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Logo Design



A logo is the building block of your company’s brand identity. With its use on various parts of your business such as printed materials, your website, packaging, social media and more, your brand gets visibility. A great logo is the one that identifies your brand uniquely from others and lets your audience know what you do.  At Designhill, we understand that every business has unique requirements. So, we help you get a custom logo at an affordable price.  You can also create logos for free with our AI-powered logo maker.

Some of our Top Logo Designers

Maki_maki 43 projects completed
Maki is one of the most skilful logo designers who can create a logo as per your brief. So far, the designer has won several contests in different categories and logo design is one of them.
Elena Dumitru 48 projects completed
Elena Dumitru is a creative designer who knows how to play with elements and design a logo relevant to a brand. The designer’s accolades include winning many logo design contests.
Creativedesign231 42 projects completed
Creativedesign231 is amongst professional logo designers who you can trust for visually appealing logos. On Designhill, the artist has won several contests that speak volumes about his creativity.
Milos Glisic 45 projects completed
Milos Glisic has created a wide range of custom logo designs for business owners from different industries. The designer is full of creativity and knows how to make most out of colors, symbols, and images.

Discover Logo Ideas & Inspiration

Secrets to the perfect logo design

What is a logo and how to design one?

Logos are the visual identity of a company. It’s a combination of visual imagery (icon, image, symbol, etc.) and text. A logo has two purposes to serve — first it represents a company’s identity, second it tells the people what a company is all about. A logo can be simple or complex. But most importantly it has a meaning. A professional logo design help establish a connection between companies and consumers. It serves as a tool for you to attract the right audience and boost brand loyalty. With Designhill’s creative services you can build your brand identity without breaking your bank. You can learn more about the history of logo design or catch the latest logo design trends of 2020 at Designhill. You can get a logo using our custom logo design services or you can hire a professional logo designer within your budget.

How to hire professional logo designers?

The concept of hiring freelance designers is very common. But it’s not the only way to get your logo designed. Any business owner looking for a custom logo and a variety of options to choose from should post a contest. The logo contest service helps clients explain their needs in the form of a brief. Designers from around the world submit their designs based on the brief. Then clients choose winners, give feedbacks for tweaks and pick a favorite. Those who want variations should post design contests. Designhill also makes it easier for business owners to hire designers. One can start a one-to-one project with a designer after visiting their profile. Those short on time can view our list of top 15 logo designers for hire. Designing a logo is an art that requires a mix of creativity, business sense and psychology and when you get it right, you can create a logo that speaks to your target audience, builds trust, and acts as a symbol for your brand. To learn how to create a professional logo for your business or to discover top tips, read our Expert Tips to Create a Personal Logo.

What colours and fonts to use in my logo design?

When designing a logo, one of the biggest decisions one has to make is the choice of a brand’s colors. Picking the right combination helps establish an identity that can visually communicate the feeling your company is projecting to consumers. To learn more about how colors impact brands click here. The font used in a logo represents the personality and the values of your business. It is the most crucial element of logo design, which reflects your brand image. Choose the one that suits your brand and sets it apart. Serifs, hand lettering and custom fonts can help you out as well. If you’re overwhelmed by hundreds of fonts available on the web, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of top 50 logo fonts that you should know about. Remember, color and fonts are two important aspects of a logo’s success or failure. Refer to the color wheel and consider color psychology to pick the right color for your logo design.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a customized logo design and along with it you will get ready-to-use industry standard files for both online & print use.
Ideas! Most probably you would have an idea as to how the logo of your company should look like. And the more you will explain about your logo design needs, the better design you are likely to get. You can get some logo ideas and inspiration here.
Yes, if you want more than one logo design, then this is what you can do-
a. Select 2nd or 3rd winning design from the designs submitted.
b. Work on a one to one project with the winner of your logo design contest.
c. Start a new contest.
There is an option to upload the image in design brief section. The image would then be used by the designers in the logo design.
Yes, we do provide combo design pack. There are several combo pack offers, like logo & business card design, logo & social media cover design and many more such combo packs including tshirt design. One can save hundreds of dollar by availing these packs.
There are no limits to the number of design iterations one can get. One can ask the designers to make changes till the time they get satisfied with the design.
If you want to work with the same designer in the future, you can start a one to one project with the designer. Upon starting the one to one project you can invite the designer to work along with you.
Of course! Once you select a winning design from your contest, the designer transfer you all the files along with a signed design transfer agreement.
Yes, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with how the job went, you can raise a dispute. Disputes will be fairly judged by our Design Experts. You will receive a full refund if we feel the designer has not provided the level of service you paid for.
You can make your logo design brief confidential by making the contest private when launching the contest. Making the design brief confidential means that the designer has to sign a non-disclosure agreement to view the design brief. Also, the design brief does not appears on any search page results.
To hire a logo designer on Designhill, here’s what you need to do- Visit designer's profile and review their work. The one whose work you find in accordance with your design need, you can invite them to work on your project. If the designer accepts your invitation, you both can collaborate and work together.
Well there are several factors that needs to be taken into account, like time, money, etc. If you hire a freelance logo designer be sure that you would receive a creative logo in an affordable budget and less time. While if you go with a design agency, you would get a great logo design but it would be costly and take much longer time.
There are three popular ways to get a logo for your business —
Run a design contest
• Hire a freelance logo designer
• Make your own logo using a logo generator
Each of these options has their own benefits.
• Running a contest allows designers from around the world submit multiple concepts for your logo. The package starts from $199 which goes up to $1000 and above. You provide them with your feedback and choose a winner. A contest runs for one to two weeks.
• Hiring a freelance designer helps you collaborate with a single designer to create your custom logo. The price varies as per a designer’s experience and skills. The logo design may take weeks to months depending on the designer.
• Using a logo generator helps you design a logo in minutes. If you want to use that logo, you need to pay for the download. It’s free to use. You will pay $20-$50 to purchase. It takes about five minutes to one hour to design a basic logo.
However, we would prefer design contests. It’s the best way to get your business logo designed. You get multiple concepts from different designers and choose the one that you think is suitable for your needs and declare it the winner.
A good business logo is the one that communicates your brand values, tells the audience if the product or service is good for them, and makes your brand memorable for them.
Hire top 15 professional logo designers to design a logo that includes these features. Professional designers are the right people, who will suggest the type of logo you need and its elements like fonts, colors, and shapes.
If you aren’t familiar with design software like PhotoShop or have no training in graphic designing, you can still make your own logo. All you need is a logo maker tool. These tools have templates that help you create a basic logo for free. However, for a custom logo design, you need to post a design contest or hire a logo designer. Sometimes price and timeline influence one’s decision. In such a situation, take help from our logo maker tool, which is free to use. Fill in your company’s details, follow the instructions and you will have your logo in minutes.
You need to pay a minimal charge to download the logo you like.
At the end of your project, you will have a custom logo and legal copyrights of it. You will also have ready-to-use industry standard files for both online and print use. In simple words, you will get the original file with vector AI file in RGB and CMYK and a JPG or PNG file.
Refer to our guide to file formats to understand the files you will receive at the end of your project.
Designhill is always there to help you out. We have bundles to help you save more! Get our brand identity pack, social media pack, logo and business card pack and more. Our brand identity pack is a business starter pack which helps you take your brand off the ground in a minimal budget.
We also have many other design categories to help you with the exact thing you need.

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Oh Wow Amazing!.... Excellent displaying logo to see it working, excellent design all around. Great Job!
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