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Ask a Special Education Attorney Logo Design
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Ask a Special Education Attorney Logo Design By Gina Lowe

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Note : Design brief last updated on 3 July, 2019
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Ask a Special Education Attorney Logo Design

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Ask a Special Education Attorney
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Rethinking Advocacy
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Ask a Special Education Attorney was founded for the purpose of educating parents and educators in the law as it pertains to educating students with special needs. We never ignore the realities and provide creative, unique and cooperative solutions so that parents and school systems can work together to find the best solutions for educating kids to their fullest potential. Our goal is to create powerful advocates, armed with knowledge about the law and how the law fits within the realities facing school systems, such as budgetary restrictions. We currently have a forum for answering questions in writing and through live video and conferencing. We hope to create an "Advocates University" to train parents and educators to be better advocates for children.
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