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Guidelines for Uploading and Selling Readymade Logos

Since you want to sell your logo at Designhill Logo Store, we offer you some tips on how to ensure that clients take interest in your logo designs. When choosing a Placeholder name In case your logo has a company name, you can show it by using a placeholder company name, which can be:

·  a generic nameor an impressive looking name given the context of your logo

Make sure that your placeholder logo does not contain a trademark or any existing company name. You can include placeholder name as:

·  Your business name

·  Company name

·  Corporate design

·  Stylish logo

Tools/Softwares to be used

Though you are free to choose any tool to design a logo, but it is advisable to do the work on Abode Illustrator. Make it certain that you produce logos every time as victor art. Remember that customers usually print their logos in different sizes and so it should be scalable

Fonts to be used

Prefer using the fonts that are taken from commonly available sources. For instance, you can use the fonts pre-installed with Windows X or Mac OS X and also those available with the Abode Font Folio 11 
Avoid sharing fonts with customers as it is mostly illegal. Do not forget that the distribution of some fonts can be problematic though you are free to use them in your design. Also, take note of the fact that fontsavailable free of cost are only for personal use and not commercial purposes. Therefore, we advise that you do not include fonts that you upload to Designhill. It is advisable to convert the fonts to outlines and save a copy of the design. Then, you can upload the logo design to Designhill

Some Important Tips

·  Ensure to convert fonts to outlines before supplying the design to a third party.

·  It is illegal to distribute fonts

·  Do not use clipart or stock photography in your logo designs as this may violate the elements’ license and having trademark ownership may become difficult.

Consider these tips to get started

If you are find it difficult to get started with Designhill Logo Store, keep following tips in mind.

  • Select an industry

When designing a logo, start with choosing an industry. You can select an industry from a phone book or pick up a popular industry of your choice

  • Brief is important

Just pretend that you are a business owner and need a logo for your company. Then, write a brief describing your design requirements telling about your business and customers. Tell what elements, slogan, icon etc you would like to be incorporated. This will give you an idea of what you would be doing when creating a logo for Designhill Logo Store

  • Enhance your logo design appeal

Since you intend to sell your logo, it must be free of cultural bias. This means that the symbols, icons and other elements should look appealing to everyone and not to a certain section of people or few countries only

  • Unique logo

To ensure interest in your logo design, make sure that its design is unique. An original logo is always appreciated as it can stand out in the crowd of logo designs in markets. So, get some unique concepts or ideas and design logos on them before putting them for sale on the Logo Store

  • Flexibility

A logo that is flexible in terms of altering its design to new needs is likely to get buyers easily. Your logo should be customizable so that business owners can insert a company name without making many changes in the logo design. Also, note that if you are recycling a logo to another client, do not forget to remove the contest holder’s intellectual property

Upload the Preview 

When submitting a logo design, first you should upload an image of the design and be serious about it as our computer will analyze the design for its color palette. So, make sure about the following aspects: Keep background plain white – Ensure that background of the image is plain white as your designs will be shown in the Store in white backgrounds

Format – Submit the design for preview in PNG or JPEG file. Consider the dimensions also. The dimensions are preferably 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. Any image larger than this will be scaled down for review

Watermarking – Avoid watermarking your image as it will muck your design with color extraction process available with us

Title – Give a catchy title to your logo design

Give Details

After you have uploaded the design for preview, fill our form to give us more details about the design. To sell the design, you should give more details which the customers are looking for. If you do not all the details at once, you can save the given details and add more lately

Upload Previews

After you have uploaded the design for preview, fill our form to give us more details about the design. To sell the design, you should give more details which the customers are looking for. If you do not all the details at once, you can save the given details and add more lately.

Sales pitch

Create a short sales pitch for the logo design you have submitted. Say something that is relevant to the customers and give some specific information about the design.

Uploading Source Files

Upload your files as editable plan EPS files and avoid including any style guide information. In order to save your EPS file in Illustrator, select Save As … from the File menu and select Illustrator EPS from the Format drop-down list


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