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32 oz. Plastic Bottle Label design
Brandon Wall paid $349 for a new Label Design and received 13 designs from 7 Designers.
Brandon Wall United States
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32 oz. Plastic Bottle Label design By Brandon Wall

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Note : Design brief last updated on 9 November, 2018
Contest title

32 oz. Plastic Bottle Label design

Select your industry
What is the name of your company?
Crown Pools
Link to your website
What is the name of your product?
Power 60 Algaecide
Briefly describe your product in a few sentences
This product is sold to our customers for algae prevention and removal. It also has water clarifying properties
Describe who would typically use your product
This product is poured directly into swimming pools
Describe what you want designed
Looking for something bright and colorful that projects a powerful product for algae removal in swimming pools
Any other information you want to convey to the designers.
Our logo was designed in 1972, so it has a retro feel to it. I like the look of mid century Retro packaging
Visual brief - style
Visual brief - color




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