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How to choose a winning design?

Once the designated timeframe for your contest is over, it enters in the Select Winner stage and you get 7 days to select a winner for your contest.

Here are some easy tips to help you shortlist designs: 

Originality –Remember, your graphic design will be the visual extension of your brand. That’s why we suggest to shortlist designs that are original. We suggest that you check with your finalist designers that:

  • The intended design is 100% original and doesn’t impinge intellectual property rights
  • Relevant rights for elements such as clipart, stock imagery or fonts have been sourced. 

Quality – When you’re selecting a winner, it’s essential to ensure that the designs being supplied to you match your expectations. 

If you’re still having issues selecting a winner, we suggest you to use Designhill Poll Tool to invite your contacts to vote for their favorite designs. It will make the process of selecting a winner easier for you.

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