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Create a logo for club interested and supporting the model rocket hobby
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Create a logo for club interested and supporting the model rocket hobby By Kenneth Bergschultz

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Note : Design brief last updated on 25 June, 2019
Contest title

Create a logo for club interested and supporting the model rocket hobby

What name do you want in your logo?
Lakeshore Area Rocketry Society or LARS
Select your industry
Other : Hobby Club
Tell us more about your audience, organisation or product. Please also mention your special requirements
Lakeshore Area Rocketry Society (LARS) is a club consisting of members actively participating in the model rocketry hobby by designing, building, and flying high power rockets. Club members are associated with NAR.org and tripoli.org. Club members work to promote STEM and support multiple events for the hobby. Lakeshore portion of the name comes from club members residing in the cities of Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Fond du Lac located in Wisconsin, USA. The current logo is based on the limited member artwork skills and the Space Shuttle. The Space Shuttle is retired and space industry and hobby has changed. We are looking for fresh, clean line, technical yet exciting logo that does not look like a NASA mission patch when completed.
Who are your top 3 competitors? If possible, please provide their links as well
Some fellow clubs located at nar.org at https://www.nar.org/find-a-local-club/nar-club-locator/

Can always look at NASA, SpaceEx, Blue Origin other space agencies for ideas.
What feelings do you want your logo to provoke?
Target audience is from high school through late 50's. These people are technical people enjoying the outdoors, space, the hobby and challenges of flying rockets at speeds greater than the speed of sound at times.
Where all will you use your logo?
  • (1) Merchandise (mugs, T-shirts Etc)
  • (2) Online (website, Online Advertising, Banner Ads Etc)
  • (3) Print (business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures Etc)
  • (4) Signage (including Shops, Billboards Etc)
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