Design & Branding Perceptions Survey 2015

In October-November 2015

Designhill conducted Design & Branding Perceptions Survey 2015 to evaluate the state of graphic design agencies & studios.

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Overall client satisfaction

Respondents stated Satisfying clients with multiple design options also turned out to be a major challenge.
Respondents stated that they were able to satisfy their clients.
Respondents stated that though they were satisfy high-value clients but where often forced to turn away low-value clients.

Business Confidence

Respondents stated that they are not likely to see any improvement for their organizations in the next 12 months.
Respondents stated that they are hopeful of improvement for their organizations in the next 12 months.
Respondents were not able to decide about improvement for their organizations over the period of next 12 months.

Key Priorities

Respondents stated that their major challenge was to retain their clients since they were forced to turn away clients as their designers are often overworked.
Respondents believed that it is extremely difficult to a professional for each design category like logo design, website design, packaging design, t-shirt design, etc.
Respondents stated they were not able to provide clients with more than 6-7 design concepts.
Respondents agreed that they were unable to provide clients with multiple revisions and changes.


With these stats in hand, it’s not too difficult to understand why outsourcing remains so important for such traditional agency settings. Outsourcing helps agencies reduce their overhead expenses by 10-15%. Diversity drives the outsourcing machine making it possible for design agencies to the increase the design choices for their clients. In addition, space can be a constraint for agencies looking to thrive the competition. Outsourcing design projects eliminates that worry.

Outsource the project at Designhill and to fulfill the needs of your client without having to give away that the work is outsourced.