Design link. After you submit your entries, clients may provide you feedback on your work and help you get in sync with their requirements, they might also ask for revisions to be made to your designs.
5. Build your portfolio as all the entries submitted by you are saved in your personal my account. You can choose the ones you like and display on your profile/portfolio. As a designer on Designhill, you can upload your personal designs as well as choose from the designs you submit on the website and create a portfolio that will showcase your talent to not only to prospective customers but also to the outside world.


At Designhill, we believe in rewarding our designers, be it through DH Points, through DH Benefits or encouraging customers to award more than one designer. A special category of Star Designers is created to reward designers who give consistent and quality work.

An innovative yet constructive Ranking System is developed to identify the top designers based on an algorithm that takes into account successful wins, prize money/income and DH points. Designers are assigned Designer Levels to reward experience and longevity. The ranking system is developed to create a transparent and competitive environment that rewards not only those designers who successfully win contests but also those designers who are consistent in their quality and work. 

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