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By Cedrik
Logo, catch phrase and Business Card Design
By Cedrik

Logo, catch phrase and Business Card Design By Jacob Dworaczyk, Jr

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Note : Design brief last updated on 30 May, 2019
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Logo, catch phrase and Business Card Design

What name do you want in your logo?
Pearland Pet Service
Do you have a slogan you want incorporated in your logo?
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Animal & Pet
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Hi, my name is Jay Dworaczyk and I’m starting a pet services company called Pearland Pet Service. Pearland is a suburb south of Houston, Texas, where the majority of people make a living off the Texas Medical Center. The Center is the largest medical complex in the world attracting people to both seek and provide medical services. Pearland was originally surrounded by pear orchards, which are all gone and hence the name.

As an FYI, in my previous profession, I performed complex financial analysis on large real estate projects like shopping centers and land development. While it was a good job at first, pouring over financial statements and contract became very tedious over the years. Frankly, it was a future I chose for myself when I was very young.

I’m starting this company because I got terminated so my idea for the company has gone through many changes. First, it was going to be a pooper scooper company only named Pearland Pooper Scooper. Then I had a wild idea that I could buy a scooter to zip around the neighborhood so I became the Pearland Scooter Pooper Scooper. Next, I wanted to add services, so it became Jay’s Pet Service and added several more services. Then, I wanted to add a bit of class to the operation, so Jay’s Pet Concierge. Hated the name, too snooty, so now I’m on Pearland Pet Services. I know what you’re thinking and, no, I do not have schizophrenia.

Hopefully, my company will provide the following services:
• Pet waste removal
• Pet taxi
• Pet visits & walks
• Pet shots & pills
• Overnight pet sitting
• Out of town services (water plants, get paper/mail)
• Some personal errands

I need a logo with a slogan, and a business card designed. Eventually, I’d like to place the logo on a white polo shirt so the logo needs to look good sitting on a white background. I originally designed a business card using a water color dog that had lots of colors, but the artist didn’t return my e-mails. See attached. I really thought the artwork would really make the business card pop.

My target market is the middle to upper income families here in Pearland. Specifically, specifically, the women of the families. Frankly, as long as the dog doesn’t poop in the house, the men could care less about dog(s). I’d like a logo has some color so that it pops off the page when I use it in flyers and pamphlets. I plan on performing services to all types of animals. Finally, if there is any way I can transmit to the customer that I recognize this is a service company and that your job will be done quickly, quietly and completely.

Most of the people in the pooper scooper market (probably may main source of revenue) use kookie logos with cutsie slogans. Most of the poople in the pet concierge market are a little more refined. I'm torn between the two market and would like to see both styles of logo; however, no dogs on toilets. Its been done many, many times.

If you have any questions, just let me know.
Who are your top 3 competitors? If possible, please provide there links as well
Poop le Scoop. I hate this design but he's probably the biggest competitor on the pooper scooper side of my market:

Winter Park Pet Concierge. I like that there are alot of pets in the design.

Pearland Barkway. Local competition. Homemade design which is what I want to get away from.

Texas Pet Waste Solutions: Local competition:

Texas Pet Concierge: Local competition:
What feelings do you want your logo to provoke?
Colors, colors and more colors, I want something eye catching. Joy. Happiness. Spring and summer.
Where all will you use your logo?
  • (1) Merchandise (mugs, T-shirts Etc)
  • (2) Online (website, Online Advertising, Banner Ads Etc)
  • (3) Print (business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures Etc)
  • (4) Signage (including Shops, Billboards Etc)
  • (5) Other, Please Specify- On the truck wrap
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I will provide services for pet owners who are too busy to perform them for themselves.
• Pet waste removal
• Pet taxi
• Pet visits & walks
• Pet shots & pills
• Overnight pet sitting
• Out of town services (water plants, get paper/mail)
• Some personal errands

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