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Why cant I include font files?

Unless you are the original creator of the font in your logo, you are more than likely violating the original developer’s ownership rights. Most buyers will not have the software or ability to revise the font shown in your logo, which is why buyers are asked to contact the designer for any revisions. It’s good practice to outline/vectorize your fonts so your client doesn’t have any problems when opening the file.


Prefer using the fonts that are taken from commonly available sources. For instance, you can use the fonts pre-installed with Windows X or Mac OS X and also those available with the Abode Font Folio 11  Avoid sharing fonts with customers as it is mostly illegal. Do not forget that the distribution of some fonts can be problematic though you are free to use them in your design. Also, take note of the fact that fonts available free of cost are only for personal use and not commercial purposes. Therefore, we advise that you do not include fonts that you upload to Designhill. It is advisable to convert the fonts to outlines and save a copy of the design. Then, you can upload the logo design to Designhill.

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