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How Does a Design Contest Work?

Design Contests help you get the best design possible, in shortest possible time at the minimum risk. A Design Contest involves simply explaining your requirements for the design that you want (such as a logo for your new business) in a design brief, followed by setting a project budget by either choosing one of our pre-defined contest packages or making a custom budget. And finally adding any add ons or upgrades to make your project more attractive and appealing to designers. Once your contest is launched, you make use of the various custom built tools provided to you by us to manage the entire design process and choose from hundreds of designs submitted by deisgners from across the globe. You can even send out paid invites to certain designers whom you really want to work for you. It is highly recommended that you add a 2nd place prize or (2nd and 3rd) place prizes or even more to get the very best designers to work for you. You can even get their designs by paying slightly extra. Giving Paid Invites to designers gives extra incentive to them to work for you. Keep in mind the more feedback you give designers, the more they would like to work for you. Sending designers feedback on their designs (whether you like the designs or not) and responding to their questions helps you get the best result.

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