How to start your own


How to establish your business

Starting your own business is a difficult climb, but the view from the top is great. To give your a head-start, we present you with a checklist of achievable and important items, that will let you unleash your entrepreneurial desire to full-throttle.


Research and Plan Your Business

It is always advisable to do an in-depth market research before zeroing in on a business idea. This helps you know you whether the market is ready for your products and services. Figure out your investments beforehand and draft up a realistic business plan to set it in motion.

Recommendation MindMeister lets you collect and organize detailed ideas to make brainstorming a fun experience.


Seek Assistance

If you are not a typical master-all-of-trades kind of entrepreneur, hire an expert. Seek assistance from a business adviser or a mentor. Walk into their shoes for a little while to know the path of creating a successful business.

Recommendation has been doing tremendously well in advising young entrepreneurs and small-business owners.


Choose a Business Location

A good, profitable location is Holy Grail for both brick-and-mortar shop and online business. Hunt down a location that brings a good amount of footfall. Just like how a physical store needs to comply with local zoning laws, a good domain also needs to follow segment-oriented rules and regulations.

Recommendation makes it easy to determine availability of domain name, thus letting you choose the perfect location.


Acquire Funding

If you are not in a guerrilla project, then look out for capital investment in the market or among your family members, angel investors, venture capital firms or the government (Make sure your idea is easily presentable).

Recommendation and connects startups with the largest collection of investors across the world.


Determine The Legal Structure of your Business

This is the tricky part. There are plenty of ways to define your legal structure, each of which consists of various connotes. Do some research to know which structure, like Sole Proprietorship, partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC) works best for your business.

Recommendation Check out your country's government website where all the business laws and legal structure are given in details.


Register your Business Name

You should register your business name with the local government once you are done finalizing the name. This shouldn't be a problem since all it takes is a simple online form or a meeting with officials.

Recommendation is a name generator website for brands. It has a unique algorithm to generate names.


Register for State and Local Taxes

As a federal tax regulation, you ought to register for state and local taxes. As said earlier, it is better to hire an expert for this, however, if you plan to do it on your own, do some research to know various requirements in your local region.


Create your logo

Now comes the part from where the altitude your flight will be measured. A logo brings a personality to your business, thus elevating your brand value. It can be a fun process to begin with if you understand the vision and the underlying philosophy of your company.

Recommendation is a crowd sourcing website with thousands of graphics artists from various parts of the world, which makes the process of acquiring a logo child's play.


Get a Website

A well-made website is the truest representation of your business. Invest some time to do a quick research on various websites, especially your competitors, to determine a look and the feel of a website that gels well with your company's philosophy.

Recommendation WordPress has been a pioneer to providing businesses free and premium websites. However, if you want a tailor made layout, head on to


Develop Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles are the reflection of your business idea. You should develop social media profiles that can attract, engage and convert users from all the spheres of life. Hire a professional or crowd source the backgrounds.

Recommendation helps you create social media profiles. You can also crowd source them from

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How To Start Your Own Business

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