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What is Concept Originality Policy?

Concept Originality Policy!

We at Designhill are committed to follow basic principles of respect, honesty and originality.

To never copy works of other designers or design agencies or any other person or body (firm, company, partnership etc.). However, we expect the works to have some level of similarity to other designs.

The designers must strive for creating unique designs that are of their own. However, all designers can develop obvious concepts.

Some examples of obvious concepts:

  • Use of toys for a toy shop logo
  • Using the initials of a company in a logo design
  • All the designers can create designs with the concept provided by the contest holders in their brief.

The designers must respect original concepts of other designers. Only the designer who introduced an original concept can develop it further.
Here is an example:
A logo contest launched by a fast food company has provided obvious concepts such as pizzas, burgers etc, which can be used by all the designers But one of the designers uses some other concept for the logo design and the contest holder rates it higher. In that case, other designers are not permitted to use that concept since it is original and unique to that designer.

In the event that a dispute arises, you must be respectful, keep a good behaviour and act in a polite and professional manner while the process for resolving of dispute goes on.

Failure to abide by these rules, can lead to either suspension or permanent closure of your Designhill account.

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