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Automotive Car Care Set
Adam Serrano paid $199 for a new Label Design and received 37 designs from 24 Designers.
Adam Serrano United States
“ This was our 4th or 5th project and was an successful design effort and exchange. Thank you, Redemption Auto, Inc. We will continue to use your business for our designs. ”

Automotive Car Care Set By Adam Serrano

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Note : Design brief last updated on 16 November, 2018
Contest title

Automotive Car Care Set

Select your industry
What is the name of your company?
Redemption Auto Inc.
Link to your website
What is the name of your product?
Redemption Car Care Set
Briefly describe your product in a few sentences
Our product includes an all purpose cleaner, spray fragrance, leather conditioner, and exterior one step polish. The logo will be the face of our gift set and would like the logo to be masculine and appeal to the automotive hobbyist. The logo will be placed on the inside of the the gift bag so it can be seen clearly to the outside.
Describe who would typically use your product
We are selling this product to the customers in retail stores and wholesale as well. The target audience will be male and female car enthusiasts who are looking for a set that includes all of the go to products instead of having to buy individually.
Describe what you want designed
We have created a product line of automotive cleaners, conditioners and fragrances specifically for the automobiles. The label we are aiming to create should be eye catching and specific in detail. The label should include directions features and a brief description of how you can use the products to get the best outcome. Label should rectangular and or oval shaped and include our logo.
Any other information you want to convey to the designers.
I have included some logo ideas from a few products that visually aim fo true type of logo we want to create. Our logo is black white and orange.lack being the background color and we would like to have the lettering in white with orange accents. We are open to using a different color for the lettering and accents. Also the lettering used to describe the product should be vintage looking and masculine.
Know the dimensions?
It should wrap around an oval shaped gift bag. So at least 3 inches in height by 8 inches width. The dimensions don’t have it be specific just as long as the minimum size meets 3 by 8 inches. We want the letters to be clear, crisp and bold looking.
Required file format
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Visual brief - font
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font-family: 'Josefin Slab'

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font-family: 'Marcellus SC'

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font-family: 'Fredericka the Great'

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font-family: 'IM Fell English SC'

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font-family: 'Libre Baskerville'

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font-family: 'Special Elite'

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