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What is Designer Code of Conduct?

Designer Code of Conduct

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1. Have regard for the community members

At Designhill, you are expected to behave with all designhill members in a respectful and cordial manner with no aggression or offense to be shown privately or publically at the site..

2. Be committed to orginality of work

You commit that you will never indulge in copying designs, in part or in full, from any source including from Designhill.
You will use stock images in a design only when you hold the rights on them to do so. Also, you must inform the contest holder about use of stock images in the design before or at the time of submission of design entries in their contest. Please read our Stock Policy and Concept Originality Policy for further information in this regard.

3 Have competitive spirit

At Designhill, we expect you to not only be honest about yourself, your past and present works but also work with honesty and a healthy competitive spirit. Do not criticise the work of other designers to influence the contest holder. You must not resort to offering your services for free to a contest holder in order to get chosen for a winning design.

You agree on following points

I agree not to submit any copied design be disrespectfful to contest holders, designers or the staff at Designhill open more than one account (either more than one designer or more than one customer account) at the site adopt unethical practices to win a design contest

I agree to regard and respect the community members and adhere to the code of conduct submit the designs that are original and have been made by me. report bad behavior through proper channels only

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