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Cleaning Logo Design required by LA Can Cleaners
Andrew Lassere paid $199 for a new Logo Design and received 140 designs from 73 Designers.

Cleaning Logo Design required by LA Can Cleaners By Andrew Lassere

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Note : Design brief last updated on 28 March, 2019
Contest title

Cleaning Logo Design required by LA Can Cleaners

What name do you want in your logo?
LA Can Cleaners
Select your industry
Tell us more about your audience, organisation or product. Please also mention your special requirements
We are targeting residential customers with trash can cleaning services. We would like to show a trash can (with the wheels) rolling on bubbles (bubbles underneath the can and around the bottom) and some sparkly stars (signifying clean) on or around it. Maybe a pressure washing wand leaning against it or an "eco" sign on the can. Can it be designed both ways, with and without the company name? We are not sure if we want it in the logo or not.
What feelings do you want your logo to provoke?
Fresh, clean, etc
Where all will you use your logo?
  • (1) Print (business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures Etc)
  • (2) Other, Please Specify- Our service truck
Visual brief - Styles
Visual brief - Colors to explore


Light neutrals



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