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By Arquimedia pro
Mind Right 5/1
Nick Sakai paid $349 for a new Label Design and received 9 designs from 4 Designers.
Nick Sakai United States
“ Found what I was looking for in a day. ”
By Arquimedia pro

Mind Right 5/1 By Nick Sakai

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Note : Design brief last updated on 30 April, 2019
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Mind Right 5/1

Select your industry
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Mind Right CBD
What is the name of your product?
Mind Right CBD Gummies
Briefly describe your product in a few sentences
Selling CBD Gummies in shapes appealing to millenial demo. Sneaker shapes, popsicle shapes, etc.
Describe what you want designed
Labels for small clear jars of CBD Gummy Bears. All jars will have a black lid. The label will not cover the entire jar since the colors of the gummies will look good thru the jar. Get your mind right is loose slogan. I like the idea of the Refresh button and the brain or body somehow. Love the simplicity of the Gin and Pomade bottles -- taupes, natural colors, simple. The gummy jar is that actual jar/lid combo I am using.
Visual brief - style
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Light neutrals

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