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Website header design — your site’s catalyst

A website header is one of the most indispensable parts of website designing. It's the catalyst that attracts users and excites them to browse further. The website header appears at the top of the page. It has two things to do — inform the site visitors that they've landed at the right place and guide them to explore the website further. A website gets only six seconds to capture the attention of a visitor and position itself as a brand. To this end, the website header design has to be unique, appealing, and head-turning. That's where Designhill comes to your rescue!

Get the best website header design at Designhill

Your search for the best header design ends here at Designhill. We understand that no business gets a second chance in today's cut-throat world for the first impression. That's why we employ the best website header designer for you to create your brand identity right from the beginning. A header can include varieties of essential elements such as — logo, brand name, slogan, corporate colors, links, and many more. Be it website header size or any other element; our designers make sure your site gets the best header around. They don't overload the header with too many elements but use only the needed ones for better user experience and retention.

Have a truly customized website header

We create a fully customizable header design for all types of websites. Whether your site is into blogging, fashion, audio, podcast, furniture, designing, or any other domain, we create header design for all. Even if you need classic, modern, or trending header design, just classify your requirements, and our designers will take care of the rest. Your website header will have perfect sync with your website’s body and footer. Nothing will be out of your brand guidelines as our professionals follow strict rules for header or website banner creation. They are strategic about the size of the header and elements that have to be used in it.


What will I receive with my website header design?

Designers at Designhill are experts in creating excellent header designs for websites of all types. Whether you need simple, modern, or trending header design, you get everything required with it. In simple terms, you will get relevant file formats such as Adobe Photoshop file, CMYK Adobe Illustrator file, EPS file, and PDF file. Since not all people have correct digital art programs to open these files, you will get PNG or JPEG file formats for web preview purposes as well. Besides, you will get full ownership of your website header design.

What do I have to prepare for the website header design?

You need to come up with many innovative ideas. You can even explore Designhill for fresh ideas on the website header design created by our designers. Provide as many design specifics as you can. You may require uploading a header picture or image for the reference and providing info related to dimension specifics if any. Think about the information or details you want to include in your header section or share it with the artist and have it ready. The more specifics and briefs you provide, the better your website header design will be.

Can I use my own image for website header design?

Yes, you're free to use your own images and elements such as your photos, logos, or pictures for header design. Upload them with your design brief. If you don’t specify or request to use your images, designers may use paid-stock images. If a website header designer uses a stock image in your header design, they will give you the details of the image and use watermarked versions in their submissions. Once you announce the winner, you will have to pay for the stock picture and give it to the winning designer so that they can add it to your website header design for completion.

What to do if I require more than one website header design?

You will get only one website header design, but if you want any additional designs and assets, you need to pick the respective option while launching the contest. For additional design or asset, you need to pay some extra cost. You can also start a one-to-one project with your winning designer after the contest is finished.

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